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The Candida Cleanse (Phase 1 of the Candida Diet)

What is a Candida Cleanse?

A Candida Cleanse is a form of fasting.

The idea behind this fast is to give your digestive system a rest so that your body gets a chance to detoxify.

Now you might wonder why anyone would choose not to eat for days…

Why detox?

It’s simple. If you don’t feel tip-top it’s a sign that your body is struggling with something.

Detox Boosts Your Immune-System!
Helping your body detox, letting go of what is no longer needed, is one of the best ways to boost your immune system, and feeling on top of things again!

Heal while You Sleep
Your body does a lot of its healing and restoration work at night when you are asleep or rest deeply – Now how well do you sleep?

I think we both know the answer – not as well as you used to. Not as long as you used to. Let alone power nap during the day – there’s no time for that! And when was the last time you got out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step and a song on your lips?!

So if your body is having a hard time keeping up with all the internal shenanigans…

Why not make it easy and focus the energy that you normally spend on getting, preparing, eating and digesting food – onto healing?

Flush the Candida out!
Not to forget that simply by doing a Candida Cleanse you can get rid of a fair share of Candida in one fell swoop. That’s why it is very beneficial to do a Cleanse before embarking on the actual Candida Diet.

3 Step Cleansing Process – How does it work?

1. Fasting – taking the strain of your digestive system candida cleanse

2. Relaxation

  • Focus your energy on healing
  • Re-energise your mind
  • Re-align your values

What is really important to you? Do you spend enough time doing the things you love? With the people you care about?

3. Aiding your body’s elimination process

  • Drink 3 liters+ to flush out toxins
  • Exercise to pump oxygen around your body
  • Massage to get your lymph system working
  • Sauna & steam baths to sweat out toxins and build up your resistance to infections
  • Body brushing to improve circulation

The 7 Day Candida Cleanse I followed

Here’s the exact 7 day plan I followed:
(Adapted from the Candida Cleanse regime over at

On Awakening: glass of water with 1 tsp organic apple cider vinegar

– Colon Cleanse Drink with 1Tbsp Psyllium Husk + 1 Tbs Bentonite Clay
– 1 large glass of water straight after to flush it down

If you decide to drink the Colon Cleanse Drink do this instantly after mixing it as it goes rock-solid and becomes undrinkable, yuk!
The way the drink works is it bulks up as it moves through your Colon, like a pipe cleaner basically.

Personally I would NOT ever drink the Colon Cleanse Drink again. I’d rather take magnesium or Sauerkraut juice to encourage bowel movements.

Mid Morning:
Green Goodness Juice
Candida Cleanse Tea
Vegetable Broth for Fasting
– Water

– Colonic Irrigation (twice a week, preferably on the first day)
– Water + Probiotic afterwards
– 1 hour later 2nd Colon Cleanse Drink

– Vegetable Broth for Fasting again
– Camomile & Peppermint Tea

– 3rd Colon Cleanse Drink
– 2 hours later Liver Detox Drink (glass of water mixed with chopped fresh ginger, garlic and 1 tbsp of virgin olive oil – yep, get ready for a lonely night 😉
– Camomile & Peppermint Tea

My Verdict of the 7 day Candida Cleanse: 7day-fast

  • Easier to do than I had thought. Felt noticeably better afterwards.
  • Wouldn’t follow this exact plan again though – A bit too extreme for my liking.
  • Would probably do 2-3 days fast and then 3-4 days just raw & steamed veg and brown rice.
  • Can’t recommend Colon Cleanse or Liver Detox Drink – didn’t notice any benefit from taking it; just made the candida cleanse harder to do.

NOTE: Since writing this I have done another Cleanse – if you want to read the exact outline and how I got on with it – click here. And for more info about my previous detox experiences and and what to watch out for go here.

Candida Cleanse Snack Tip: You know as well as I do – You can’t go through an entire week without eating ANYTHING! Have some avocados handy to snack on when you get starving 😉 or drink a Green Goodness Juice.

Useful further reading material for you:

Check out this site for some sound information about juicing and juice fasting.

