Why 3-5 day JUICE DIETS don’t work for people with Candida!

Just a word of warning, as I see a lot of people being tempted to buy juice diets at the moment, and they can be really detrimental for people with Candida. So I urge you not to order one! 

The selling point of this particular cleanse is that you get the juices already prepared sent to you in bottles. So you have no mess to clean up from juice making, and you save time. On the flip side the juices cost a lot of money (around £70/ $85) for a 3 day cleanse, and oftentimes taste really sickly because they cater for people with sweet taste buds. 

What’s a juice diet?

It’s a 3-5 day cold-pressed juice diet that promises to

  • lose 7lbs in a week
  • get back on track after the holidays
  • stop cravings and cleanse your entire body

Why pre-packaged juice is not suitable for Candida sufferers

  • Green superfoods and vegetables are what makes juices so healthy. Unfortunately they don’t tend to taste good (think kale, spirulina or celery juice!)
  • To disguise the yukky taste and to dilute the expensive ingredients sweet fruit juice gets added which contains a lot of natural sugar and not only is bad news for your teeth (highly erosive!) but it also feeds Candida, causing a flare up of your symptoms like nausea, itch, discharge or bloating
  • What makes juice particularly unsuitable for Candida sufferers is that the juice is devoid of natural fibre which you would get if you had a green smoothie or ate the fruit/ veg whole with skin and flesh. The fibre naturally slows down how quickly the sugar gets absorbed into your system, therefore causing less Candida trouble.
  • Juice without pulp/ fibre gets absorbed straight into your body with all the sugar being available for Candida to feed on and multiply. That aside, depending on how long the juices are in transit and potentially stand in your fridge the nutrients deteriorate. The juices might also taste a bit off,  acidic or sour — not what you want if that’s the only source of food you’re getting for those 3-5 days!

What do other people with Candida think of juice cleanses?

Just recently a member of our Candida support group ordered a juice cleanse and was really disappointed with it. She didn’t like the taste, thought it tasted too sweet, and one of the juices even made her feel bloated and nauseous. So she froze the rest of the juices, didn’t even finish them, and instead went back to her customised Candida diet approach that turned out to make her feel better.

What ingredients to watch out for

  • So watch out for fruit juice ingredients like orange juice’ ‘apple juice’ ‘grape juice’ or ‘pineapple juice’. 
  • Even vegetable juices generally aren’t suitable for Candida sufferers due to their high sugar content, at least if they contain sweet or starchy vegetables especially  ‘carrot juice’ or ‘beet root juice’.
  • Dates’, ‘banana’ ‘syrups’ and any form of sugar, maltose, molasses, honey and maple syrup are particularly detrimental for people with Candida.

Are all juice cleanses bad?

No, there are of course luxurious retreat centres that have a fantastic range of freshly prepared juices. I think those are fine, and you can be lucky with one or the other you find in a health food shop. But generally those are juices just made with fresh green, organic ingredients and superfood powders and coconut or cleanse ingredients like psyllium etc, no other fillers or sweeteners.

So watch out for those ‘quick fixes’ juice cleanse solutions — there’s no short cut to losing weight & feeling fantastic — at least not in a bottle sent through your letter box 😉

You’re better off saving that juice cleanse money, taking a much more affordable green super food powder blend (UK source) (US superfood brand) and mixing that with a bit of water, almond milk or protein shake at home.

I’ll share with you over the next few weeks how I’ll gradually adapt my diet to tone up and get ready for spring & summer.

Be well!


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