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What Can You Eat To Heal?

Sandra - founder of the Candida Diet Plan blog &  CommunityLet me share with you the exact

  • Recipes
  • Remedies & Healthy Eating Habits

that have helped me with my allergies & digestive issues (Candida).

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FREE Recording of 10 of the most Frequently Asked Candida Diet Questions!

Candida Q&A recording

I get asked a lot of Candida diet related questions every day from people all over the world. I thought I’d record a video so you get the chance to hear what some of my questions are.

Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter to get the recording emailed to you tomorrow. These are the questions I addressed in the video. Do let me know if you like this format. Then I will record more Q& A videos for you… [click to continue…]

Case Study: 4 Weeks Systemic Candida Treatment

systemic Candida treatment

Where I’m at with my health & what you can learn from it

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Live Q&A Coming Up – What do you want to know?


Thanks so much for your continued support! I feel a bit bad that I haven’t had much chance to respond to emails lately. That’s why I’d like to invite you to a live Q&A call online with me next Wednesday.


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I’m gearing up for a Cleanse – want to join me?

getting ready for cleanse

How are you?

  • If you are anything like me you have enjoyed a fair few foods over the summer that didn’t seem to have agreed with you too well.
  • Maybe you have felt old symptoms pop back up?
  • Or you are just feeling tired or run down?
  • Perhaps a few unhealthy habits have sneaked into your daily ritual that it’s time to override with good ones, but you just can’t seem to get started….

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You Asked – I Listened: Recipes Book Now Half Price – Forever!

Candida diet recipes book price update

Yes. I admit the price of $19.99 didn’t sit right with me. [click to continue…]

Struggling? Here’s some motivation for you!

health motivation

Recently when I looked for motivational quotes and images to share on the Candidadietplan Facebook page I noticed that an increasing number of people are struggling with their diets and health.

Which made me think it’s time for a motivational post, yay!

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This Week’s Giveaway: A Carob Bar – Rich in Antioxidants, Low in Sugar!

Carob bar
To celebrate the first Amazon reviews from the readers of my “Sugar Free and Easy Recipes” ebook I’m creating another giveaway :)

I’m very grateful what readers have been saying – here are some examples:

“Just what is needed to fight Candida!

“Easy & delicious recipes”

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Could Gut Microbes be the Cause for Your Cravings?

craving sweets

In my new book “Sugar Free and Easy Candida Diet Recipes” I talk about how you can re-balance the bacteria in your gut with help of a well balanced diet.

The interesting article I just read about how bacteria in the gut can alter your mood confirms this.

Ever thought your weight just jojos back up regardless what diet you try?

Who hasn’t at one point in their lives thought no matter what you do you just can’t seem to lose weight!

As it turns out your gut balance determines whether you will put on weight. [click to continue…]

Win a Bar of Delux Nibbed Cacao Chocolate — Read Blog Post to Find Out How!

Hey, the Sugar Free and Easy Recipes E-Book has already received 26 pre-orders, before is was even available to buy, yippeeh!

Today it went live on my website and also on Amazon :)

To celebrate this big milestone and to share my excitement with you I bought some goodies to run weekly giveaways this month. [click to continue…]

Sugar Free & Easy Candida Diet Recipes E-Book on Amazon Now!