What you can learn from my recent 1 day Candida Cleanse!

If you are curious how my recent 1 day Candida Cleanse went, watch the 9 minute video below:

How my 1 day fast went last weekend & what you can learn from it ????????????#detox #fast #CandidaClease #5for5video

Posted by Candida Diet Plan on Sunday, April 23, 2017

Here’s a summary of the main points:

What Went Well:

  1. I had veggie and bone broth already prepared and frozen (had done this weeks ago¬†when I had hoped to do a cleanse but hadn’t got round to it). So now when the opportunity arose to do the detox I virtually had no shopping or prep left to do – it was easy & effortless!
  2. I did the Candida Cleanse when I felt like it, when I was able to take time off and took it in my stride, never forcing it.
  3. I did 1 day juices and broth only, so it didn’t impact my work schedule during the week – I slot it in over the weekend.
  4. On day 2 I had chicken soup (no bread, no cereal….), so that in itself was quite a Candida cleanse day too really, but easier because more calories, so less hungry.
  5. I felt awesome afterwards, had more energy, felt lighter and slimmer and most importantly got some much needed head space, feeling calmer, happier and less stressed.

What Didn’t Go So Well:

  1. I started half a day late because I succumbed to some Green tea and chocolate when I felt tired after getting all the green juice ingredients (the irony lol!)
  2. On day 1 I didn’t feel so good – quite hungover and headachy, and I was far too active on Social Media (note to self: next time tech free cleanse to make it easier and minimise stress…)

What You Can Take Away From It:

1. Prepare broth now and freeze it – that gives you a head-start, and when you suddenly get the opportunity to fast, you’re ready and don’t need to go for a big shop or cook loads.

2. Be flexible and adaptable – if your circumstances aren’t great on the day you set yourself for the Candida Cleanse don’t sweat it. Do it when you feel ready. There’s no point embarking on a cleanse when you feel physically weak or mentally stressed. You got to have a positive mind-set, otherwise it will feel unnecessarily hard (speaking from experience here!)

3. Create space for it – either take time off work, do it over the weekend or wait until your kids are at school on Mondays – carve out ‘me time’ for yourself!

4. Simplify! If you are not ready to do a full Candida cleanse perhaps try a half day fast, skipping dinner and having broth instead. Do it, you’ll feel so much better for it!

Hope this recap about my recent 1 day cleanse has inspired you to take your health up a notch!

Be well!

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    1. Hi Sandra,

      I read that you used Caprylic Acid for more than one year–were you worried about resistance and rotating? Coconut oil is working very well for me, but I’m worried that I’ve been taking it for about 4 weeks, and wonder if I’m asking for trouble with resistance building up?

      Thank you!

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