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You must have lots of burning questions. Regardless if you are battling with Candida yourself or whether you live with someone who is – Candida always is a pain in the bum!

Since I started this blog I’ve had hundreds of people ask me candida & health related questions. I’ve created this page to share some of the candida information with you :-)

Candida Frequently Asked Questions – Index


  1. My doc says I can eat 2 cups of fruit a day – is that ok on the candida diet?
  2. When can I start eating fruit again?
  3. What Candida Diet did you follow?
  4. I am following a candida diet and I’m stuck for meal ideas. I also have several food intolerances and I am gluten free. What can I eat?
  5. Can I eat mushrooms on the Candida Diet?
  6. NEW: What is the determining factor to say that a person moves from stage to stage on the ACD?


I’m curious what you eat on a day to day basis.What diet are you following now?


  1. As I’m Progressing with the Diet my Symptoms Get Worse – Am I doing Anything Wrong? Maybe I don’t have Candida…
  2. The itch on my heels at night prevents me from sleeping – it drives me crazy – what can I do?

Let’s Get to It – Candida FAQ:


Q: My doc says I can eat 2 cups of fruit a day – is that ok on the candida diet?

A: Definitely not if you have a systemic candida infection (basically if you’ve had it for a long time and the infections are in several areas in your body). And even if you only have a light yeast infection I recommend you don’t eat fruit at least at the beginning of the diet. I wonder, does your doc have a good track record of healing candida? If he has, then fair play… If not, then take what he says with a pinch of salt.

Often doctors don’t have an in depth knowledge of what feeds candida. My naturopath told me to eat Manuka HONEY. It was meant well and honey and fruit are certainly healthy… – just not for candida sufferers!

Fruit is sugar and sugar feeds yeast. There is no getting away from it. If you can’t live without fruit try and stick to berries and green apples rather than bananas or dried fruit. And eat it first thing in the morning or before a meal rather than as dessert, to make sure most of the sugar gets digested before they enter the large intestine where candida lingers. Fat in the diet prevents insulin from dealing with blood sugar, which is complicating matters. So if you eat fruit or any sweet stuff to that effect than don’t have oily, creamy buttery stuff with it. But be prepared that even if you are not experiencing major symptoms after eating it, the sugar from the fruit might still provide enough candida food to prevent you from fully recovering.

If you find it hard to stop eating fruit try eating just half a grapefruit.

If you have a lot of faith in your doc why not test it? Follow his advice for a couple of weeks – eating 2 cups of fruit a day. Then do 2 weeks without fruit and record how it makes you feel.

When can I start eating fruit again?

I don’t recommend eating fruit until you have been able to tolerate yeast free bread, starchy vegetables like potatoes and carrots and certain grains like buckwheat or quinoa for quite some time. I have made many fruit experiments, on holidays, at family gatherings and the such… and I can honestly say that despite the great enjoyment I got from eating the fruit, I nearly always had more symptoms the next day. Hence I am skeptical and take a firm stance on this topic. On special occasions you could have some green apple, blueberries, strawberries or grapefruit as a treat. That’s fine as long as you don’t fall back into old eating habits. But other than that I’d say stay away from fruit until you are absolutely Candida symptom free.

Q: What Candida Diet did you follow?

A: I followed the 7 days Candida Cleanse Protocol and strict diet outlined on the I found this site very helpful to gain an understanding of candida remedies and was grateful to be able to follow their menu plan.

I basically tried out most of the recipes on the site which took me roughly 6 weeks. I also found inspiration for what to eat in the 3 weeks anti candida plan at This site introduced me to the idea of incorporating brown rice, quinoa, beans, lentils and hummus into the candida diet. This was very welcome to me as those foods had not been allowed during the strict diet I was following up until that point.

When I started my diet (August 2010) there were only a handful of websites about, and recipes were hard to come by. Constantly hungry and on the look out for more anti candida recipes I came across this recipe book.


This book has got hundreds of recipes in it, including a lot of adaptations of “classics” I so missed like rice pudding, breads and cakes. I found that I personally preferred different flavouring/ spices to the recipes that were in the book. So I ended up putting my own slant on the recipes. But the recipe book was crucial in giving me hope & inspiration to make my own food creations, helping me to keep candida at bay.

