What you can learn from my recent 1 day Candida Cleanse!

If you are curious how my recent 1 day Candida Cleanse went, watch the 9 minute video below:

How my 1 day fast went last weekend & what you can learn from it ???#detox #fast #CandidaClease #5for5video

Posted by Candida Diet Plan on Sunday, April 23, 2017

Here’s a summary of the main points:

What Went Well:

  1. I had veggie and bone broth already prepared and frozen (had done this weeks ago when I had hoped to do a cleanse but hadn’t got round to it). So now when the opportunity arose to do the detox I virtually had no shopping or prep left to do – it was easy & effortless!
  2. I did the Candida Cleanse when I felt like it, when I was able to take time off and took it in my stride, never forcing it.
  3. I did 1 day juices and broth only, so it didn’t impact my work schedule during the week – I slot it in over the weekend.
  4. On day 2 I had chicken soup (no bread, no cereal….), so that in itself was quite a Candida cleanse day too really, but easier because more calories, so less hungry.
  5. I felt awesome afterwards, had more energy, felt lighter and slimmer and most importantly got some much needed head space, feeling calmer, happier and less stressed.

What Didn’t Go So Well:

  1. I started half a day late because I succumbed to some Green tea and chocolate when I felt tired after getting all the green juice ingredients (the irony lol!)
  2. On day 1 I didn’t feel so good – quite hungover and headachy, and I was far too active on Social Media (note to self: next time tech free cleanse to make it easier and minimise stress…)

What You Can Take Away From It:

1. Prepare broth now and freeze it – that gives you a head-start, and when you suddenly get the opportunity to fast, you’re ready and don’t need to go for a big shop or cook loads.

2. Be flexible and adaptable – if your circumstances aren’t great on the day you set yourself for the Candida Cleanse don’t sweat it. Do it when you feel ready. There’s no point embarking on a cleanse when you feel physically weak or mentally stressed. You got to have a positive mind-set, otherwise it will feel unnecessarily hard (speaking from experience here!)

3. Create space for it – either take time off work, do it over the weekend or wait until your kids are at school on Mondays – carve out ‘me time’ for yourself!

4. Simplify! If you are not ready to do a full Candida cleanse perhaps try a half day fast, skipping dinner and having broth instead. Do it, you’ll feel so much better for it!

Hope this recap about my recent 1 day cleanse has inspired you to take your health up a notch!

Be well!

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