100 Candida Diet Survey Results

Last week I asked you to fill in a quick survey to find out what topics you are most interested in.

100 people took action — WOW! 

Thanks so much for participating. This will make it a lot easier and fun to support you on your health journey.

Let’s take a quick look at the results:

candida diet survey results

The majority of people (almost 40%) said they are specifically looking for advice how to beat Candida. Good, that means we can focus our upcoming free 5 day training on a Candida related topic!

candida diet survey results

Most voters seem to prefer to read content. Ok, that means I will post more regular and in-depth Candida diet related blog posts, and occasionally also instructional video content.

candida diet survey results

Candida diet survey results

The answers here were all over the shop and not very specific unfortunately. For instance if  ‘food prep’ is the problem then how does that manifest itself?

  1. Are you stuck for what to cook with limited choice?
  2. Do you not have time to cook?
  3. Do you not have the energy to cook? 

In order to create a truly epic free training for you this month I need some more SPECIFICS.

Just imagine you were coming over for a cuppa tea – what burning question would you ask me?  Like ‘how did you do X?’ OR How did you overcome or manage ‘Y’?

Leave a comment or email me your question at 

(limit your answer to 1 question please! Thanks)

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