I also incorporated some advice from an German specialist for yeast infections who is treating candida patients successfully in a clinic in Austria. His name is Harald Stossier. His book “Die Candida Diaet” (only available in German, sorry) outlines his way of treating candida which is very different from what is commonly known as “The Candida Diet”. He actually allows you to eat potatoes and soups from starchy root vegetables, which when I first read it this did not make sense to me at all. So I went with Erica’s advice.

Q: I am following a candida diet and I’m stuck for meal ideas. I also have several food intolerances and I am gluten free. What can I eat?

A: You are in good company – I used to have lots of food intolerances, allergies and digestive issues (IBS, constipation, colitis). Naturally I had to adapt my meals to be easy on the digestive system and anti-inflammatory. Have you seen the recipes page on my blog? All the recipes on there are sugar free and a lot of them are gluten free, too.

Q: Can I eat mushrooms on the Candida Diet? 


A: Technically mushrooms should be allowed as they don’t contain any sugar and therefore cannot feed Candida. But the problem with mushrooms is that most Candida sufferers initially react hyper sensitive to everything containing mould or fungus, mushrooms included. So eating mushrooms might still cause your immune system to fire up allergic responses in your body, being it IBS style symptoms like bloating, gas, abdominal pain or sudden fatigue after the meal.

In the later stages of the diet when your immune system is stronger you can try adding a few mushrooms to your meals again. They are extremely healthy, quick to cook and some of them even have cancer fighting properties. Here’s more info on the health benefits, some tasty recipe suggestions and a quick report how it affected me when I ate mushrooms during the diet.

NEW Q: What is the determining factor to say that a person moves from stage to stage on the ACD? 


A: When you can move from stage to stage on the ACD depends on personal preference, severity of symptoms and whether food intolerances or other illnesses have to be treated as well. So there is no single determining factor I’m afraid.

Many people do not even go through with stage 1 and start straight away with the candida diet. So that comes down to personal preference.

Then it takes at least 2-4 weeks to get the candida overgrowth levels down enough so you can embark on stage 3. If in doubt and you feel quite ill, stick to stage 2 for a few more days. Soup or rice days are very beneficial to speed things up.

Generally speaking the more often you have stage 1 or 2 diet days during the ACD, the better for your health and the quicker you will recover. On the flip side the worst thing that can happen to you if you start phase 3 too soon is that you’ll experience more symptoms and feel worse. So you’ll automatically be reminded to eat a bit lighter until you might want to try it again.

Another deciding factor is your stress level.The happier and relaxed you are, the sooner you can start the next stage of candida elimination.

Always pay attention to how you feel that day, and never introduce new foods etc. when you are feeling ill or very stressed/ tired. A good indicator whether you are ready to move to the next stage is whether you haven’t experienced new symptoms for at least 5 days.

Once you think you feel well enough to try eating carbs again you have reached stage 3. Then you carefully add one food after the other back into your diet (with a few days or even weeks break in between to avoid allergic responses) and test whether it agrees with you. First starchy vegetables, then grains once a day, then twice, then desserts or dishes that are harder to digest like a big raw salad or a lamb stew. And before you know it you’ll be fully well again :-)


Q: I’m curious what you eat on a day to day basis.What diet are you following now?

A: I have grown so used to eating a low GI, high protein diet that the Candida Diet has become part of my lifestyle, hah! I eat a sugar free, low carb diet that is a bit more forgiving in terms of how much legumes, grains, starchy vegetables and dairy I can eat than the standard Candida Diet. I eat tons of salads & vegetables and a fair amount of soups, lentils, beans and fish dishes. I bake my own yeast free bread, eat quite a bit of brown rice, spelt pasta and soba noodles and occasionally quinoa.

Having spent most of my life in Germany I am all for hearty dishes and stews, and I still enjoy the odd meat based dish. Hence I love a lot of paleo dishes. But since living in the UK I have also fallen in love with Indian cooking and Mexican dishes. So my cooking is definitely influenced by all of those things and constantly evolving.

I tend to follow food combining rules. That means I might eat chicken and vegetables but not chicken and bread. I also make sure that my meals are mostly alkaline to promote healing. I force myself to have the occasional vegetable juice and eat lots of greens & fiber stuff to get my digestion going and tell candida to bugger off ;-) At first it was a big headache for me to know when I could eat what, but it’s second nature to me now. And since I lost my sweet tooth I am obsessed with everything coconut, almonds and hemp seeds, and I can’t resist trying out new fancy superfoods like chia seeds. I adapt my meals depending on what time of the month it is and what symptoms I have. It’s amazing how you can use foods & herbs as natural remedy.

