14 day Candida Diet Reset/ Weight-Loss Challenge – Wanna Join Me?

Just a quick update… I’m doing an impromptu 14 day challenge. Since I am determined to get my diet back on track and get a bit more toned for my holiday in June I thought I might as well declare my weight loss goal publicly, so you can hold me accountable! Starting today I am going to post my diet plan and daily inspirational pics over on my Facebook page in case you’d like to get motivated to get into Bikini shape too ?

No strict guidelines to follow, nowhere to sign up, nothing to pay… just plain old getting down in the trenches, eating healthily (+ portion controlled!) and getting some movement in!

CLICK HERE to see the weight-loss/ candida diet challenge enfolding. Come and join the conversation – I’ll be checking in there myself 1-2 times every day. 

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