Healthy Dinner Recipes

The Best Healthy Dinner Recipes (incl. Candida Diet Recipes for Phase 3 of the Candida Diet)

healthy dinner recipes

The best dinner ideas are often the ones that you can cook over and over again – without ever getting tired of them.

Today I’m gonna share with you 3 totally delicious dinner recipes that will knock your socks off ;-)  

Not just because these are my favourite dinner recipes and they are easy to make (although that clearly helps). But also because I want you to have fun with cooking.

These are the kind of dinner recipes you can impress your loved ones with!

I truly believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.

I want you to find some healthy dinner recipes that you love and that will become your staple dishes.

Preferably with so little cooking effort involved that you don’t lose the will to bring them out again fairly soon.

1. One of my “All time Favourites” Recipes for Dinner

Über Delicous Stir Fry

ueber delicious stir fry

This dish is reliably amazing!

It always tastes lush.  3 versions for you:

  • Vegetarian – simple vegetable goodness with some chickpeas thrown in – marvellous!
  • Paleo – same tasty veggy base with organic chicken pieces
  •  Seafood – same tasty veggy base with king prawns

Not 1, not 2, no 3 healthy dinner recipes rolled into one ;-)

You Can Click Here for the Stir-Fry Recipe

2. One of the Quickest & Most Allergy Friendly Dinner Ideas

Grilled Tuna Steak with Tomato Salsa

tuna steak

This dish is light and healthy.

Not only does it not feed candida as it contains virtually no carbs.

It also is anti-inflammatory which always helps with healing. So even if you have already reached phase 3 of the candida diet, it’s a good idea to eat low carb meals like this most of the time. Then you can enjoy the healthy dinner recipes that do contain a substantial amount of carbs without any come back.

Generally the more carbs you eat, the longer your recovery.

So be sure to eat plenty of vegetables, oily fish, lentils, beans, good quality white meat and chickpeas to avoid eating too many carbs. 

Click Here for the Tuna Recipe

3. One of the Best Healthy Dinner Recipes EVER

Mustard Seed Pancakes with Vegetables & Curry Sauce

healthy pancakes dinner This dish is special – definitely something for the weekend – a meal to look forward to :-)

Pancakes & Home made curry sauce are a winning combination for healthy dinner recipes hands down.

Especially when they come with these 3 delicious options for you:

  • vegetarian – green veg with butter bean curry
  • gluten free & dairy free – almond meal pancakes
  • paleo – stir-fried turkey pieces

Click Here to Read the Full Recipe for Pancakes & Curry Sauce

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