Cocoa-Carob Spread

Cocoa-Carob Spread

Serves 1-2
Cook time 3 minutes
Dietary Candida Diet Recipes Phase 3
Meal type Dessert, Snack
Delicious candida diet friendly Cocoa-Carob Spread


  • 2-3 heaped tablespoons carob powder
  • 2-3 linseed oil


  • 0.5 vanilla pod
  • ground almonds
  • chopped hazelnuts
  • 70% cocoa powder
  • ground sunflower seeds


Perfect as a spread for wholemeal rice cakes or home-baked (yeast-free) soda bread.

(When eaten only on very special rare occasions and in moderation - Basically instead of a piece of a creamy gateuaux cake on your birthday for instance.)

Not suitable as daily spread as it still contains a small amount of sugar.


Step 1
Just mix a few tablespoons of carob powder with linseed oil and the inside of a vanilla pod if you have until it forms a smooth pate.
Step 2
For an extra treat add some ground almonds or freshly roasted, chopped hazelnuts or sesame seeds like I did in the photo here.

And to get an as close to a chocolate spread effect as possible - also add a bit of 70% cocoa powder. I won't tell anyone ;-)
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