Sandra’s Cheat’s Guide to Fasting (Candida Cleanse 2014)

Sandra's Cheat's Guide to Fasting

Still feeling a bit out of shape from all the good food and drink you had since Christmas? 

Or are you one of those people who start the New Year with a hardcore diet and sport regime?

Most people have a ton of New Year resolutions and then come the end of January all is forgotten, they throw their sports shoes into a corner and carry on following their old habits but feel demoralized that they didn’t follow through with their plan to become healthier.

I’ve been there. I know how frustrating that is. You know what you need to do. You just can’t get started. Sound familiar?

What about you – have you made a New Year’s Resolution? How is it going?

From Extreme Fast to Hectic Juice Detox and Now What?

Read On How the Lessons I Learned from my previous fasting experiences led to my Cheat’s Guide to Fasting that I’m Going to Share with You in a minute.

  • 2012: My First Fast – 7 Days Liquids Only:

candida detox

Two years ago, when I had first started on this Candida Cleanse crusade, I had done a 7 day fast – fueled by desperation and the feeling of being so ill that drastic methods needed to be adopted to get better.

As strange as it sounds that approach worked – I rested and fasted and felt better for it!

  • 2013: My First Colon Cleanse and Then 7 Days Juice Cleanse with Fruit Smoothies While Working

candida cleanse 2013

Last year then I thought I’d step it up a notch and brewed all sorts of detox potions and followed a colon cleanse to then do a liver cleanse (which in itself was fine – more on that here)… But then I went and ruined it all by working non-stop and resorting to rich fruity smoothies to keep me going to not have to eat – thereby undermining my immune system so I straight away got ill after the detox and suffered a Candida relapse as well from all the fruit sugar!

  • 2014: My Current Candida Cleanse/ Detox Plans:

my candida cleanse 2014

Knowing that my Christmas and New Year would be quite stressful I made peace with the idea that I couldn’t fast like I had done two years ago. So I decided to take it easy and simply do a colon cleanse but incorporate this as a weekly thing rather than a ‘once a year’ monumental challenge.

I looked at what had worked really well for me every time I had to cut down on carb-rich foods when my Candida symptoms had got worse (which had happened quite a lot over the past couple of years) and I split my findings into two stages:



  • Gradually eat healthier for 1-3 weeks – eat more gluten & dairy free and vegan foods

Oat Psyllium Almond Bread


Swap wheat pasta for wholegrain, same with flours and bread; swap milk with almond or rice milk…; eat fish instead of meat, coconut butter instead of butter, avoid anything processed or that contains sugar, incl. alcohol and fruit


If you are not in the habit of fasting it can be quite a hard endeavor to go from your normal diet to NOT eating. This can lead to you having no energy, being constipated and feeling ill.

My trick lets you reduce what you are eating and flush out your intestines – preparing them for a proper fast if you still wanted to do one. By then your tummy would have shrunk a bit and you would find it easier and feel better all throughout. I have done this many times now, in fact I am about to do it again this coming Monday. So here’s how this works:

  • 2-5 Days Fasting Preparation by eating intestinal cleansing foods and taking Colon Cleansing supplements

Sandra's Cheat's Guide to Fasting

Eat soups, cooked brown rice or quinoa (preferably pre-soaked) and celery with hummus (in case you get bored of those simple foods you could mix it up with some of the light meals that I ate for my Cleanse last year here) but I quite like the simplicity of just having hummus-brown rice-soup=Easy! No need for a big shop or mega cooking action…

And you’ll never go starving!

No dairy, no wheat, no meat, no sugar, coffee or alcohol Check out my food suggestions

The Only Supplements you Need for a Candida Cleanse:

colon cleanse

  • Take milk thistle (supports your liver)
  • In the days leading up to the Candida Cleanse/ fast take pre-soaked flax seeds before a meal 1-2 x per day (just soak 1 level tbsp of dark flax seeds in 4-5 times as much water overnight, then chew and follow up with 2 glasses of water (it bulks up in the intestines which has a cleansing, massaging, healing effect on the gut; don’t take it if you are constipated – take Vit C & magnesium in that case)
  • Take a colon cleansing supplement (for instance with barberry, chamomile and cascara like Dr. Schulze‘s – to help you go to the loo – you don’t want anything lingering there during your fast that could foster Candida growth). People also report good intestinal cleansing results from OxyPowder


the detox as part of my candida diet


  • Get yourself an enema kit and cleanse your colon (avoids expensive colonic irrigations)
  • Take some Colon Cleansing tablets with Flax, Pectin and Slippery Elm or Clay (to keep things moving through your colon, even when you are not eating/ or eating less)
  • Here’s the tea, broth and green juice I drunk when I did it (also called Stage 1 Recipes of my Candida Cleanse)

Plan B and for when you come out of Stage 3:

If all else fails and you can’t get into the idea of fasting at all, not even for a day or so, then Stage 2 of the Candida Diet might be for you. There you’re allowed to eat meat, fish and eggs with vegetables but no carbs (as in cereal, rice, pasta or bread!) It is hard, sure – but infinitely easier than any type of fasting ;-) Here are some recipes examples.

 I was reminded of that again when I visited my father in law the other day. He had just bought a diet book (not my book apparently, but a diet book, non the less – of ALL the things… haha!) He said his doctor encouraged it. As it turns out the diet is very similar to the Candida diet just that this one is based on the idea of intermittent fasting (you eat super low calories on 2 days and normal on the rest). Works amazingly well. Not that we need to lose any more weight… I was just pleased to see a variety of protein rich recipes for once.

Fasting Know-How Conclusion – Eat Brown Rice & Drink Broth – Easy!

brown rice - candida cleanse

  • Eat cooked brown rice, steamed vegetables and celery with hummus to cleanse your digestive system – that’s a strain off your immune system (you’ll lose some weight if you need to) and you’ll feel healthier (and if you then wanted to do a fast it would be not so difficult anymore. Home made veggy broth is great. Nutrient rich bone broth is even better (for its gut repairing properties).

There is no restriction on how much you eat.

But don’t go overboard with the brown rice (2 bowls is fine, perhaps 3 if you have lot’s of work to do; stick to only one if you have a lot of Candida symptoms). Likewise with the hummus (it’s easy to digest but if you eat it all day long your body is focused on digesting rather than healing, so stick to two snacks throughout the day preferably).

And when you come out of the fast eat lots of organic vegetables with fish and you’ll be feeling fighting fit 2014 :)


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