Simple Tuna Steak Recipe for Healing Candida

tuna steak

Here is yet another super healthy recipe for you – Grilled Tuna Steak!
A simple meal in line with the Candida Diet. Perfect for healing and toning…

Check it out now…

Just to let you know I have added this recipe to the “candida dinner recipes page”.

Last week’s “Über Delicious Stir Fry” recipe got raving feedback from 2 fellow candida sufferers who have already tried it – In case you missed it here’s a link to the  ü-delish recipe.

Now take a look at the latest addition of healthy meals to help you beat candida:

[gmc_recipe 3226]


  1. Hi Sandra
    Now that looks amazing. I am singing opera as I say Amazing. LOL. I am going to make this on Sunday for dinner and will let you know what the fam think. Take care and thanks again. xoxo

    • Hello Linnie, thanks so much for leaving another comment after what happened there. It’s so harsh when that happens. It has happened to me a few times and it is infuriating and highly frustrating to say the least! These days I often pre-write my messages in a word doc so they are saved in case the browser or my computer crashes. But sometimes I forget or write in notepad which doesn’t auto-save… grrr…!
      Anyway, the main thing is that you like my blog yay and for that I’m grateful 🙂
      Thanks for reaching out!

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