10 More Healthy & Filling Candida Snacks for Phase 2 of the Candida Diet (Part 2)

Here’s a Snapshot of the Phase 2 Candida Snack Foods that I have added recently:

For the full recipes and food pics go to the candida snacks page.

1. Green Goodness Juice
2. Hot Cuppa
3. Steamed Greens with Pumpkinseed Oil and salt & freshly ground pepper
4. Spicy Chickpeas
5. Hummous and Veggy Sticks
6. Chicken Rice Snack
7. King Prawns Snack
8. Creamy Coconut Rice with King Prawns
9. Quick Courgette Snack
10. Freshly Cracked Nuts and Seeds


All these snack bites and drinks are super healthy and filling – helping you to beat your cravings.

So if you following the anti candida diet or you just want to snack healthily without putting on weight – these snack foods are your friend ?

Here’s the link again to the other snacks that are suitable during phase 2.

By the way “phase 2” just means that these foods are so incredibly good for you that they are even suitable for the strictest “no sugar, no carb diet” (just like during phase 2 of the Candida Diet).

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