Also: I came across an E-book called ‘How And When To Be Your Own Doctor’
by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon.

It’s freely available as far as I know, just google it. Chapter 4 gives interesting advice about Colon cleansing. Seeing that the colon is the number 1 area where candida loves to reside, it helps to get clued up on this usually not spoken about territory.

Are there any side-effects when embarking on a Candida Cleanse?

Unfortunately there might be. And I don’t mean your tummy rumbling sounds out of hunger!

If you kickstart your metabolism with the candida cleanse it can happen that more candida gets killed than your liver can break down.
And you’ll feel ill because of that. This is called Candida Die Off. Here’s what you can do about it:

  • You can avoid harsh die off symptoms by taking things slowly.
  • By easing yourself into the fast and carefully monitoring your body’s response.
  • Plus you can take herbs, vitamins and minerals that aid your liver’s ability to break down toxins.
    So even if you feel ill you can make yourself feel better again quickly. Drinking dandelion & burdock tea for instance really helps.

If you prefer an already prepared herb formula this is the one I’d go for this product. It has been voted “Best cleansing product” by 1 million customers for 9 years running. (This is a US product. I haven’t tried any other herbal cleanse formulas yet.)

You can read more about ‘die off’ here.

Can I not just skip the fast and start the Candida Diet?

Fasting is the last thing on your mind when you are feeling poorly. But it’s what’s most needed.

When you have Candida the excess yeast is impairing your normal bodily functions anyway, which causes an extra strain on your immune system.

Don’t forget, Candida is already getting killed in your body every day! The broken down candida by-products that are floating around in your bloodstream are what is making you feel ill all the time. Break this cycle!

No better time than now to do something about it.

What if I don’t do the Fast?

If you don’t follow the candida cleanse regime, you’ll still heal. You’ll just be ill for longer. This can add months to your recovery time.

So you might as well give the cleanse a go – What have you got to lose?

Besides, what’s not to like about Your new Detox Activities?


  • Lounging on your settee with lavishly expensive mags (go on, treat yourself – you’ve saved it on food bills!),
  • Watching your favourite series
  • Chatting to your friends on the phone
  • Listening to some cool chill out tunes
  • Spending a day at a Spa
  • … and musing about your life

You deserve a time out. Take it!

Big Advantage of the Candida Cleanse – Quicker Recovery

Fasting takes a load of your digestive system. The Candida toxins in your bloodstream can be flushed out more easily. This in turn will make you feel better than you have in a long time.

A candida cleanse is also a good way to ease food intolerances you might have. Cow’s milk, soya milk, wheat and oats are such typical culprits.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Candida Cleanse?

You’ll have a smooth transition into your Candida Cleanse if you follow these simple guidelines for 4-6 weeks before embarking on the actual fast:

  1. Eliminate everything from your diet that you suspect doesn’t agree with you.
  2. Consume less coffee, sugar or fast food.
  3. Pick 1 day a week where you only eat salad, steamed veg/ veg soup and whole grain rice.

Book 2 Colonics, stock up on water and cancel family do’s

  • Get ready for the fast by booking at least 2 appointments with a colonic therapist for the first day of the fast and towards the end (or every 2 days if you can).
  • If possible do the cleanse under the supervision of a qualified medical professional.
  • Make sure you’ve got plenty of quality water to drink, pleasant teas, comfy clothes, relaxing music, books and movies.
  • Try to arrange for no work and family commitments to be held within your candida cleanse and fast times.
  • Make a list of the food you can eat on the first week of your candida diet and go shopping before the fast so you already have the essentials there. Nothing more stressful than having to go shopping after you’ve been starving yourself on a fast.

What’s the next Step?

You’ve decided to give it a go – excellent!

Now, head on over to the Candida Cleanse Recipes section where you can put together a mini groceries’ list for your fast. Once you’ve finished your fast click here to move on to Phase 2 of the Candida Diet.

    And if you add your email address in the box above you’ll get an email as soon as new health & candida diet tips are out next week.

    Use the comment box below to ask me any questions you might have about the candida cleanse or share any of your own detox tips & experiences.

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