5 Appetising Candida Diet Desserts

What’s different about these Candida Diet Desserts? They are completely sugar free!

Would you agree that following a low carb diet can be quite a challenge? There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of delicious sugar free & gluten free desserts around.

Now before you throw your hands up in desperation let me share with you 6 candida diet desserts that actually taste nice.

I’m not gonna lie to you – if you compare them with the puddings you are used to then you will be disappointed. You simply cannot substitute sweetness.

Whatever way you look at it – your dessert is either sweet or it isn’t. The candida diet desserts I’m about to show you fall in the latter category. Once you have lost your sweet tooth they will seem delicious to you.

But in the meantime while your taste-buds expect a sweet sensation to be satisfied, the desserts will taste a bit “unusual”. That said in my opinion it’s better to have an unusual dessert than no dessert; what do you think?

I Love Desserts – So Do You Of Course. But Do You Know These 5 Treats?

  1. Sugar Free Cheese Cake (No bake & Bake)
  2. Almondy Millet Pudding
  3. Vanilla Chia Pud
  4. Rice Pudding
  5. Yogurt Dessert

Some of the Highlights of Sugar free Desserts:

  1. These Candida diet desserts look pretty (take them with you to a family do and you won’t be looked upon as health freak)
  2. They are filling (such a relief from the constant having to re-fuel your carb craving)
  3. Hey, did I mention these candida diet desserts are also really good for you (a clear conscience and pleasure eating these treats goes a long way towards making you healthy again)
  4. View these healthy desserts as what they are – temporary treats while you are revving up your immune system before you can indulge on your favourite sweet desserts again.

At some point not too far away you will be able to eat chocolate, cream, fruit, cakes, ice creams and rich puddings again without having to suffer the consequences.

It pays off ten fold to stick to your diet now as much as possible. Go on try some of the candida diet desserts listed here, hold your head up high and beat this nasty disease once and for all.

A life-time’s worth of scrumptious puddings is waiting for you ?

What Sweeteners Can You Use for your Candida Diet Desserts?

If you have a sweet tooth you might find these candida diet desserts quite sour. Fortunately there are a few natural sweeteners you can use that are a lot healthier than regular (processed) sugar.


You can sweeten your candida diet desserts with stevia.

This is a natural plant based sweetener that does not feed candida. I personally tried the green powder and apart from the minging colour (who wants their cheese cake or pud to look green ???? found that it had a subtle underlying flavour I did not like, so I prefer to leave it out. But I know a lot of people who get on with it very well and there are even colour less stevia drops that you can use.

Maple Syrup

I have heard a few times now that some health clinics specialising in candida cleanses let you drink maple syrup with lemon juice.

Now as far as I know Maple syrup still contains sugar so why this should be allowed on the candida diet puzzles beyond me. Worth double-checking.

Agave Nectar

Looks like runny honey and tastes very mild.

Due to it’s low glycemic values it is much healthier than normal sugar in all it’s variations (brown sugar, fructose….) but it does still contain sugar.

This makes it an acceptable sweetener only towards the end of phase 3 of your diet when you are virtually symptom free. I have personally used it on porridge myself during phase 3 a couple of times, but I prefer Vanilla Stevia & Xylitol.

Coconut Sugar

This popular healthy sweetener is produced from the sap of cut flower buds of coconut palms.

Apparently it comes in crystal or granule form, block or liquid and has a subtle sweet flavour similar to caramel.

Technically I should not have mentioned it here because it is still sugar after all. But as I have only recently found out about it and I am majorly intrigued by it, I thought I’d mention it for the sheer novelty of it. I recommend not using it in your candida diet desserts for the time being though.

Natural Sweetness of Carrot, Vanilla and Brown Rice, Butternut Squash

What sweeteners you can utilise on the other hand are some vegetables and nut.

These will give your lovely candida diet desserts a naturally sweet touch. That’s why carrots and butternut squash make excellent cake ingredients. Whereas brown rice lends itself for making rich puddings like the rice pudding above).

When and How Often Should You Indulge in Your Candida Diet Desserts?

Desserts are an integral part in family meals and happy meals full stop. Just because you are following a sugar free diet does not mean that you cannot have desserts.

You just have to be a little bit more select about what you indulge in and when.

What you don’t want is overburden your system with rich & sweet foods that are likely to trigger food sensitivity or other symptoms.

Hence my suggestion for you would be to stick to as little sweetener as possible while you are still following the diet. Gradually, as you get better, you can then add sweeteners back into your diet (occasionally).

My advice in general would be to have mid morning or mid afternoon snacks rather than desserts. If you feel you cannot skip desserts then get into the habit of waiting at least 30 mins after a meal before eating your dessert.

Happiness is key to your recovery. So enjoy and do things that make you happy ?

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