How Antibiotics Contribute to Candida

These days doctors prescribe broad spectrum antibiotics that don’t just destroy the bacteria that cause your infection (for instance sinusitis or a vaginal/ bladder infection) but they also destroy the beneficial bacteria in the affected areas.

Meanwhile the disease causing bacteria themselves are becoming more and more resistant to the antibiotics, rendering them less effective.

One of the major side effects of antibiotics is that just like the anti-baby pill it depletes B vitamins in your body which weakens your immune system, so you become even more susceptible to diseases, at which point you might get prescribed yet another dose of antibiotics – a vicious circle!

Watch out for indirect antibiotics consumption through non-organic meat & eggs

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To add insult to injury even when you refuse to take antibiotics you might be indirectly consuming antibiotics without even realising. The way this happens is through the animals you might be eating.

Cheap battery chickens for instance are kept in such crammed unnatural conditions that they tend to get ill often and in such confinement disease spreads quickly. To avoid a loss in income the farmers liberally use antibiotics to prevent the spreading of diseases. This ends up in our food chain!

There are also antibiotics in farmed fish

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It even happens with fish you can buy in the supermarket – if it says its farmed chances are that antibiotics have been used and that you end up eating them, inadvertently compromising your immune system further.

What can you do to avoid getting in contact with antibiotics?

  1. Unless you have an acute infection and are in hospital fighting for your life you want to give antibiotics a miss and choose a natural herbal antibacterial & antifungal like oil of oregano instead.
  2. To avoid indirectly consuming antibiotics from animal feed you must buy organic (wild caught) meat, eggs and fish. Yes, it is more expensive. But you’ll save that money on doctor bills further down the line. Cut back on other costs if you have to. You are what you eat after all.
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