Candida Diet Valentine’s Menu & Gift Ideas

candida diet valentines menu

With Valentine’s day only a week away I thought I’d give you my suggestions to make this day healthy but special!   

The Valentine’s menu I put together for you is incredibly tasty, fun to eat with your loved one and also has some libido boosting properties – hey, what more could you want ;-)

But before I show you how you can cook this healthy Valentine’s menu from scratch, let me tell you my Valentine’s gift suggestions in case you are still hunting around for ideas:

better eat Stevia sweetened chocolate than these traditional Valentine's chocisclick here if you're viewing this from the US

In terms of chocolate it might be worth giving your loved one a wink that you’d rather have this zero carb stevia sweetened choci than “regular chocolate” that might cause your Candida symptoms to pop back up. I like the idea of making your own pralines and gifting them in a cute treat bag.

valentine's chocolate molds

These Silicone Chocolate Heart Molds are perfect for healthier DIY Valentine’s goodies. That way you can also use Carob or Lemon, Coconut and stevia or gelatin to make your treats even healthier than chocolate ones and Candida safe. For the man in your life this little beauty makes THE best gift = a toasted panini and sandwich maker (I got one for my partner’s birthday this week and it was very well received indeed!)

 Here’s my Candida Diet friendly Valentine’s Menu for You:

Starter: Asparagus soup (contains 1 potato – leave out if you are in stage 1 or two of the Candida diet, still tastes lush)

candida soup


savoury pancakes

thai green curry candida diet

Dessert: Dark Chocolate or Carob pudding with Stevia

chocolate stevia pudding candida diet

 I used a Chocolate Gala pudding mix from Dr. Oetker (half regular, half 70% dark choc) 

and stirred that into 250 ml hot almond milk and boiled it until it thickened. Then I added two tbsp of small almond chunks and two sachets of white stevia. Tastes totally AWESOME. In a dark chocolatey way, not sweet. But with whipped cream it works nicely (being it dairy or Candida diet safer: coconut cream with 1-2 drops of vanilla stevia)

Candida diet advice:

Chocolate interferes with your hormone and blood sugar levels which then triggers more blood sugar to be pumped through your system which can in turn feed Candida depending on where the overgrowth is. Because of that I wouldn’t recommend eating any in stage 1, 2 and 3. Only in the transition phase back to normal eating.

That said, on special occasions I did have the odd piece of dark chocolate or chocolate pudding like the one above and didn’t experience any flare up from it. So if you were to have a nibble on Valentine’s, don’t beat yourself up for it. That in itself will not sabotage your overall healing.

What are your plans for Valentine’s? Tell me in the comments below :) And if you are new here but would like to receive my weekly sugar free recipes and health tips send to you by email then hop on my email list below.

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I shared this Valentine’s menu with Gluten free Fridays.

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Heather @Gluten-Free Cat February 7, 2014 at 01:29

I’m coming over for Valentine’s Day. Hope you don’t mind a third wheel. Looks soooooo delicious!



Sandra February 7, 2014 at 12:00

That would be lovely Heather, come on over!!!
Thank youuu :)


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