What Healthy Easter Snacks can you eat during the Candida Diet?

    3 Healthy Easter Snacks that help you through this Weekend of Temptations!

    healthy easter snacksBank Holidays and festive seasons like Easter and Christmas can quickly become a dieter’s nightmare.

    It only takes your family to invite you over for a big roast with several puddings to put your hard earned willpower to the test.

    How could you possibly not have cakes and coffees to celebrate the get-together?  

    • I can already see the disapproving look from your family or relatives if you reject the homemade sponge cake. Oh, oh…
    • Or worse still – your own conscience , if you let your family bully you into eating another custard tart just to make them leave you in peace

    … you’ll feel really guilty and terribly worried that you might have ruined your candida diet…   

    There we have it all – heavy foods, cream buns and sugar and most likely a fair amount of stress.

    Let’s be honest – family visits are rarely a walk in the park.

    I think you’d agree that Easter can be challenging at the best of times (all that and we haven’t even mentioned the chocky eggs!!).

    But how on earth are you meant to cope with these level of temptations and hectic if you’ve only just started on the Candida Diet

    and your nerves are lying pretty blank?!

    1. Here’s what you can do if your detox falls on the Easter weekend:

    Quite frankly, there is not a lot you can do – except lock yourself in a room, muttering something about a tummy bug.

    Peace and quiet is what you need.

    There’s no point telling your family members what you’re doing; they can’t grasp it.
    Trust me on this. I’ve tried it for years.

    I have told my whole family multiple times that I cannot eat chocolate!
    And what did I get in my Christmas parcel? Chocolates, you guessed it. Dark chocolate, none the less.

    “But there’s hardly any sugar in there” – they say.

    Sound familiar? “Oh, you can eat that little slice. Come on try it. It’s only got apricots it it. They are incredibly good for you, you know….”

    If you’re really unfortunate enough to have started your fast right before Easter and you can’t get out of the family event you have 2 options:

    Candida Cleanse Easter Option A:

    Warning, you can only pull this off if you have a slightly eccentric personality or a larger than life confidence. Here’s the plan:

    You bring your hot water bottle, a huge flask with candida cleanse tea and a pot of your fasting broth.

    Then you go and find yourself a reasonably quiet corner observing the rest of the shenanigans from the back-row. Feeling utterly sorry for yourself not to be able to eat all the things your family members are eating.

    In other words this is psycho terror! I can’t let you do this to yourself. Please stay at home…

    Candida Cleanse Easter Option B:

    You realise #’;l’% happens and call your fast a day.

    Just pick it up again sometime after Easter when you have a better chance of completing it successfully. This is not a failure, just a bit of a detour.
    In the spirit of damage minimisation consume less evil than you normally would and follow the guidelines to phase 2 & 3 below.

    2. Healthy Easter Snacks for Phase 2 of your Candida Diet

    This is the real danger zone. You have made it through the fast and now you are starving. All you can think of is food.

    And this is exactly what your family will be offering you – lots of food. Just not any that is suitable for the strict candida diet I’m guessing! If in doubt, check my candida diet friendly foods list here (hint:might contain a few healthy easter snacks, too ;-)

    There’s only one thing for it: You make a short appearance and enjoy a nice roast amongst your family. Just go easy on the potatoes and begrudgingly hand your yorkshire puddings or dumplings over to your younger brother if you have one.

    And most certainly avoid wine or juice with the meal. Plain water it shall be my friend. Go on put some apple cider vinegar in it and claim it’s ginger ale ;-)

    You can even manage to stay for puddings because you have mentally prepared yourself for this challenge and brought a pot of probiotic yogurt with you that you are going to eat when everyone else is getting stuck into their puddings – miserable state of affairs!

    And then when all the pralines and cognacs are coming out, you make a quick escape.

    What to do if you have been invited out to a restaurant?

    First of all you make sure you don’t arrive ravenous and out of desperation end up nibbling some dough balls or something. Bad move.

    Here are 2 healthy Easter snacks I recommend you have about an hour before going out:

    Spicy Chickpeas

    Cook time5 minutes
    Dietary Candida Diet Recipes Phase 2, Vegetarian
    Meal type Side Dish, Snack, Starter
    Misc Serve Cold, Serve Hot
    Spicy Chickpeas is one of the quickest & most delicious healthy candida snacks there is. A real alternative to crisps and a definite ‘must try’ for anyone on the Candida Diet!


    • half tin garbanzo beans (chickpeas) (preferably organic)
    • garlic granules
    • salt & freshly ground black pepper & tumeric


    This is one of my favourite Candida Snacks!

    It has saved me countless times, when I was getting intense cravings and had almost blown my candida diet…

    It’s so easy to make as well.

    This snack needs quite a bit of salt to make it palatable I find.

    But if you get the mixture right it tastes heavenly and you’ll never be driven to eating crisps when watching movies again.

    Instead you’ll reach for this quick & healthy candida snack.


    If you don’t have a can of chickpeas at home – a pot of organic hummous from a supermarket will do, too.

    Eat up to 1-2 celery sticks and 1-2 medium carrots with no more than a ⅓ of the entire hummous pot and you’ll be safe from any candida cravings for a few hours, promise.


