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Before I start uploading new recipes to the site – let’s just take a quick moment to visually feast on our best recipes from 2013!  Phew, that was a busy year, wasn’t it. Plenty of new candida diet recipes found their way onto my blog though :)

Lot’s of gluten free goodies, mostly dairy and meat free, some even egg free, in other words plant based (vegan).

I received tons of feedback that they also tasted nice, which is great. It’s not exactly easy to create food without sugar, yeast, cheese, cream, fruit or chocolate that are also allergy friendly, easy to digest and immune boosting. Yet that’s exactly what those of us who have to live within the boundaries of the Candida diet have to come up with.

So, let’s take a look at some of 2013′s noteworthy Candida Diet Recipes from 2013.

All images are click-able :)

almond milk
best candida safe food - cabbage rolls with salmon
almond soup
broad bean dip
detox soup
chia bread rolls
sesame balls
gluten free pizza base
butterbean soup
tex mex filling
chickpea stew
carrot soup
sugar free cookies with stevia and xylitol
Sugar free Squash Muffins
strawberry smoothie
popey smoothie
choc bars

STAGE 2 FOODS (light & low carb):

Clockwise from the top:

  • How to Make Almond Milk – recipe here
  • Salmon and Cabbage Rolls – recipe here
  • Cauliflower and Almond Soup – recipe here
  • How to Make Hummus (and Roast Pepper and Alfalfa Sprouts Sandwich) – recipe here
  • Broad beans dip – recipe here
  • Creamy Green Detox Soup (Asparagus & Broccoli) – recipe here (leave the potato out to make this a stage 2 dish- still tastes great)

STAGE 3 Candida diet recipes (bit more substantial):

  • Paleo Bread Rolls – recipe here
  • Sesame Nori Rice Balls – recipe here
  • Gluten free pizza base & topping – recipe here & here
  • Kale & Butter beans Soup – recipe here
  • Tex Mex Tortilla Filling – recipe here
  • Brown Lentils Stew – recipe here
  • Spicy Carrot and Coconut Soup – recipe here
  • Sugar free Squash Muffins – recipe here
  • Sugar free Macadamia Cookies – recipe here

STAGE 4 FOODS (something to look forward to):

Transition back to normal eating when Candida levels are normalthe following Candida diet recipes are not suitable while you still have Candida symptoms because they contain small amounts of fruit sugar or dark chocolate – in that case stick to stage 1-3 foods above.

  • Orange Coconut Water Jelly – recipe here
  • Maca Strawberry Smoothie – recipe here
  • Popey Power Punch Smoothie – recipe here
  • Granola Bars – recipe here

Not to forget the candida diet recipes from 2012 – view them here

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