There’s so much insanely useful Candida diet info from the recent Candida Summit to process (you have listened to the interviews, haven’t you ? 

I won’t hold it against you if you hadn’t. I for one have followed the summit along, but haven’t even had a chance to update my own self-published book ‘The Candida Diet Solution’ for 8 years!

Doesn’t time fly…!

The book was published 2010, eight years ago!


You bet that I have since then learned a thing or two about curing Candida and about mastering the Candida diet that ought to be included in the book. 

The majority of the info still holds true mind you. But there is more to add. New remedies, new insights, new explanations about conflicting Candida treatment info.

Time to go through the book, correct some typos and bring it up to speed in terms of formatting etc.

Apologies if this finds you at a time where you wanted to buy the book or pick my brains on anything Candida related. I hear ya!

But there’s only one me to go around, and I am not capable of simultaneously writing encouraging newsletters, creating delicious recipes,  recording FB live videos and writing epic Candida & health related blog posts.

So for now I am going to take the book off the market and start editing it.

Everything else will be on hold for now.

That means no new blog posts from me, no new recipes and no emails or social media updates!

Don’t forget, you can still browse the recipes on my blog and my two recipes books on Amazon while I’m sorting the book out (the recipes books are called ‘Sugar free and easy Candida diet recipes’ btw.). 

I highly recommend you do a bit of a Social Media hiatus too. Go on, it might do you good!


Take care! 

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