I generally bulk cook meals for 2 days in advance and for freezing, so when I come back from work or my fitness/ yoga classes I don’t resort to candida friendly food out of desperation. I get hungry every few hours. So I also make sure that I constantly have healthy snacks like hummus nearby to tide me over and to keep my blood sugar levels on an even keel. I am more and more moving away from wheat in any pasta or whole-grain form onto gluten free terrain. I also moved away from cows milk and cheese to goats-cheese and sheep’s milk and rice milk. I find myself becoming more and more intrigued with vegan dishes, and I’m keen to start fermenting vegetables and making Kefir coconut water to wean myself of expensive probiotic supplements.


Q: As I’m Progressing with the Diet my Symptoms Get Worse – Am I doing Anything Wrong? Maybe I don’t have Candida…

I started my candida diet around 4 weeks ago. My problem is that since I am progressing with the diet – my symptoms got worse, especially the itch on my skin. Is that a sign of detoxing or maybe I am doing something wrong? Could this mean that I don’t suffer from candida but the itch is caused by something else? I am a bit confused and discouraged.

A: It’s understandable that you feel confused. Yes there are cases where people have typical candida symptoms but as it turns out they actually suffer from a different health problem or auto-immune disorder other than candida. But these cases are far and few between. And even those cases would see an improvement in their symptoms from initially following a sugar free diet and doing things to boost their immune system. So you are on the right track!

When you follow the diet you automatically presume that you should start to feel better rather than worse. Unfortunately that is not how it works with Candida – Generally things get worse before they get better. The symptoms that pop up are often random and don’t feel related to anything you’ve been eating or doing. So they don’t make sense.

But there is a lot of healing going on on a cellular level inside your body that you are not aware of. Often times an itch or tingling sensation in a certain region can be triggered when deeper lying skin tissues start to be repaired and candida by-products get broken down. Sometimes the circulation is getting better where there used not to be any for a long time. These are all good signs.

Key thing is that you stick to the diet. Any intake of sugar can worsen your symptoms and trigger re-infections and itch attacks. Treat the itch you are experiencing with natural remedies (I’m going to show you a few in a minute). You should see a marked improvement very quickly. If after a few days you are still experiencing symptoms I would see a specialist to check for other illnesses.

Q: The itch on my heels at night prevents me from sleeping – it drives me crazy – what can I do?

A: Of course your heel symptoms could be caused by a different health problem. But regardless what they were caused by – you can improve, if not heal them, with simple home remedies.

Try These Home Remedies To Control Itch:

  • Use an Apple Cider Vinegar Wrap
  • Keep your fingernails short
  • Have a relaxing foot bath with tea tree oil & lavender
  • Moisturize 2 x daily with aloe vera gel & tea tree moisturizer or coconut oil
  • Keep your spirits up & carry on eating no sugar
  • Wrapping your foot before bedtime in a cold moist cloth with diluted natural apple cider vinegar provides tremendous relief to itchy feet. Keep it near your bed and reapply when the frantic itch urge hits you. If it impacts your sleep too much you can wrap some foil or plastic bag around it and a sock on top to keep it in place and prevent scratching.
  • Needless to say that you should at all times have super short finger nails to prevent the worst.
  • Have a nice foot bath every night. Add a few drops of tea tree oil and lavender to warm water and soak your feet in it for a few minutes. This will also relax you and help you go to sleep.
  • Dry your feet and put some high strength aloe vera gel on your heels/ feet. After that put some tea tree moisturizer or coconut oil on top (coconut smells nicer but tea tree is more effective and melts into the skin better).
  • Apply moisturizer to your heels/ feet every morning and every night. Again, aloe vera & tea tree have worked best for me.

I have healed itchy skin symptoms everywhere on my body with this technique – It really works!

Try this, I hope it works for you.

Acv, aloe & tea tree are highly antibacterial and antifungal – they would ease your symptoms even if they were non candida related.

And remember, healing systemic candida, which is what you have by the sounds of it, since you describe fatigue and vaginal infections, does take time. Be patient, you are doing the right thing and you will get better!

Enough about me, let’s talk about YOU! Remember that when you join my email list you have direct email access to me and can ask me whatever questions might be on your mind, in private. And be sure not to miss the live Candida Q&A session the first Friday of the month.

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In the meantime if you have any question just pop it in the comment box below.

No Candida Diet is quite the same, and Candida is unpredictable and random. In other words there’s plenty of opportunity to feel anxious & confused and start doubting your beliefs. But strength is in numbers, right?!

