Vegan Mofo Round up – 81 Yummy Recipes that Caught my Eye!

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That’s right — loooads of delicious new recipes for you to try! Thanks to everyone who commented on my vegan mojo recipes and connected with me. Btw you can find me on Facebook (CandidaDietPlan) on Twitter (@CandidaDietTips) and on Pinterest (Sandra Boehner).

During this past month of plant-based foods I admired excellent chefs from afar and came away with tons of new cooking know-how and inspiration, that I’d love to share with you. Did you know that there is a vegan meat substitute called ‘coconut bacon’! I certainly didn’t, but now I want some πŸ˜‰

Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Delicious Desserts


Β Tacos, Nachos, Tortillas

Veggy Burgers, Fritters and Sandwiches


Β Healthy Plant-based Snacks/ Useful

Quick Meals

Vegan Cakes/ Muffins/ Cookies

Connect with Me πŸ™‚

Once again, here’s a link to my own vegan mojo recipes and my contact details: You can find me on Facebook (CandidaDietPlan) on Twitter (@CandidaDietTips) and on Pinterest (Sandra Boehner).

Candida Diet Info regarding the recipes above:

The recipes above are not candida diet recipes. The majority of them are actually fine to eat though – once you have come out of the strict phase of the candida diet. I noticed that miso and tamari were used in a few recipes – leave those out and instead add a little more sea salt.

You can easily adapt most of the dessert and cake recipes by leaving out the sweetener, chocolate and fruit, or by swapping a few ingredients (for instance brown rice flour for white flour). Or just bookmark the recipes you like for the transition phase back to normal eating.

Either way, I think you’ll find lots of inspiration that will help you put together varied and healthy meals in the next few weeks πŸ™‚


  1. thanks for including me in your round up – will add the link to my vegan mofo summary page – and also was glad of your list of vegan mofo posts so help me catch up with your posts – lots of great food there (esp those nori rice balls)

  2. What a huge round up, I’m going to enjoy browsing through these links! πŸ˜€ It’s easy to miss great recipes as there is so much going on during Vegan MoFo so I love round up posts. Thanks for including my fritters!

    I’m off to check out your MoFo recipes now…

    • Hey Mel, yes, it the round up is a lot bigger than I had intended. I won’t be doing any more roundups of that length again so soon, that’s for sure πŸ˜‰ Thanks for checking out my recipes!

  3. Congratulations on finishing – and thank you for the list! Eighty-two… that is almost enough for one a day for three months, then doubling up on some favorites for the rest of the last month.

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