What is the Best Probiotic to Cure Candida?


People ask me questions to do with Probiotics all the time, so I thought I’ll give you a quick rundown of the key points. 

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics, such as L.acidophilus, are responsible for creating a healthy balance of ‘friendly bacteria’ in your gut.

They are beneficial live microorganisms that basically build a protective layer in your body by lining your intestines. That’s how they prevent harmful substances from getting into your bloodstream. Since more than 70% of the body’s immune system are based in the gut, these friendly little helpers are fairly important.

When your count of probiotics is low this results in digestive upsets as you are lacking essential enzymes to break down food. You might also get ill, as the naturally occurring harmful bacteria in your body are not kept in check.

Top Probiotic Foods

Allowed on the Candida Diet:

  • Sauerkraut & Kimchi (fermented cabbage)
  • Tempeh (fermented Tofu – useful for vegans on the candida diet)
  • Algae (Spirulina, Chlorella…)
  • Kefir (fermented dairy or similar beverage like coconut milk; containing many beneficial cultures including Lactococcus lactis Rosell-1058 which works antimicrobial)
  • Live cultured Yogurt (preferably goats’ yogurt as easier to digest and less likely to cause allergic response)

These really are the best probiotics you can take food-wise.

It is well worth learning to make your own fermented probiotic foods. Then you can slowly phase out the expensive probiotic supplements you have been taking.

Best avoid these if you have Candida:

  • Kombucha (fermented tea that due to it’s acidic and mildly alcoholic nature is not ideal for Candida sufferers until virtually no symptoms are present)
  • Pickles (generally contains vinegar that is not allowed on the candida diet)
  • Miso Soup (fermented soup from soy beans – not recommended during stage 1 and 2 of the diet as high in sodium and can cause allergic response)

 When do you need to take Extra Probiotics?


  • When you’re taking antibiotics you should also take probiotics (antibiotics kill all bacteria in your gut, even the good ones).
  • When you suffer from dysbiosis. (An imbalance of good & bad bacteria that manifests itself as bloating, trapped foul smelling air in your tummy and constipation – The best probiotic strains contain Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell-71 and Fructooligosaccharides “prebiotics”, which work as food for the probiotics and improve transit time)
  • When you are taking antifungals (kills good micro-organisms, too).
  • When you suffer from IBS or Crohn’s Disease (digestive health issues that disrupt the healthy gut flora)
  • When you have skin conditions like eczema or acne (sign of leaky gut or impaired immune system)
  • When you are suffering from prolonged stress, trauma or moving to a different climate and habitat with exotic foods (all these events cause a massive strain on your immune system, so you benefit from an extra probiotic boost).
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Probiotics & Candida – Should you start taking them when you begin the Candida Diet?

The idea is to start with a low dose of probiotics (around 5 billion CFU). Then you work your way up to a higher dose of 20-50 billion CFU. And if your immune system has been taken a proper knock you might even have to take probiotics as strong as 100 billion CFU.

But don’t let that concern you when you first start the candida diet. Initially you don’t need to take a probiotic supplement at all.
If you were to take high strength probiotics this would most likely over-burden your liver and make you sick.

Even natural probiotics such as Kefir or Yogurt are generally not well tolerated. They can cause you sniffles,  a sore throat or give you a slight feeling of nausea. So in my opinion to give your body the best chance of uninterrupted healing, don’t have yogurt initially.

And even when you decide to re-introduce yogurt 2-3 weeks into the candida diet, go easy on it. Start with no more than 2 table spoons (no sugar) and work your way up to more if no side effects. The last thing you need now is some allergy symptoms on top of everything else! The easiest to digest is sheep’s yoghurt (and it doesn’t even smell as if a goat had breathed in your face like goats jogurts generally do, ha!)

Take them at least 3 hours apart from your Antifungals

  • For instance you could take them first thing in the morning 20 mins before breakfast with a big glass of water (advisable if you have probiotics that need to be kept in the fridge).
  • Or towards the end of your meal (because then your stomach produces the least amount of acid, so the probiotics have a better chance to get to where they are supposed to go).
  • If you have forgotten to take your dose or it would have been too close to your antifungal intake then you take it mid morning or mid afternoon with a big glass of water (unless otherwise stated on the packet; some work better with food).
  • Always take them away from very acidic/highly spiced foods or hot beverages (Swallowing it with a big gulp of coffee or steaming soup is a big nono. These little buggers are very sensitive and die easily. They like an alkaline environment, so take them with some vegetables or a glass of water works best.)