Chances are that the question that’s on your mind right now I might be able to answer – Try me :-)

P.S. Remember that these are just my ideas and thoughts that I’ve distilled down from my own experiences. Always seek final advice from a qualified nutritionist, therapist or doctor.

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yvonne October 6, 2012 at 06:57

Hi Sandra,
What medication can you recommend for a serious fungal infection. (It itches so bad I can climb Mount Everest barefoot…)


Sandra October 6, 2012 at 11:00

Hi Yvonne,
itch is a terrible thing – it certainly drove me insane when I had it. Whereabouts is the fungal infection?


daphne brooks October 8, 2012 at 18:44

Sandra, for one year i’ve experienced the candida horrible itch all over my scalp and arms, If I eat yeast or sugar I wake up with blood on my fingers from scratching, so I know it’s candida!! Because when I do the diet it goes almost completely away, then I’ll think I’m cured and eat the wrong thing and back to itching like a bancheee!!! Other than the itch I feel great. I am starting over again today, what about making kefir and coconut water, is that ok the first week on the fast?? Daphne


Sandra October 8, 2012 at 19:44

Hi Daphne, I’d personally shy away from introducing kefir into your diet during the fast. You are already starving a lot of the yeast which might cause you to feel worse for wear. The probiotic drink might add to that, making you even more poorly.

Plus Kefir does not agree with everybody. Some people report strong allergic reactions even after months on the diet. Dairy is not allowed during the fast, so milk kefir is out of the question.

If you can get hold of fresh coconut water then that should be ok during the fast, as it would help curb your appetite and is full of nutrients.

On the flipside even coconut water contains ingredients that can cause die off. So if you decide to have it, make sure it’s not pasteurized and doesn’t contain lots of additives, which the pre-packaged coconut water often does. And start with super small dosages so you can manage possible adverse reactions quickly.


Chelsea October 18, 2012 at 18:59

Hi Sandra,

I was wondering if you could clear up some confusion for me regarding quinoa. On the strict diet food list states that quinoa is okay to eat. However, I am seeing some other theories on the same site stating that quinoa feeds candida.

Have you heard any conclisive evidence for or against quinoa for the strict phase?

Thanks for your help!


Tina November 20, 2012 at 06:29

Hi, i started the candida diet and was in desperate need of recipes when i came across your site. I think its the best candida site out there! :o)
One question – i know we are not allowed white rice but are rice cakes allowed? Aren’t they made of white rice? Also rice puffs? Would they be white rice also?
Many thanks,


Sandra November 22, 2012 at 00:08

Hi Tina – thanks so much for your lovely comment :-)
At the begin of the diet it’s best to eat as little carb as possible. That includes rice cakes unfortunately. It’s best to wait until phase 3, and even then try not to eat it every day and ideally no more than 1 or 2 rice cakes. If you are starving or out and about and only have a rice cake handy that’s not the end of the world. Whenever possible though try to eat vegetables/ and or protein instead. A small amount of cooked brown rice occasionally would be better than rice cakes (more nutrients & more filling).

I sometimes sprinkle linseed/ flax oil over a rice cake and some sea salad for a quick snack. It is important to eat rice cakes made from 100% brown wholegrain rice. Some rice cakes say they contain brown rice but really they are mostly made up of white rice and very unsubstantial, which makes you eat more and is more likely to feed candida. Same with rice puffs. You can eat small amounts of brown unsugared rice puffs once your yeast levels are lower. I personally found that brown rice cakes agreed better with me than corn cakes. I don’t tend to eat rice puffs cereal, because it doesn’t satisfy my hunger. Try cooked brown rice with coconut oil, that’s very nice.

You might also like to try a snack combo of rice cake with some protein or something green.
All my best,


Anna Wallace December 9, 2012 at 16:13

Hi Sandra,
Just a suggestion for breakfast Bobs Red Mill Brown rice farina hot cereal is very nice and is allowed on the Dr Mc Combs candida diet. It is available in some supermakets in the gluten free section. I buy mine on I

Regards Anna


Sandra December 10, 2012 at 11:52

Thanks for your suggestion Anna – that’s a great alternative to oatmeal porridge. Gluten free & quick to make, perfect! I’ve added it to the ‘breaky list’ :-)


Cat December 28, 2012 at 23:38

Hmmm… I’m kind of surprised to not see this question on the FAQ page yet, so I’ll ask it: What is the determining factor to say that a person moves from stage to stage on the ACD?


