What cleanse topic do you like best?

How are you? I was about to explain to you what I went through these past months and how I dealt with it, when I thought to myself – is this REALLY what would help you right now?

What better way to find out than by asking you!

So I’ve put together this quick survey – should only take 2 minutes to answer!

Muchas gracias,


P.S.: I have something cool to share with you. Not just the theme of this year’s cleanse, although I am confident you’ll find it more USEFUL than ever.

No, I’m putting a training together to solve one specific problem that most of the people coming to my website have. So I want to make sure it’s relevant for you. But I don’t want to spoil the surprise, stay tuned… I’ll tell you shortly 😉

In the meantime please grab a hot cuppa and whizz through the survey here.


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