How Not to View a Relapse as Falling Back to Square 1

Ever feel like you’ve tried so hard to stick to your diet regime and along comes a holiday or birthday gathering, you eat a bunch of foods you weren’t meant to, and boom your old symptoms come back with a vengeance?

The same happened to me recently with this CFS thing.

I had painstakingly ploughed my way through a 14 week gut healing course, I had been symptom free and had generally been feeling good, and I had given it my all to make a go of my business, too. The only thing I hadn’t done in years, was slow down!

Always busy, always thinking, always under pressure.

So along comes the fatigue and creeps into my life. At first I just got a few colds in a row and the odd cold sore, and I just brushed it off as being a bit run down.

Then I felt too knackered to exercise. I’m thinking, maybe I just got bored of that particular workout and perhaps I’ve just become unfit from the long hours in front of the computer.

I get struck by a proper flu which completely floors me for the better part of 6 weeks and even months after that I still feel really shattered all the time. Something was severely out of whack, but I still didn’t do anything about it.

It took another few months of stress at work and another epicly long bout of flu combined with a whole year of feeling royally unhappy and isolated and a relapse of Candida symptoms in my sinuses and eczema on my ankle and back of my knees and finger AND several weeks of debilitating migraines until I finally took the action I needed to clear this dreaded CFS up!

Why am I telling you this?

So you can relate to me, and so you can stop beating yourself up for falling off the diet wagon or anything else you might have done outside the scope of the diet.

We’re all human. It happens, and sometimes it really isn’t our fault. We were just unlucky to have got a compromised immune system that just has trouble feeding your cells appropriately, and it only shows or coincides with your special life events.

So cut yourself some slack and don’t play that blame, shame, guilt game. It always feels devastating when old symptoms you thought had gone for good reappear. It feels like confirmation that you will never get better, that nothing is working…

Try to get some distance from those feelings.

Healing happens in cycles, and all your body symptoms work hand in hand. Sometimes when one system is struggling, another might temporarily play up.

But if you stay calm, listen to your body and stop the sabotaging activity, then your body recovers much quicker than the first time round.

In my case I made a big drama of the relapse and got thoroughly depressed about it, until I finally succumbed to the thought that there was nothing I could do about it.

Once I got back on track I very quickly became symptom free again and after that my immune system has been stronger than in years – I didn’t even get ill from being sneezed at by a woman with the flu sitting directly next to me on the plane a couple of weeks ago. Will I still have to be careful not to overdo things and trigger a tension headache? Absolutely.

But it’s important to stay level headed and not jump to conclusions that just because you had a terrible disease and you are showing the onset of those symptoms you’ll automatically have to go through the same experience again. You’ve evolved. Your body has evolved, and if you’re not healing then that just means there’s an underlying issue you haven’t addressed yet. Sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees. That’s where a like-minded community comes in. If you have gone through the same situation as someone else you start to see the warning signs quicker and you know what to do.


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