Thanksgiving on the Candida Diet (Safe Festive Foods)


With the festive season already on our doorstep it’s time to think of candida diet friendly foods we can enjoy.  

Let’s get Festive – Candida Safe Main Meal Ideas:

Roast Turkey or Chicken are ideal, so is fish in any shape or disguise.

But you can pretty much eat most festive meaty dishes (unless they rely heavily on cheese and cream).

 These are four of my favourite Candida diet recipes that have helped me survive festive days with my family (ordered easiest to digest first):

healthy dinner recipes

Candida diet friendly Snack Ideas:

In terms of snacks I recommend:

Candida safe drinks for the holidays:

Drinks-wise You can have:

  • Yannoh or other herbal coffee like Chicory root coffee with rice or almond milk
  • Mint, fresh ginger or Camomile tea (helps digestion and is anti-inflammatory and the ginger one helps you stay awake, whereas the chamomile sends you off to sleep)

healthy dinner recipes

Healthy Cakes you can enjoy at Thanksgiving and beyond:

 Cake-wise you could have a sugar free Carrot cake or Cheese cake (recipes below):

Just bare in mind that mine contain gf free flour, as do the almond toasties above (no big deal but could be enough to maintain candida if enjoyed during stage 2).

Chin up! Thanksgiving is not going to ruin all your dieting efforts

One thing to remember is not to beat yourself up if you do eat a few things at Thanksgiving that are outside the scope of your diet.

Think about it – Everything is conspiring against you.

The whole family’s intention is on indulging on rich sweet foods and even alcohol. So following the Candida Diet at all during these difficult times deserves admiration.

Don’t panic if you overstep the limits of your diet. You got to live as well sometimes.

Let your hair down and forget about all this hardship. You can pick up the diet where you left off, and you WILL heal!

It’s just as important to be happy, relaxed and well slept as it is to consume no sugar and little carbs. Chin up!

Thanksgiving Candida safe festive foods

Thanksgiving Favourites from other Bloggers I admire:

From savoury quinoa stuffing to sophisticated pecan pies, it’s all there:

Bare in mind that not all recipes you’ll see there are hundred percent candida safe. So use your own judgement and perhaps adapt some recipe you like the look of according to your needs. Being it with using stevia instead of maple syrup, leaving fruit out, etc…

These Thanksgiving recipes are still an awful lot healthier than most “normal” recipes that you might come across.

With that in mind – Enjoy!

And let me know in the comments below what you are thinking of making this Thanksgiving.

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