Nutrition & Candida tips for you via FB live videos!

Did you know I accepted a video challenge where I have to record 5 x 5 minute videos a week for 6 weeks, waaaa? Yep!

Now this can work in your favour… if you have any question or topic request, there’s a very good chance that I’m going to record a video answering your question if you keep your question short and specific (I have a short attention span you see!).

This can be anything from how I organise my fridge to how I am able to resist chocolates to what my favourite Candida remedy is to why I moved to the UK… Anything you’d want to ask me if you had me over for a cup of coffee goes ?

I’m recording the videos live on my Facebook page CLICK HERE to see the first 5 minutes videos:

You can jump on live and chat to me afterwards (time zone permitting) or  you can watch the recordings, in fact there are already

5 topics to choose from this week:

  1. Overcoming self-imposed obstacles
  2. 7 Sinus Infection Home Remedies
  3. How to stay hydrated during the day
  4. Foods that make you sleepy – eat these in the evening
  5. Why I do what I do

I appreciate your support – ‘likes’, ‘hearts’ and comments (they help me understand what you’d like to hear/ see more of).

Apologies if you are not on Facebook or you don’t have a video viewer on your computer or smart phone/ tablet. I’ll be sure to record some useful audios and write ‘how to’ blog posts as well once this 6 week video challenge is over.

One last thing:

Remember to do something restorative & relaxing today.

I know you probably have a ton of stuff to do… but it would do you SO good!!!

Just 15 minutes, go on, do it now!

No thinking, no doing, JUST BEING!

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