How long do you need to take them for?

Many people feel so much better from taking probiotics that they are reluctant to stop taking them for fear of getting ill again. Especially if you are leading a hectic lifestyle it can be a good idea to take probiotics preventatively to support your immune system.

That said, I am a firm believer in real food, and that given a chance, the body becomes strong enough to keep candida in check on its own.

I think once you have treated your digestive issues, removed any allergens and created some balance in your life, whilst enjoying a varied diet with fermented vegetables then you won’t need to take supplements any more.

Fermented food is the best probiotic – Try it! And whenever you do feel a bit under the weather or you feel a yeast infection coming, you can still up your probiotics’ intake temporarily with help of supplements. Otherwise if your body gets used to the high amounts of probiotics, then you’d really be forced to carry on taking them, to avoid a relapse. This can become very expensive.

Mini Buying Guide – What is the best Probiotic to get?

Look for these 3 Main Criteria:

  1. Buy them from a probiotics specialist, who can demonstrate years of research & experience in selling probiotics. (Here’s a list of reputable brands. Don’t be tempted to buy cheap supplements from your supermarket or no-name brands online. They tend to be far less effective.
  2. They have 6 – 15 different strains of probiotic organisms.
  3. They have 20 billions + microorganisms and are coated in such a way that they survive contact with bile and stomach acid.

What does CFU mean? How many strains should they have?

CFU stands for Colony Forming Units, basically how many microorganisms one capsule of your probiotics contains for instance 20 billion.

Which Probiotic is the Right One for You?

Decide what probiotic to take based on the severity of your symptoms and how they manifest themselves. Different strains of microorganisms live in different areas in your body and do different things.

  • For instance there are strains that help to make your stomach flatter, wohoo!
  • Others promote regularity (they help you poop!)
  • Others overrule bad bacteria in your intestines- boosting your immunity.
  • Again, others predominantly regulate the acidity in your stomach. So if you’ve been experiencing a lot of stomach pain, indigestion, heartburn or acid reflux, then perhaps you might want to concentrate on creating a healthy flora in your stomach first, before you look into alleviating other symptoms.

A good probiotic should definitely contain Lactobacillus acidophilus and several other well researched strains for instance Bifidusbacterium and Lactococcus lactis (which is naturally present in Kefir yogurt and has strong antimicrobial properties), that are bile resistant and adhere to the gut walls to make it impermeable to bad bacteria.
Ideally you are working with a specialist who can prescribe you the best probiotic for you.

But let’s face it, most people have long lost face in the health system, and either can’t bear seeing another “specialist” or they are simply broke, like me, hah!

Either way you can still find highly effective probiotics that help you heal.

Do You need to Rotate them?

It’s a good idea to rotate your probiotic supplements from time to time, as the yeast organisms in your intestines can otherwise adapt to even the best probiotic over time.

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The Best Probiotic Supplements & My Personal Experience with Taking Pro- and Prebiotics

Here’s the list of the best probiotic supplements  plus my personal review of the two I’ve taken.



{ 10 comments… read them below or add one }

  Michelle Penhaligon February 16, 2013 at 15:49

Hi Sandra

Thank you so much for this. I am definitely going to get some this week. I went down with the fluey symptoms last thursday and am still struggling and waiting for my voice to return and get rid of this awful cough so that I can get back to exercising. It was really interessting to read about the low immunity system – I obviously have this and need to be back up and running soon!!

Take care and hope to be back to work out next week!x


Sandra February 17, 2013 at 17:51

Hi Michelle

I’m glad you found it useful. Probiotics definitely boost your immune system longterm wise.
Sorry to hear that you are ill (I say, blame it on the kids ;-)
We missed you Friday – the class is not the same without you! Have you seen my home remedies‘ page? Maybe you can find something on there to soothe your symptoms. I personally swear by gurgling with sage tea to get rid off cold symptoms, especially sore throat…

Hope you’ll feel better soon.
Take care,
San x


  Gina Love 17 March 2, 2013 at 04:09

I have been taking the Lady Soma Probiotics for about 1 year now and I can’t belive the difference it makes in my digestive health! My OB/GYM reccomended Lady Soma. I have had stomach/instestinal problems my whole life and I have diagnosed with IBS. since taking the probiotics I have seen alot of improvement.


