Become a Candida Diet Recipes Taste Tester!

becaome a Candida diet taste tester

It’s time to HAVE YOUR SAY WHAT GOES INTO MY RECIPES BOOK before I send the script off to the editor.

Get access to over one hundred of my best recipes — before the book is even out yet!

Ask yourself this….

  • Do you like delicious food?
  • Are you brave enough to try my recipes?
  • Are you honest enough to tell me what you really think?
  • Can you afford the time to cook a handful of recipes and give me written feedback?
  • If the answer is yes then congratulations – you are AWESOME!

Click here to apply by filling in this quick survey

…and I look forward to contacting you back with your instructions and a copy of my new book (in pdf format).

Please be aware that there are only 15 positions available – I will make the final decision on May 2nd. It’s people like you who keep me motivated to do what I do.

Keep it classy people and see you soon!

  1. Oh goodness I wish I could! However, I am currently following AIP and low FODMAP for gut healing so I would likely not be able to enjoy your yummy creations! =( As soon as I am better I will get my hands on a copy of your book for sure!

  2. I wish I would of got to this before it was to late, I am new to candida and would of loved to try new recipes, I love to cook and have all the time in the world I’m a stay at home wife and bored lol. I’m looking forward to reading more of your website and trying some new food thanks

    • Hey Tina, thanks so much for getting in touch (and for offering to try some of my recipes!) It’s never too late to get involved! The second round of taste testers will start soon. I make sure, I’ll include you in the email that will go out. Looking forward to your feedback 🙂

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