Sandra December 29, 2012 at 21:05

Awesome question, thanks for asking Cat :-)

I’ve moved the answer to your question in the “candida diet” section of the questions at the top…


angela knight November 3, 2013 at 09:53

Hi, my symptoms seemed to have shifted location, and showing itself with a irritating cough ,tickly cough and tight chest. Why would this happen when working so hard to eliminate it, I am kind of hoping that its a positive shift ….


Sandra November 4, 2013 at 20:18

Hi Angela, that’s a typical complication with Candida. I encountered that several times and I always got really frustrated as I felt that I had fought this evil very hard and it couldn’t be possibly be new flare ups… From what I gather it can be a few things.

With all the Candida by products from die off being pumped through your system your liver might be simply a bit overworked causing your body to try and get rid off small undigested food particles through your lungs rather than the clogged up digestion system.

Bacterial infections in areas with a lot of die off are quite common as well, so it’s paramount that you gurgle with Sage and inhale over essential oils that help with respiratory infections, oil pulling… so whatever you can to keep your airways clean to avoid secondary infections.

Another very likely reason could be that you are consuming too many acidic foods and your Ph levels are not healthy.

For healing to take place you need to have a mostly alkaline environment. So eat steamed/ grilled veggies, drink water and herbal teas to balance out all the meat, eggs, fish, oil, butter, nuts and fried foods you might be eating.

Also I found that dairy causes the symptoms you describe. So not having yogurt, cheese or milk until your symptoms have cleared up is a good idea.

Are you drinking water with apple cider vinegar? I kept a glass nect to my bed when I had this tickly cough at night. A few sips would stop it. Also I’d recommend you take Swedish Bitters after your evening meals – helps with digestion. Right, that gives you a bit food for thought. Hope you’ll be able to clear those symptoms soon. All my best


angela knight November 4, 2013 at 21:28

Thanks Sandra, on this journey I think its invaluable to have contact with others on the same path. I will get some sage gargle from my herbalist. I just know its not an ordinary cough and thankfully you also recognise my concerns. I am using a lot of fresh lemon in herbal tea , should I give it a miss ? My list of supplements is quite long at mo, herbs in capsules, teas, magnesium, b vits, aloe Vera, chromium, acv I have only just started taking,probiotics, I have a tick list lol, to remember it all. Thanks again for your reply, I will re-read and adjust stuff accordingly x


Sandra November 5, 2013 at 15:00

I agree, it helps no end to have a community of people who are going through the same experience. You don’t need a special herbal preparation – it’s just loose sage leaves prepared like a tea and then gurgled with throughout the day or at least in the morning and evening. Lemon is fine. Yes, it’s a lot of stuff to remember ;-)


angela knight November 5, 2013 at 18:45

Thankyou once again x


angela knight November 19, 2013 at 09:37

Hi Sandra, me again ! I feel a bit stuck … I desperately need more calories and need to stabilize weight loss, I am currently 7½ stone and still losing. I paid for a private nutritionist, who has also done the candida diet herself. She has advised me to incorporate brown rice, flaxseed oil, lecithin granules and more oily fish, tinned/fresh etc. I really feel I need the carbs for energy and weight gain but concerned that I am not on top of Candida, ( feel burny and itchy down below) . Is it still possible to make progress with eliminating Candida when incorporating rice ? Thanks


Sandra November 19, 2013 at 14:17

Hi Angela,
I totally understand what you are going through. I ate practically a no carb diet last month to be able to eat what I wanted on holiday and not experience any candida trouble… and when I now look at my holiday picks I’m shocked how thin I look. It’s gone past looking good. So now I am going back to eating tons of brown rice and oily fish just like your nutritionist suggested. I’ve seen great results with that in the past. This will still make you slender, no chance of becoming fat on that diet I’m afraid. But you’ll look and feel better.

I’m also taking flax seeds oil and adding tons of coconut oil to my foods. To be honest I only started to gain weight again on the diet when I ate bread and pasta. I ate my Sesame Soda bread virtually with every breakfast and lunch, sometimes also for supper and I also made pie crusts and pancakes with Wholeweat meal (wholegrain flour) or Spelt flour. Oatmeal, Rice pasta and soba noodles with rich oily sauces came out regularly, too. The weight was piling on, so were my candida problems unfortunately because I hadn’t realized that I was reacting to the wheat which made my leaky gut problem worse.

