Is there such a thing as a Candida Diet Valentine’s Treat?

Looking for healthy sugar free Candida diet treats for Valentine’s can be quite a mission.

You might end up spending half an hour on Pinterest drooling over the most beautiful pink strawberries buttercream filled cakes and truffles — only to find that 99% of them are all unsuitable for people with Candida.

The recipes either contain sugar, maple syrup, dates, honey or copious amounts of fruit (not to mention dairy and gluten).

True to the motto better safe than sorry I went and made my own Valentine’s treats, hah!

Yes, my Valentines Candida diet ‘chocolates’ contain a little bit of natural fruit sugar (from the Carob powder and Goji berries) so they are perfectly fine once you’ve reached the maintenance stage of the Candida diet. If you are just starting out on your healing journey  I would stick to a simpler version just with raw cacao, almond butter and vanilla stevia as a one off treat.

As far as Valentine’s chocolates go these are super healthy and allergy friendly though because Goji berries are high in Vitamin C and antioxidant rich, helping your body fight infections.

These treats are also really easy to make, taste delicious and because they contain Carob rather than Cocoa they are not as stimulating, so you can enjoy them even in the evening without having to worry that the caffeine in the chocolate will keep you up at night, which is a REAL bonus!

Click here to check out the recipe!

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