A small selection of hearty Candida Diet Lunch and Dinner Recipes – for Phase 2
candida diet lunch and dinner recipes

All my latest candida diet lunch and dinner recipes will be constantly updated here – at least once a week.

Without being able to eat sandwiches for lunch or pasta/pizza for dinner most people find themselves stuck for ideas what to eat.

You on the other hand can always come back here for inspiration ;-)

Candida Diet Lunch and Dinner Recipes GUIDELINES:

  • You can swap any lunch recipe for any dinner recipe on this page.
  • Remember, you can eat pretty much any chicken, fish or veggy dish. You are not limited to the recipes here. Just leave the sugar, cream, cheese and hot spices out of the recipes you would normally cook (full list of what foods to avoid here).
  • You can’t go wrong with a meat & salad/ veg combo. Have a salad with your lunch and veg with your dinner, that works best.
  • If inflammation is a problem for you at the moment opt for fish rather than meat and perhaps start taking fish oil capsules to help bring the inflammation down.

Here are 6 easy to make meals for you to give you more choice during the strict phase 2 of the candida diet.

Candida Diet Lunch Recipes


Indian-Style Scrambled Eggs with Cherry Tomatoes & Prosciutto

These Indian-style Scrambled Eggs make a delicious lunch option for you. Try them now, they are so quick to make… Click here to see the recipe


Ratatouille with Coconut Rice

Now here’s a another light and very moreish lunch dish for you to try. Click here to see the recipe

roast chicken

Perfect Roast Chicken with Red Onion Gravy

With this recipe you can make the Perfect Roast Chicken dish. Red Onion gravy rounds it off nicely – simply delicious! Click here to see the recipe


Get into the habit of making Roast chicken once a week. Perhaps every Sunday.

It is perfect as candida diet recipe because it gives you energy, it does not feed candida and you always have left overs for the next day.

Candida Diet Dinner Recipes

salmon and greens

Steamed Salmon with Greens, Beans & Peas

Try this healthy & super quick candida diet recipe for lunch or dinner

Click here to see the recipe

thai green curry

Thai Green Curry…delicious & mild!

Mmmm… this colourful dish is made for you – if you like King Prawns ;-)

Click here to see the recipe

veg soup with turkey

 Creamy Veg Soup with Crispy Turkey Strips

Here’s a wonderfully filling soup for you. Try it with or without turkey.

Click here to see the recipe

A Word of Praise for You & some advice how to mentally approach this phase of the diet

You can be proud of yourself that you’ve decided to give the candida diet a go. Now stick with it.

This phase is the hardest. But it is necessary to give your digestive system a rest so your body can heal.

Tackle your cravings one day at a time.

Replace your old routines with new ones:

If you normally have a latte and bagel at 11am, start drinking a green tea from now on. It can’t give you the comfort you’re so accustomed to. But it’s infinitely better than having nothing.

And don’t be disheartened if you fall back into old eating habits here and there -That’s normal!

Sticking to the candida diet lunch and dinner recipes without snacking in between is really difficult. Mistakes are bound to happen.

It will get easier though once you have found a few candida diet lunch and dinner recipes that you like.

That’s why it’s key to experiment with different recipes – If they agree with you, eat more of them.

Don’t force yourself to eat anything you don’t like. Just keep trying foods and listen to your body.

If you feel better for it, good. If it makes you tired, bloated, itchy…, that’s no good!

Try one of the other candida diet lunch and dinner recipes instead. You’re NOT going to starve on this diet, hear me ;-)

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In the meantime – why not take a look at some candida snacks?

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Angelica Lowe September 24, 2012 at 16:29

Hello Sandra, thank you for sharing your experience. I started a couple of weeks ago to follow some kind of candida diet with supplements (including antifungal) and then found your blog. I am getting better. I don’t have a severe case though. I was wondering if you think it’s normal to feel, on phase 2, as if I was hypoglycemic. Even if I take a protein or veggie snack I still feel empty or very “weak”. Thanks for you answer.


Sandra September 24, 2012 at 17:53

Hello, from my own experience and from what I heard others say, it is indeed normal to feel hypoglycemic on the candida diet.

If you follow an extreme low carb diet like this then your whole metabolism is changing.

All of a sudden there is no quickly available energy from the sugar you used to consume. Now your body is forced to mobilise stored energy from fat reserves for instance or indeed break down the proteins you are predominantly consuming now.

This is actually quite a strenuous process which in itself burns lots of calories, making you feel weak. And that’s also one of the reasons why people tend to lose a lot of weight on this type of diet.

Once you’ve been following the diet for a while your body will adapt and get very efficient and fast at metabolising energy and you’ll feel more alert.

Another reason why you currently feel a bit weak or empty might be the malnutrition from the underlying yeast infection – as the yeast snaps up a lot of the nutrients from your food, before your body has a chance to utilise the nutrients.

Leaving you still craving more food, even if you have only just eaten. So make sure to take a high strength multi vit/mineral complex and lots of veggies to combat this. Spirulina is also great energy booster.

Having candida also stresses your adrenal glands that constantly try to regulate the imbalances. This not only can lead to adrenal exhaustion in some people where they feel “burnt out” but also to your body pumping out its internal sugar reserves into the blood stream. This would then have a knock on effect on your overall blood sugar levels – once again leading you to feel somewhat “hypoglycemic”.

Some antifungals also cause your blood pressure and sugar levels to drop dramatically. I particularly noticed this when taking olive leaf tablets.

So, the key to take away from this is: Don’t worry about it. Good things are happening in the background. It will level out eventually.

In the meantime regularly stock up on some small low GI snacks that fill you up for longer. Chickpeas and hummus for instance are excellent for this and cinnamon, flax and chia seeds have also got the ability to regulate blood sugar levels.

In phase 3, presuming you don’t have a gluten intolerance, you might find oats useful to alleviate the symptoms you mentioned.

Well done you for sticking with the diet! You’ll be fighting fit soon :-)


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