These days I eat only gluten free breads, no wheat. That’s less substantial though. I’m not sure how you could gain weight with that. You’d have to eat a lot of it. I think it can be done though. Coconut or Almond breads for instance generally use many eggs which would definitely help you gain weight if you eat it all the time.

Getting back to your question though brown rice is absolutely fine. Initially on the diet sure you have to watch how much you eat of it but after a few weeks you can virtually eat as much of it as you want, so two big bowls are absolutely no problem and from my experience will not make your candida problem worse.

White rice does though, so stick to brown rice and perhaps add coconut oil which inhibits candida growth. You do need some carbs to give you energy for healing.

Tinned fish is perfect as that actually helps to keep the inflammation in your body down which helps to heal the burny itchy situation down below (acv washes also help and coconut oil btw.)

So don’t worry about the brown rice. You’ll heal. Keep at it, you’re doing great, and your questions are helping everyone here. A lot of people have the same issues but are too shy to ask. So please keep the questions coming :)


angela knight November 20, 2013 at 09:20

Thankyou Sandra, is the almond and coconut bread home made, do you have a recipe?
It is nice being slim, but like you say it goes past the” looking good ” point. Just to stay the same weight would be a bonus, and not continue to lose. I have spent a lot of money to be hungry ,thin and have a wardrobe of clothes that don’t fit , ironic :-) x


Sandra November 20, 2013 at 14:49

Tell me about it! I always wanted to be thin, and now that I am I live tucked away in a cottage in the middle of nowhere where nobody sees me, haha, like you say the irony! It’s nice to be able to have a giggle about it with you though. My friends all want to lose weight, so I better not mention my dilemma ;-)

My best tip for gaining weight is to eat pancakes, how good is that! No recipe yet regarding the bread – I’m fine tuning. Just google it, there are tons of recipes for coconut bread, and as far as I can see all candida diet friendly, just using hideous amounts of eggs. But otherwise it doesn’t stay together.

Have you tried making coconut pancakes? Goodness gracious me – impossible! I settled for coconut batter blobs in the end – still tasty though! (I thought I could make them with less eggs… hence no holding together….) Happy baking :)


Abigail December 26, 2013 at 11:47

Hi Sandra, I recently bought your ebook – thanks for the hard work you out into it! It was a great read. I had a quick question about stevia sweetened 70% dark chocolate and unsweetened cocoa…I know the diet says no chocolate, but given that the sweetener is stevia, is this still a problem?
Thanks so much!


Sandra December 26, 2013 at 22:17

Hi Abigail, thanks so much for buying the book and your kind feedback:) It’s a valid question re the chocolate. B

asically you can enjoy a little bit of stevia sweetened chocolate later on in the diet when the yeast overgrowth is under control. But initially even low carb sweeteners can make your blood sugar levels spike – chocolate also is a stimulant which plays havoc with your body’s hormones and biorhythm, mobilizing your body’s sugar reserves to be made available in your blood stream. So in effect despite the low calories it’s enough to encourage candida growth.

It won’t completely sabotage your recovery if you eat a piece, but it’s better not to if that makes sense. Perhaps make coconut macaroons with stevia instead – that’s a safe and delicious candida snack.

All my best, Sandra


Angela Knight January 5, 2014 at 21:16

Gosh this candida diet seems to go on forever…… Yawn . My face still gets rosy and neck gets itchy if I eat a roast dinner, with potatoes , carrots and parsnips. Trying to balance weight loss against a candida fight. Would you avoid those starchy foods, the symptoms are relatively minor, but concerned that I am still slowly feeding the candida . thanks. I hope you survived the Christmas festivities and avoided some cravings .


Sandra January 5, 2014 at 21:31

Hi Angela :) Yes, survived the festivities thank you. The one good thing about this never-ending diet is that you won’t have cravings in the end. So thankfully although I did enjoy a few unwise foods I was able to stop myself quickly before it got out of hand.

In answer to your question I think you’d be ok if you ate starchy vegetables and bigger carb portions in general only at the weekends.

I was shocked when I weighed myself at my parents’ place before Christmas – I actually weighed less than when I was in my twenties and certainly a good 4 kilos less than I thought I weighed (how did that slip under my radar?!) When I left after Christmas I had gained 4 pounds though :)

Wishing you a happy & healthy 2014!


