How to get back on track after an event or long travel!


Having just returned from a 3 day conference in the U.S. (my first visit to America, yay!!! … and definitely not my last!) I’ve had my fair share of long hours of travelling.

Do you remember the last time you had a looong day or trip?

Did you feel dehydrated, anxious or on edge and worn out after your return?

That’s what happens for most people when they get back and the adrenaline wears off that kept them going at the event. Naturally the side effects of any stressful or strenuous activity are intensified when you are troubled with a Candida infection or when you didn’t get much sleep.

CLICK HERE to watch/ hear 4 of my top strategies how to quickly recover after an event or long travel (watch time 6 minutes) 

Let me quickly share with you my 4 simple strategies how to quickly kiss any jet lag goodbye and to prevent cravings and the typical gloomy ‘blues’ feeling one gets when coming back after a few days of hectic where you had foods outside your control and perhaps even an alcoholic drink or too:

  1. Drink plenty of mineral water (+ herbal teas to re-hydrate — nipping any onset of headache in the butt)  
  2. Take Vitamin C (to help your body detoxify, look less tired and to avoid coming down with something)
  3. Get movement and fresh air to help your metabolism keep all bodily functions running on all cylinders.
  4. Be kind to yourself and avoid going ‘cold turkey’ with rich foods or sweet snacks. It’s often healthier to allow yourself a small treat and feel good about yourself rather than eating a 100% carb free diet but feeling utterly hopeless, angry or depressed! 

For more info how I rock those 4 strategies in my own life and how you can do the same click the play button to watch my short video.

Watch time: 6 minutes

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