My Top 9 Christmas Gift Ideas

healthy holiday gift guide

Hey, how are your Christmas preparations going?

They are all still in full swing here, phew!

I wanted to share my top 9 Christmas gifts with you in case you’re still looking for something to buy for yourself or someone you love. It’s not too late to get these in time for Christmas from Amazon if you order before the 21st. 

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If you’re viewing this from the US – please click here to see American Gift Ideas! Read on if you’re viewing this from the UK. From anywhere else – read on. You just can’t directly go to buy anything, that’s all.

relaxing gifts

healing music

Beautifully healing music for mind, body & spirit, Steven Halpern. I bought this to quieten my mind and to speed up my healing — great to listen to in bed right before you sleep.



You want this blender, you know you do — well, I do anyway ?


I’ve been talking about this beauty for years (and still haven’t got one haha!) I’m hoping you’ll be treated to one this year: a Vitamix blender! Just think of all the smoothies, frozen drinks and cocktails you could be making!


Awesome Site for Unique Presents:


There really are tons of cool & highly personable present ideas. From quirky polaroid prints to engraved necklaces or gardening lovers gadgets… I found this fashionable scarf for my mum this year (hope she doesn’t read this!)

Gift for someone who already has everything: Fun retro diy camera

camera kit

 If you’re stuck for what pressie to get someone in your family, father in law, brother…. then this charming photographer lover’s toy could come to the rescue!


books worth reading

The title says it all: Healing with Whole Foods!

healing with wholefoods

One of those classic health bibles that you can refer back to time and time again. Paul Pitchford, Healing With Whole Foods Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition (3rd Edition).


Want to have more money left over 2015? Here’s your chance to learn from the best!


money book

I have a lot of time for Tony Robbins — after having learned a ton of stuff last year from his book “Awaken the giant within” (especially strategies how to overcome destructive habits and negative self talk). Now I want to learn about investing and managing my finances better. That’s why his new book “Money Master the Game – 7 Steps to Financial Freedom” is on my reading list for the holidays.

hardwiring happiness

The brain science of contentment, calm and confidence by Rick Hanson… How to re-shape your brain through regular meditation practices to be more resilient to stress so you are more happy. Just what I need!


My Recipes Books – Not for Christmas, But Oh So Good for You ?

sugar free books

Hey all good things come in pairs ? Like the paperback version of my popular Candida diet recipes books “Sugar Free & Easy” Book 1 & 2!

BOOK1 (the blue one) contains only paleo type/ virtually no carbs recipes with fish, meat, veggies, eggs and a few other ingredients; very simple and quick. My readers have reported they liked the book because it helped them lose weight and calmed down inflammation in their body.

BOOK 2 (the green one) is where the fun starts: lots of comforting carbs meals, filling AND healthy! Both available on Amazon as “Sugar Free and Easy Candida Diet Recipes Book 1 & Book 2” (also on Kindle or as pdf).

There’s no excuse now not to get into shape in the new year ? Start with the blue one, follow the 2 weeks strict meal plan; then move onto the green book for more variety. Then whenever you want to lose a little  weight again or you are feeling under the weather dig the blue book out again. Easy!

I want you to be fighting fit in 2015!

great stocking fillers

brain puzzle

Stocking Filler Idea: Brain Puzzle Set

Here’s a great stocking filler! Waiting for Christmas and sitting around under the tree can be boring – here’s the solution: Get your family solving this tricky mind puzzle. Easy to take apart – not easy to put back together. Infuriating and fun at the same time. I thought they’d be boring – but they are so NOT! We’ve had oodles of fun with it.

happy holidays!

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