Angela Knight January 5, 2014 at 21:37

Ok thanks for that advice. My feet are hot as consequence too, so candida alive and kicking , but decreasing I am sure, its gotta be surely?? Well done on gaining 4lbs though. How did you manage that , a few treats no doubt ? I bought some almond butter which is yummy, didn’t like tahini found it bitter. Hopefully I can give it to someone who likes it , or find a recipe to use it up. Been using GSE for a couple of weeks, is there a time limit before you swap to another AF?
And a happy and healthy 2014 to you too, absolutely!!!!!!!! :0)


Sandra January 7, 2014 at 11:44

Interesting you found Tahini to bitter – I was really disappointed when I tasted it, considering that many people rave about it. So when I make hummus these days I just use sesame seeds and olive oil and much prefer the flavour :)

Perhaps you can add a bit of rice milk when you are using up the Tahini, might take the edge off. But then it might make the consistency too watery. Not easy. Hummus is a good one though to use it up. If not then you could make a spread with steamed veggies, feta and tahini, that might mask the bitter taste. I like the spread with warm peeled potatoes or with toasted bread.

Almond butter is sooo nice – I wish it was not so darn expensive…!

It’s a good idea to swap antifungals every 2 weeks. Some people do it even weekly. On the flip side other people believe that is not necessary. I personally liked to swap them because different antifungals are effective in different areas of your body. Say oil of oregano for instance is excellent at getting rid of yeast infections. Caprylic acid/ coconut works well in the gut. Olive leaf in the sinuses… As far as I know GSE works quite broad spectrum though. So technically you need not swap it unless you think it’s not effective any more…


angela knight January 8, 2014 at 18:16

Ok that’s interesting re AF’s work in different parts of body, thanks for that. Since last May I have used l-glutamine, I have now run out and wondering if I need to continue, its pricey and would like to know what symptoms would stand out as “leaky gut” and not just Candida. Finding this journey quite relentless, pricey and rather droll now :(


Sandra January 9, 2014 at 16:17

You are right, it costs an arm and a leg and there’s a lot of guess work involved of how long to take what etc. I reached the same point with the L-glutamin and discontinued it for several months until I did another cleanse. I think it doesn’t actually take long to fix the leaky gut, maybe a couple of weeks or so but if you have systemic Candida then the roots will poke new holes… That’s why I think it’s best to wait with all the leaky gut medication until your Candida levels are fairly low so you don’t have to spend so much money on the meds. Right now I only take the l-glutamin when I have eczema or when I have done strenuous exercise, as that can damage the gut wall too apparently. From what I can tell the tell-tale sign of leaky gut is painful abdominal bloating shortly after eating, angry red skin conditions, chronic yeast infections, sinuses infections or bladder infections. Basically where the Candida has traveled in your body and causes havoc outside your gut.


Jasmin February 1, 2014 at 15:59

Hi Sandra , keep up your good work as you are my inspiration now and hope that one day I can get rid of the candida . (This diet is really tough to follow , go off the diet know and then because of the strong craving of sugar).
I went to my health food shop recently for the supplements but unfortunately they don’t have them in stock, like olive leaf extract , grapefruit seed extract , calcium and vit d etc.
as I get very strong craving for sugar & carb I was wondering if you took any supplement to help you combat the sugar cravings that you can recommend me to take and from what stage and how long .
I also wanted to know which multivitamin , calcium and vit d that you took which is absorbed quickly by the body as I have digestive issues as we’ll which might interact .
I suffer with severe chronic constipation and take Ayurvedic herb like triphala chura which is a colon cleanser and detoxifier , is that ok to take through out the diet . If not then from what stage and what supplement please .
As I also suffer with burning sensation from mouth to the gut ( as if I ve got an ulcer in my stomach ) , is there any supplement that I can
take for that . Off the sexual intercourse as I suffer from burning sensation and getting white discharge and it’s painful as we’ll . Any remedie suggestions. Thanks!!


Sandra February 4, 2014 at 10:58

Hi Jasmin, you are sweet. Thanks you for your kind comments.

The cravings are hard to deal with in the beginning. Check out the link below for my tips re craving control.

As far as I know Chromium might help with that. I personally drank tons of green tea and made sure that I consumed more greens – a lot of the time cravings are a sign that you have a mineral deficiency. This gets a lot better when you take a quality multivit and mineral tablet daily and as many greens and veggies as you can muster.

Not sure about the ayuvedic medication. If it’s on a natural herbal basis I would presume that you can take it through. Candida gets worse with constipation.

