The Ultimate List of Healthy Christmas Cookies 2013

healthy christmas cookies

I am so excited to share these fantastic recipes with you!

**Drum Roll**  And now ladies and gentlemen, I am SUPER stoked to be able to share with you a selection of ABSOLUTELY delicious cookies from some equally amazing ladies.

I think you’ll agree, the pictures are to die for!

18 sugar reduced super healthy christmas cookies photos at one glance

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18 lovely blogger ladies had the difficult task to create Christmas cookies recipes that were lots healthier than the traditional ones full of sugar.

These are the results:

Sugar Free Cookies – Sweetened just with Stevia or Xylitol

Sugar-Free Sugar Cookies Gluten, Dairy, Egg and Sugar Free from Candida free Candee

sugar free oat sugar cookies

These cookies are everything a whole food sugar cookie could be. They are fantastic. They are flaky, light, crisp and they roll out and cut beautifully.

Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies
– gluten free and dairy free from Tessa Domestic Diva

dark chocolate truffles with coconut sugar

These cookies are like little dark truffles: dense and chewy with a dark chocolate flavor. Perhaps not health food but enjoyed once in a while these truffley cookies are a real treat! You can make them with Coconut Sugar, and they also work like a charm with half Xylitol and a little Stevia.

Macadamia Coconut Cookies – gluten free and sugar free from Candida diet Plan

Sugar free Macadamia Coconut Cookies

These chunky honey coloured cookies are crunchy and chewy and get their sweetness from a little Xylitol and Stevia – you’d never know that there’s no sugar in them!


Super Quick No Bake & Raw Cookies

Christmas No-Bake Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies – gluten free, grain free & super versatile from Gluten free Cat

Healthy Christmas No Bake Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies
You can decorate by rolling them in the nuts of your choice, make a thumbprint and fill the hole, or leave them plain. Sweet cashews taste delicious.

Jungle Balls – quick, raw & vegan from Carrie on Vegan

jungle balls

This recipe uses a base of almonds and hemp seeds, with currants and raisins to sweeten, cinnamon and carob for flavor, and then a punch of protein-powder. It only takes a few minutes with a food processor.


Raw Gingerbread Men – Raw, grain free, and vegan from Om Nom Ally

super healthy raw gingerbread men

These cookies are made with gut healing dates and almond meal for a healthy Christmas treat. They’re the perfect chewy consistency and store well at room temperature or the fridge for a few days (if they last that long).

    Chocolate-Orange-Goji Cookies (No-Bake or Baked)
    – gluten free from Coconut and Berries

    coconut and berries Healthy Christmas Cookies
    These cookies can be enjoyed either raw or baked! They have a lovely chewy texture, rich chocolatey taste with fruity undercurrents from the orange and gojis.


    Cookies Recipes with Low Glycemic Palm/Coconut Sugar or Molasses

    Spiced Orange Cookies gluten-free, vegan & oil-free from Stir, Sift & Savour

    spiced orange cookies

    Perfect with an afternoon tea or can be jazzed up for a special occasion with a drizzle of chocolate or an orange glaze.

    Gingerbread Men who like to be healthy – gluten free, dairy free & vegan from Including Cake

    gingerbread men
    These “healthified” Gingerbread Men are beautifully crisp, with the goodness of buckwheat, ground almonds and spices and only a hint of molasses and dates for sweetness.

    Quinoa Raisin Cookies – gluten free from Simply Sugar and Gluten free

    Quinoa raisin cookies

    These refined sugar-free cookies are a spin on Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – soft and chewy with just the right texture and mouth feel. For those of you who can’t eat oats, these are the  perfect solution. And, if you can eat oats make these anyway. They’ve got a healthy nutritional boost from quinoa flakes.

    Gingerbread-Cookies – Gluten free, dairy free and egg free from Sandi’s Allergy free Recipes

    Sandi's Allergy free Gingerbread Cookies

    Another healthy take on Gingerbread cookies, yeah. So good, you can eat them all year round. Just make circle cookies shapes rather than Gingerbread men… And you can swap the molasses and palm sugar for Xylitol & Stevia to make them more Candida diet friendly if required.


    Cookies with a bit of Fruit, Agave, Maple Syrup or Honey

    Flourless Triple Nut (or Seed) Brownies – gluten free, grain free, vegan & paleo from Gluten free Easily

    flourless brownies

    These refined sugar free treats contain wonderfully healthy nut and seed butter and are only lightly sweetened with banana.

    Hazelnut and Cherry Carob Truffles – vegan, wheat-free and easily made gluten free from Bitesized Thoughts

    hazelnut cherry carob cookies

    These biscuits have warm caramel hues, crisp on the outside and chewy within. To top things off, hazelnut nibs are scattered throughout for texture and flavour contrast. Sweetened with agave or maple syrup.

    Double Chocolate Paleo Hazelnut Cookies – gluten free, grain free & dairy free from the Tasty Alternative

    double chocolate cookies

    Dates give these cookies a nice chewy, soft texture. Also taste scrumptious with almonds or walnuts. Sweetened with honey.

    Healthy Peppermint Oreo Cookies
    – vegan & gluten free from The Healthy Maven

    healthy peppermint oreos cookies

    gluten free, vegan and refined sugar-free holiday treat that everyone can enjoy!

    You never guess what made the cookies filling so red – beetroot! How cool is that!

      Chewy Molasses Cookiesgluten-free and sweetened with date sugar – from Queen of Quinoa

      gluten free molasses cookies

      The quinoa not only adds protein, but also provides that light crunch that these lovely cookies have.

      Anzac Biscuits with Cranberries
      from Green Gourmet Giraffe Blog

      anzac biscuits

      The chocolate patches and the juicy but slightly tart cranberries lift the flavour of these biscuits to something special. Anzac is an acronym for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps btw.
      Sweetened with brown sugar and golden syrup. This can be easily replaced with 3/4 cup xylitol and 2 sachets of stevia to make the cookies candida diet friendly.


      Chocolate Mint Tea Cookies refined sugar free from Spiced Curiosity

      refined sugar free chocolate mint tea cookies

      The cookies are a nice simple alternative to sugar cookies; just slip in a few tablespoons of your favorite tea, and voilà!

      Light, crunchy, with an intriguing tea blend. Instant awesomeness.

        Conversion Tips – How to Use Stevia & Xylitol to Replace Sugar?

        If you don’t know how to convert your favourite traditional Christmas Cookies into sugar free ones then you might like my latest post about using Stevia and Xylitol in baking.

        Wanted crisp cookies but they turned out chewy – or the other way round? It’s not that easy to get the cookies exactly how you want them. Especially if you are baking with gluten free flours that behave differently from regular flour. I found these tips from Gluten free Baking for Dummies helpful.

        Candida Diet Advice:

        Not all the recipes on this page are suitable for the candida diet, especially not for the first few weeks where you are not allowed any sugar, fruit, grains, carbs or other sweetener. Thankfully a few of the recipes are fine to eat from stage 3 of the diet onwards, and the vast majority of the recipes here can be slightly adjusted to make them fully candida diet friendly. In most cases even without impacting on the flavour and appearance. You basically want to omit any fruit, use gluten free flours where possible and replace any sugar or syrup with Xylitol and/or Stevia. And if you’re totally stuck for completely sugar free Christmas cookies then hang tight as I’ll be sharing the Candida cookies with Stevia and Xylitol I have made recently. Will be live in a few days time.

        In the meantime please like and share this post :) and tell me below – What Cookies are you making this year?

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