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sugar free and easy recipes book preorder

More than just Candida Diet Recipes

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Book Editing, City Trip to Budapest and Camping Trip with Friends in Hungary –  I have been busy!


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the making of the Candida Diet Recipes e-book

Hey how are you?

Long time, no see! Just to let you know, I’m still here :) [Read the full article…]


Recap of My Recent Germany Visit

I spent a few days in the Rhine valley visiting friends whom I hadn’t seen in years.

me and Marc Oliver

This is me in rainy Ingelheim am Rhein with Marc Oliver (we used to live together in Bonn/ Germany for a couple of years when I was a student).

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You might have noticed that I missed a couple of blog posts lately.

I dropped the ball – I’m sorry. [Read the full article…]

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It’s time to HAVE YOUR SAY WHAT GOES INTO MY RECIPES BOOK before I send the script off to the editor.

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free guided meditation to find your flow

How much quiet time do you get in these hectic times? [Read the full article…]

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I’m aiming for savory Easter treats this year. What about you?

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Good Things are Coming… Recipes Book in the Making!

Hey just to give you a heads up what’s happening here behind closed doors:

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