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At the end of every month I post a summary of

what I typically ate that month, what supplements I took and how I felt.

I recommend you do the same.


So even when you don’t feel as if I you’re progressing; compared to older food journal entries, you’ll be able to see that overall you are getting better.

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I started the Candida Diet in August 2010!

It’s been 2.5 Years!

Goodness, gracious me! Well, it feels more like 20 years to me, hah!

I intend to analyze the whole 2.5 years worth of food diary, month by month, for you at some point.

In the meantime I have summarized the major milestones of my diet and what went wrong along the way as best from my memory as I could.

If you want to skip straight to my latest update (March), you can do that here. But I recommend that you skim through the next few paragraphs briefly at least.

Knowing the key pillars of my original diet will put what you learn about my current diet changes a bit more in perspective, so they make sense to you.

What has my diet been like before I started the Candida Diet? – Learn from my Mistakes:

Looking back at the past 3 decades of my life, it’s easy to see how what I ate had a huge impact on my health.

Same goes for lifestyle choices.

Sweets & Refined Fast Foods were Setting the Base for my Candida Issues:

For instance I grew up, not eating breakfast, but constantly eating sweets and white flour sandwiches.

It’s no wonder that I was a rather anxious chubby child.

It makes total sense to me now.

I was simply lacking proper nutrition, and already laying the foundations for my candida problems.

When I was living on my own I started eating sugared cereals, yeasty breads, pasta & pizza and got quite partial to a bit of booze.

Well, it doesn’t take a scientist to see where this was heading.

I sometimes had periods of grace when I was very sporty and happy.

On the flip-side, whenever I was under a lot of stress, for instance before my exams, my health and mood would go down hill again.

Until even my adrenals were burned out so my thyroid went crazy, turning me into an emotional mess.

The Turning Point – First Attempts at Eating Healthily Backfired.

It was only when I came to the UK that I started to eat organic foods and try a few super foods, good oils and plenty of fruit.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

Too much fruit, fruit juice and honey – tipping my undetected candida problem to the surface.

I started to sweeten everything with honey and ate buckets of muesli oats with dried fruit and cows milk, thinking that was healthy.

I also started drinking fresh juices, virtually every day – sweet fruity juices! Needless to say that the yeasties were in their element.

Especially since I started taking olive leaf capsules at the same time, ouch! (whatever you do, don’t do that – sugar and antifungal= bad idea = big die off suffering!)

The Strict Candida Diet Rapidly Cleared Most of my Symptoms Up.

Once I had found out about the Candida Diet I went ‘health extreme’ – I followed the diet to the t – 7 days full on fast, no sugar diet... weeks and months went by and I was getting rapidly better. Bonus!

So I relaxed the diet and started to re-introduce more and more carbs into my diet. Mainly yeast free wheat breads, porridge oats, pancakes, seeds, nuts…

Too many carbs, too spicy greasy foods, late meals and stress resulted in a Candida Relapse!

I often worked late so I resorted to quick whole wheat or soba noodle pasta dishes with spicy fried veg and bacon for supper.

At the weekends I loved ordering an Indian takeaway – nice and spicy (killing all the goodness in my gut in one fell swoop and causing big time IBS belly pain and bloating for days on end).

Because I was generally feeling so much better than when I had started the diet though I was almost prepared to put up with that.

I liked the foods I was eating.

What I did not like though was that my symptoms all of a sudden seemed to get more rather than less.

So, I put the emergency brakes on and re-evaluated what I was eating, and identified that it was mostly, wheat, eggs, salad and beans.

So I went back to stage 2 type foods like white meats and fish with green vegetables and did a lot of exercise and promptly got better.

Unfortunately there were quite a few family get togethers and do’s where I ended up binging on sugary foods, quickly undoing all the goodness I had done.

So I went up and down for quite a while, until I read about the posititive effects of fermented foods on Candida.

Then I started snacking on Sauerkraut and low and behold really improved my immune system and overall symptoms.

Fueled by this success I decided to do a “proper” detox in the new year.

So I did.

The trouble with this detox was that it was far too extreme.

I went into it after having overindulged at Christmas, and even during the detox I worked solid.

So my body couldn’t handle the toxic overload that I released, and I came down with a nasty virus.

And instead of starting the year free of candida and all rejuvenated I came out of the detox more ill than before, oh damn it!

It took me 6 weeks to get back on track. Stress really is the killer – far more detrimental than eating naughty foods, seriously!

All the starvation for nothing. I would have been better off eating normal :-)

To top it all my entire digestive system had gone haywire, and even the foods that I used to tolerate all of a sudden caused IBS type reactions in me.

I was really worried, that I might be doing something wrong. Hence I decided to change my diet again.

Gentler this time! She said…. ;-)

Gluten free, grain free, egg reduced, higher probiotics and with full focus on healing my gut.

That’s where I’m at right now.

So here we go, that’s my Candida Diet History in a nutshell.

Thank you for reading this far.

If you are curious what my current take on Candida diet is read my latest Update from March 2014 here.

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