Sandra March 4, 2013 at 18:49

Hi Gina, that’s very interesting, thank you. I hadn’t heard of the Lady Soma Probiotics, but have looked them up now that you mentioned them. They look very good, natural, great company ethos. The only thing I’d say is that they are not very strong with 5 billion micro organisms per pill. But the main thing is that they are helping you.
All my best,


Robert April 4, 2014 at 22:15

Thanks Sandra, a fascinating read as always…

I seem to be a sponge for knowledge over the science of this thing at the moment
I’m just about to try a probiotic as I’m well into the diet, I started it just after Christmas
I have been thinking there is something missing because apart from the fact that my body has no fat left at all! I do not feel any other benefits and in spite of being totally hard-core with my diet regime
I’m pretty much on a high alkaline low glycaemic diet, no meat other than chicken and fish, if I eat anymore greens I will look like Dr David Banner post metamorphosis, but without the muscles lol
Or I will end up on four legs with my tail swishing around, dam flies…
Ha’ ha’
Seriously I had a bad night last night stomach cramps acid indigestion and I too was wondering what the culprit may have been??? For some reason toxicosis, one theory I do get a build-up of T4 antibodies because my thyroid is up the creek the adrenals too; this means my body doesn’t use the thyroxin medication properly so it causes toxicities where it just hangs around in my body, just to complicate things even more! May as well put me down lol

So the poor old liver had another good kicking last night but I did drink plenty of fluids today
Oh’ and I had an interesting experience that might be worth sharing, I got up at 4am due to the stomach problems and drank some ginger in warm water, just an experiment! 20 minutes later the stomach pain was gone??? I finally got some kip Yeay….

Anyway back to probiotics it’s interesting that you say “antifungals can kill healthy bacteria as well as bad bacteria” And that’s exactly my thinking right now, which is why I feel that I need to be doing much more, diet alone aint gonna get the job done!
I’ve ordered up some Bio Kult Advanced Probiotic mainly because the reviews seemed genuine or very cleverly done! Just my bit of healthy scepticism Sandra, I wonder where I’m getting that from??
Ha’ ha’
So that’s where I am at the moment, I will see how I get on with them along with my dietary prebiotics, one last thought I cannot understand how all this started with me and it will continue to bug me, sorry the pun was unintentional, seriously though apart from a colonoscopy I had a couple of years ago it’s the only thing that I can think of that might of damaged my flora, I’ve never knowingly taken antibiotics, never had an operation, my diet has never been that bad either
I guess some have a stronger constitution than others, so the best defence is a good offence! I think there is a good book title in there… I got it first!

Be very well



Sandra April 5, 2014 at 17:39

Hello Robert, it’s so good to hear from you :)

You are so funny – the best defence is indeed a good offence haha.

I am super pleased that you have been following the diet so strictly – I know how you’re feeling. It sometimes puzzles me where the acidity comes from that I experience every now and again. That said I have been using an awful lot of coconut oil and fish again lately so that might be the culprit.

But it most definitely is stress related with me (I work long nights and weekends… no work life balance whatsoever ;-)

Stress is known to change the body chemistry for the worse so perhaps it is undoing some of our plant goodness… but of course not ALL of it. We shall win!

Odd how you ended up with this issue…not having taken antibiotics… Not wanting to blame your mother for this dilemma….but were you breastfed? I wasn’t and it has negatively affected my immune system. My mum said that I had nappy rash as a baby which in my eyes also indicates that I had a yeast imbalance right from the word go… Not to worry though, we’re on the right track.

Taking strong probiotics is definitely the way forward. I have started taking some again, too. Simply because I ate a few foods containing sugar, which appears to have thrown things out of whack again.

Haven’t heard of the one you bought, but since they are multi strain and they got really positive reviews on Amazon you seem to have picked good ones. I am pretty sure they will make you feel better.

Mine definitely helped me (Garden of Life and now Custom probiotics CP1) whenever I did take them.

I’m with you on the ginger tea trick – I actually drink it every morning. Religiously.

Keep up the good work and be very well,


Robert April 6, 2014 at 00:12

Tut tut, your sweet tooth got you in trouble again Sandra ha’ ha’

Again our thoughts align over the when and how this all got started and I believe this is so important for those suffering with this illness that seems to creep up on you, to understand the history of our health
Know thy enemy!!!
I will have to ask mum if I was breast fed, I forget…. thank god! Ha’ ha’ but I am considering the idea that I too may be a lifer, I always had hay fever, asthma, skin complaints, puffy eyes even in winter time, also had tummy problems some foods didn’t agree with me so you might be onto something there and I expect so many other people out there just don’t realize they are actually ill!