Drinking Aloe juice would help with the burning sensation.

Thrush wise you can insert a tampon that you dipped in natural yogurt. That gets rid of it fairly quickly. But unless the cause is gone and the overall Candida levels are back down, the thrush will pop back up. There’s no quick fix unfortunately. We all had to go through that. You will have to take antifungals and later probiotics to get rid of this…

Chin up, you made a great start!


Jasmin February 11, 2014 at 22:34

Hiya Sandra,
As I mentioned to you earlier about getting burning sensation throughout my digestive tract , know iam getting ulcer like pain in my stomach with difficulty in breathing espically when it is empty. Went to gp recently gave me lansprazole 30mg 1 or x2 a day , don’t know what to do , should I take them or not , is there a alternative ? As iam worried that it might affect my candida diet .

I was wondering which brand did you take for vit d and calcium , and multivitamins . Thanks !!


Jasmin February 11, 2014 at 23:36

Hiya Sandra again , sorry I forgot to ask you before that from where did you purchase the slippery elm and marshmallow powder as I looked at Amazon and eBay and they don’t do it . Hope to hear from you soon .
Ps – can you give me the website or details of where you got yours.


Sandra February 13, 2014 at 16:11

The one I initially bought was a mixture with other digestive herbs and spices as well. I got it from this site: (Slippery-Elm-Marshmallow-Powder)
I also bought marshmallow root powder and slippery elm bark powder separately on Amazon. Just looked, they are still selling it, just not as combination.


Jasmin February 18, 2014 at 19:03

Hiya Sandra,
I was wondering in what stage did you feel your symptoms started to clear , was it antifungal or probiotics stage. Can you please tell me which brand of vit d and calcium did you take as I can’t find a good one as of yet , same goes with multivitamins . ( can you provide the websites that you brought from) .
Many thanks !!!


Sandra February 19, 2014 at 14:24

Hiya Jasmin,
the fogginess and sinus problems disappeared within the first month. My skin also started to clear up then. But to get rid of the remaining symptoms took me a lot longer into taking antifungals and probiotics. Constipation and thrush took the longest to go – well over a year into the diet, but I had a severe case. It should be quicker for you I hope.
I did not take vitamin d and calcium. I bought multi vitamins from


Jasmin February 27, 2014 at 22:08

Hiya Sandra,
Recently I went to my doc and had blood test done for thyroid function, diabetes ( as it runs in the family) , iron and b12 . As I feel constantly out of breath when climbing up the stairs or walking fastly. Feel dizzy and constantly tired. ( don’t have the energy to do anything even cooking got a family to feed ) . The doc turned around and said that the result were normal then why do I have the symptoms of anaemia . ( I think I have damaged my body balance of not eating for the last 2 yrs basically starving myself from whole foods and munching on tea and refined processed foods , that’s when this yeast symptoms issue happened and it hasn’t gone since) . I don’t know if iam defect in any nutrition and should take multivitamins as I wasn’t eating properly in this period of time.
Another thing Sandra I would like to take an alternative to lansprazole 30mg given by my doc for inflamed stomach pain espically when it is empty. Do you have any suggestions and how long should I take them. Iam also having difficulty in staying on the diet as I come from a Asian background and is used to spicy foods and sweets and the food tastes bland compare to Asian foods and I fall off the wagon most of the time . But still trying to bounce back .
Hope for the best . Take care !!!


  Kathy April 2, 2014 at 13:12

I just found your website and am excited to be able to get some answers to my health issues. I do have one question, my biggest symptom is mouth thrush but I have not seen that symptom addressed by any one. I have been seeing my doctor for about a month and am on my second medication, but nothing has really helped. I cut out sugar about two weeks ago and will follow your diet plan, but is there a mouthwash or gargle that will help?


Sandra April 23, 2014 at 17:55

Hi Kathy, I’m so sorry for the delay in responding to you – I’m quite snowed under with work and messages at the mo… I hope your oral thrush has already disappeared. If not here’s what helped me when I had it: I gargled with sage tea and I also did some oil pulling. Plain sesame oil or olive oil agreed best with me. I sometimes added some antifungal drops but on occasion I reacted to that and had bad die off symptoms, swollen sinuses… So I went back to swishing olive oil around my mouth for about 15-20 minutes before brushing teeth or eating/drinking in the morning. I also drunk water with a dash of natural applecider vinegar which helped freshen my breath and clear up any issues in my mouth. Hope this helps, all my best, Sandra


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