Anti Candida Recipes For Lunch

Anti Candida Recipes For Anytime Of Day – But Let’s Just Start With Lunch, Shall We?!

If you’re looking for inspiration what you can cook that is allergy friendly and in line with the Candida Diet you’ve come to the right place.

You’ll find tons of anti candida recipes for lunch that you’ll love – And that will do you and your family the world of good.

Watch how this page will fill up with healthy recipes over the next few weeks…

What Do The Anti Candida Recipes For Lunch Contain? Any Particular Ingredients?

  • All the diet recipes are predominantly for Phase 3 of the Candida Diet.
  • Meaning that there are a lot of dishes containing legumes and starchy vegetables like potatoes, carrots and butter nut squash and yeast free bread.
  • You’ll also find recipes with easily digestible grains like quinoa, millet, buckweat and brown rice -plenty of food for followers of The Body Ecology Diet.
  • And being a meateater and fishlover myself I will naturally include some special Paleo Diet friendly meals, too.
  • So really, my diet contains the best of all worlds – as long as they are based on lots of vegetables, salad, good oils, fresh herbs, a healthy source of protein and no sugar :)

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