I believe this illness affects so many people especially in the western world where our diet is very acid, too much Calcium from dairy not enough Magnesium and fast food so easily available, processed food and of course far far too much sugar and caffeine is a recipe for disaster at some point in our lives
There is a better way and I hope that the message gets across to the next generation and that one day we will all see a supermarket full of natural wholesome food! Can you imagine paradise!!

I too have suffered from stress and still do running my own small building firm, I work too hard but I am starting to change that and find a bit more me time, life is too short! I’ve realized I would rather be happy and healthy and simply be a bit smarter about my spending, go without things I really don’t need, life starts with feeling healthy and happy and then you have the strength to do anything you want to do
I will let you know how these new probies work out and as always a real pleasure hearing from you also and a great website you should be very proud…

Take care

P.S with you on the coconut oil thing, I have learnt to go easy on it


Robert April 10, 2014 at 23:02

All went belly up! These Bio Kult were too strong, or at least that’s what I think is the problem
I started getting headaches and feeling hot and fatigued, itchy skin and generally feeling c.ap, oh’ and flatulence which I never had before
I’m thinking my liver is not strong enough so I decided to cleanse drink plenty of fluids, minimal food, no antifungals no probiotics, I have been taking ACV once a day so that may have had something to do with it, I will see how I feel tomorrow and I may just take one a day of the probiotics and see how that works out, failing that I’m not sure of my next move?
Not In a good place at the moment my worst set back so far… I guess there is a reasonable explanation for what happened just got to break it down and figure it out



Sandra April 14, 2014 at 18:52

Oh nooo, that sounds awful. Poor you!

Hope you are feeling better now you reduced the meds… It is such detective work to figure out what the causes are for certain symptoms, isn’t it?!

Sometimes I forget what it was like to have been completely unaware of what you’re putting into your body… nowadays I feel like a food scientist gone Dr.Dolittle…

I wish I could make you feel better or at least tell you why you are going through this healing crisis. I think initially when I started on the high strength probios the first time round they had quite an explosive effect on me. This time round less so, probably because my overall yeast levels are lower. I did notice it a little bit though a few days ago when I took four probios and 1 olive leaf over the whole day. But nothing like as incapacitating as what I used to experience earlier on during the diet.

I used to get night sweats and shivers, thinking that the yeast toxins might have hit my nervous system, and I felt violently nauseous with a splitting pressing headache behind my eyes…

I know it’s not much consolation for you right now, if you’re still feeling ill. But at least know that I am thinking of you and I hope you’ll swiftly move through this unpleasant phase and emerge feeling better than before. Be well.



Robert April 15, 2014 at 14:02

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for your kind thoughts, I did get a splitting headache but also terrible brain fog, I went without the probio’s for 2 days but then felt very fatigued, I think my body was saying “make your flipping mind up I don’t know where I am” lol
I tried to go back on to one probiotic a day but still I get terrible brain fog, I may have to leave the probiotics alone for a while maybe a bridge too far at the moment and trying to run my business has been difficult in an industry where mistakes can be costly! I need to be switched on and on top of my game

I did notice some minor improvements if I had cut myself which happens at work on occasion I noticed that it does heal very quickly and also my skin looks good so I guess it is helping it just doesn’t feel like it at the moment
The only thing I can think of that may explain things is a blood test I had about a year ago, this showed a liver problem but my GP was not concerned about it and said “we would look into that later”

He never did and I never brought the subject up again because I didn’t feel especially ill, now I am curious? Maybe something, maybe nothing to worry about, I get the feeling for some reason the probiotics are causing a toxicity problem and my liver can’t deal with it efficiently, but the question I’m asking myself is why? Do these probies cause die off? Do the good bacteria kill the bad bacteria?

I’m going to get myself onto a good forum and see if I can get some more answers, I feel like I’m not supposed to post questions here filling up your response boxes, I do apologise if this is the case…

In the meantime thank you for your invaluable tips and support, it really does feel like talking to a good friend with a common cause and even though we have never met in person, I really do appreciate that and I’m positive we will chat again

Sincerely all the best



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