There's so much insanely useful Candida diet info from the recent Candida Summit to process (you have listened to the interviews, haven't you ;-) 

I won't hold it against you if you hadn't. I for one have followed the summit along, but haven't even had a cha

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This is a MUST if you or your loved one has Candida!!!

Just a heads up that the Candida Summit is open again this weekend! Make use of it - listen or buy and schedule a time to listen later, but do yourself the favour and listen to the expert talks.

At the moment they are even FREE, and they have the power to tur

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DAY 7 Candida Summit (Essential oils, Anxiety, Heavy metals…)

Wow, today is the last day of the Candida Summit. What a ride!

I don't know about you, but I found the Candida information eye opening and super interesting.

I hope you did too, and if you haven't already, you can sti

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DAY 6 Candida Summit (Essential oils, Emotional toxins, Leaky Gut…)

Happy Saturday! Only two more days to go then the Candida Summit is over...

Let's make the most of it.

Here's what you'll learn from today's expert talks:

Eric Zielinski, DC, MPH(c)


DAY 5 Candida Summit (Lymph, Sleep, Essential oils, Heavy metals, EMF…)

Wow, I've got to say the Candida summit is choc-o-block full of interesting & useful content on curing Candida and getting your life back.

No BS, which I very much appreciate. I loved how the host put it: 

No filler, all killer! 

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DAY 4 Candida Summit (Autism, Sugar Cravings, Cancer, Mitochondria…)

Another day, another opportunity to be a wisdom seeker (JULY 12, 2018)

There are 5 new interesting Candida related interviews for you to listen to.

—> CLICK HERE listen to them now (whi

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DAY 1 Candida Summit (Watch: Autoimmune Disease and Candida…)

These are today's topics:

  1. Native Herbs for Candida Overgrowth
  2. Trauma, Childhood and Candida
  3. A GI Doctors Approach to Candida
  4. The 1-2-3 Body System Approach to Candida
  5. Autoimmune Disease and Candida
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