DAY 1 Candida Summit (Watch: Autoimmune Disease and Candida…)

These are today’s topics:

  1. Native Herbs for Candida Overgrowth
  2. Trauma, Childhood and Candida
  3. A GI Doctors Approach to Candida
  4. The 1-2-3 Body System Approach to Candida
  5. Autoimmune Disease and Candida

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What you’ll learn from the Candida expert talks today:

Justin Marchegiani, DC:

  • Why adrenals, thyroid and the liver must be considered
  • Proper testing and treatment of candida overgrowth
  • The functional medicine approach

Herbalist Jane Barlow:

  • What is lomatium?
  • Treating candida naturally with herbs
  • Cancer and Candida link (and how to address it!)

Niki Gratrix, BA, Dip ION, NANP:

  • Affect of trauma on nervous system and gut
  • Strategies to help heal from trauma

Dr. Kenneth Brown MD:

  • How do gastroenterologists feel about candida overgrowth?
  • When to use conventional gut screening procedures
  • How do gastro doctors treat candida?

Remember, you have all day today to watch these talks for free.

You can still watch them at a later date, but then they will not be free any more. So keep an eye out for topics that are the most relevant to you so you can watch them in real time and keep costs down.

Don’t worry if you’ll miss any. There will be amazingly insightful talks every day this week. Even if you just watch 1 useful video interview you’re onto a winner, right!

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