    Step 1
    All you do is empty a half a tin of garbanzo beans (chickpeas) into a sieve.
    Step 2
    Wash the garbanzo beans thoroughly.
    Step 3
    Heat a tablespoon full of Olive oil with a bit of tumeric, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and salt and freshly ground black pepper in a small frying pan.
    Step 4
    Chuck the chickpeas in the hot oil and toss them in the spice mixture for a bit until they are evenly coated and hot.
    Step 5
    Then sprinkle some garlic granules onto them, still tossing them around in the frying pan.

    Use only a sprinkling of garlic granules here, not fresh garlic. Otherwise you might find yourself at one end of the dinner table -all by yourself 😉


    Drink a hot cuppa

    That’s right. Not a cuppa soup, but along those lines.


    Dissolve 1 teaspoon of good quality vegetable or chicken stock in a big mug of hot water – and let it cool down slightly before drinking.

    Sorry to disappoint you in case you were hoping I’d offer you something fancy ;-)

    This rustic version of a hot cuppa is actually quite a common thing to drink in Germany, believe it or not.

    And if they can drink it, so can we! A bit of heart-warming broth has never hurt anyone.

    Because of the salty flavour you instantly lose your appetite for sweet things (and that’s what we want, right).

    You just need to make sure you get some stock without yeast in it.

    I keep a big jar with lose stock powder in my fridge and have been able to keep my hunger pangs at bay with it a fair few times.

    What best to order in a restaurant whilst you are on your diet?

    I recommend you pick grilled chicken or fish with a side dish or two of vegetables. Roast might work, as well.

    Whilst you are waiting/ with your meal why not drink some sparkling water for a change?

    To make it easier for you to stomach watching everyone else enjoying their coffees and desserts you can sip a fresh mint tea – Very refreshing after a meal.

     3. Here’s what you can do at Easter during Phase 3 of your Candida Diet

    Now this is tricky.

    You have just mastered the strict candida diet and think you deserve a few treats, don’t you?

    When you’re starting to feel better it’s easy to get a bit cocky and just test the waters, just eat an Easter egg.

    I’m sure it won’t hurt… That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? Be honest!

    That’s exactly when you need to be especially strong. Relapse is not an option.

    You have worked hard to get this far, stay strong soldier.

    Here are 2 delicious & healthy Easter snacks for you – all fully anti-candida:

    The first one is a special occasion treat from phase 3 of the candida onwards – only recommended on days when are feeling well.

    Despite not containing ‘real’ chocolate, but still is quite a sweet and calorific state of affairs that can throw your immune system a bit of kilter.

    But if your choice is – this or fudge-filled milk chocolate Easter bunnies – then opt for Carob, every time ;-)

    Cocoa-Carob Spread

    Cook time3 minutes
    Dietary Candida Diet Recipes Phase 3
    Meal type Dessert, Snack
    Delicious candida diet friendly Cocoa-Carob Spread


    • 2-3 heaped tablespoons carob powder
    • 2-3 linseed oil


    • 0.5 vanilla pod
    • ground almonds
    • chopped hazelnuts
    • 70% cocoa powder
    • ground sunflower seeds


    Perfect as a spread for wholemeal rice cakes or home-baked (yeast-free) soda bread.

    (When eaten only on very special rare occasions and in moderation – Basically instead of a piece of a creamy gateuaux cake on your birthday for instance.)

    Not suitable as daily spread as it still contains a small amount of sugar.


    Step 1
    Just mix a few tablespoons of carob powder with linseed oil and the inside of a vanilla pod if you have until it forms a smooth pate.
    Step 2
    For an extra treat add some ground almonds or freshly roasted, chopped hazelnuts or sesame seeds like I did in the photo here.

    And to get an as close to a chocolate spread effect as possible – also add a bit of 70% cocoa powder. I won’t tell anyone 😉


    Coconut Pancakes

    Coconut Pancakes


    Check out this scrumptious healthy pancake recipe here.


    If you’re reading this in phase 2 of the diet – don’t be sad, get involved,  just in moderation! it’s Easter after all ;-)

    Just make half the amount, freeze some of it and cherish just 1-2 small pancakes.

    Preferably combined with some green salad or a spinach & goats cheese filling (if that agrees with you because of the goats cheese).

    You can even wrap a couple of them in foil and take them with you to your family do and eat them instead of cake! How about that for a Plan B ;-)

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    More tips & mouthwatering candida diet recipes coming up next week.

    What foods have you been tempted with this Easter? Share your healthy and even not-so-healthy Easter snacks in the comments below.

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    Johnny April 8, 2012 at 11:27

    Hey Sandra – Spicy Chickpeas are surprisingly tasty!

    For me it’s quite good that they are so quick to make as I’m generally pretty focused on my work and don’t want to spend time preparing things during the day.

    Pancakes are always a fav! I actually had some of these last night as part of a main – I slow cooked some turkey bits with some Indian spices (Jalfrezi – just watch for sugar and acetic-acid if you buy off the shelf) plus I added some asparagus, green peppers and leek. Was really delicious when all wrapped up in pancake!

    Look forward to more posts & recipes!


    Sandra April 9, 2012 at 09:59

    Hi Johnny, I’m glad you like the recipes.

    Your pancake creation with bits of turkey sounds absolutely delicious – will try it out very soon!

    You’re right it’s difficult to find curries that don’t have additives and lots of sugar in it. Even just the high amount of oil and hot spices used in the Indian cooking can trigger more candida symptoms. If only it didn’t taste so moreish – I could eat curries every day ;-)

    Thanks again for leaving a comment. All the best to you.

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