Bad Die Off Day from Eating Garlic


This is a reader question that popped up in my Facebook group ‘Paleo Rockstars’. If you are just starting the Candida diet or switching to a natural antifungal supplement then this might be interesting to you.

Question — Natalie asked: 

—> I’ve been eating garlic as natural supplement. Have really bad die off today. Do I continue with the garlic? Stop it for now or just reduce the amount? Thank you for any advice you can give.

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My answer to her:

—> Garlic is a natural but very potent antifungal. When you are already suffering from die off. That’s a sign that your body cannot process the dead yeast cells and toxic by products fast enough. You don’t want to add to the state of overwhelm. Just like you would do with a traffic jam it is best to wait until traffic flows again (or in our case where you are feeling better and your health has stabilised. Then you could start anew, perhaps with a smaller dosage this time. But be careful – garlic doesn’t agree with everybody. 

Contra using Garlic:

  1. Not only does garlic taste very sharp and has a pungent smell.
  2. It is also highly acidic. So it might negatively impact your PH levels (which can make you feel cranky or sick or slow down your healing).
  3. Thirdly garlic can cause painful sores when it comes in contact with a wound, scratch or sensitive inflamed area of the gum for instance.
  4. Last but not least you also have to think about all the benevolent species in your microbiome. Garlic is so strong it actually wipes out all the good guys too, and that’s what we don’t want, otherwise we’d be opening the door for infections.   

Usage example: to combat Oral Thrush

oral thrush

I remember a story Dr. Erica White told in her ‘Beat Candida Cookbook’ where she had been using garlic topically inside her mouth in an attempt to cure her oral thrush. But it made her entire mouth sore so she had to stop. I have also not been a great fan of using fresh garlic cloves as Candida treatment. My gum was getting sensitive from garlic too.

I read in a Candida forum that some people swear by garlic for treating thrush. But the smell would have been too off-putting for me to use on a regular basis. 

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What is your opinion on fresh garlic as antifungal? Share your thoughts or experiences in the comment box. 

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