Nine Nifty Anti Candida Breakfast Ideas for You (Cereals & Muesli)

What does your favourite breakfast look like?

Do you prefer muffins, fruit or even a cooked breakfast? Or do you skip breakfast and quickly grab a coffee on the way to work?

How do you usually start your day?  


My Simple Weekday Breakfast when I lived in Germany

If you are anything like me then your weekend breakfast probably looks different from your day to day breakfast, right?

When I used to live in Germany I mostly had toast and nutella or cereal for breakfast during the week. On Saturday or Sunday I would then have an indulgent brunch type breakfast.

Brunch Breakfast Feasts at the Weekend

Having spent my childhood in Germany my ideal weekend breakfast involved a selection of: 

  • wholegrain breads and bread rolls with poppy, sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • freshly squeezed orange juice
  • sweet brioche style breads or croissants and a big caffee latte.
  • You’d eat different cheeses, tomatoes, radishes, sausage meats, prosciutto and a boiled egg.
  • And sandwiches with lots of homemade jams with a spread made from cream and yogurt – delicious. I took a photo of our breakfast spread for you on my last Germany visit here.

Breakfast Habits Change

 Naturally when I moved to the UK my breakfast habits changed. I went through phases where I loved eating:

  • Fruit & Fibre style wheat flakes with crunchy nuts and raisins.
  • Then muesli with dried fruit and all of that with lots of cows milk of course.
  • I also had a real weakness for bagels with nutella and wholemeal toast with jam.

Does this breakfast sound familiar to you?

Cereal & Toast for breakfast? Why is this not a safe anti candida breakfast choice?

Being generally rich in sugar and low in vitamins & minerals and also served with hard to digest cows milk this actively promotes allergies and candida growth.

There’s gotta be something better than that, surely!

What is a good Anti Candida Breakfast?

Something comforting that fills you up and gives you plenty of energy. This could be granola-style oat porridge or something different like quinoa, millet or buckweat porridge.

Over the past 3 years of my Candida Recovery journey I have tried pretty much every breakfast variation under the sun.

Now the time has come to give you an overview what your best anti candida breakfast option is.

Including some gluten-free & dairy free recipes.

Here are 9 Nifty Anti Candida Breakfast Ideas that I just know you’re gonna love

Check them out  here.

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    • You can have oats in phase 3. It’s best to rotate grains though, so try not to eat them every day. If you have oats one day try millet the next day and then brown rice…

      Flavoured supermarkt yoghurt is a no go because it is full of sugar. Even if you add fruit to your yoghurt at home this might feed candida.

      Your best bet is to eat plain natural yoghurt. You can add vanilla, cinnamon, desiccated coconut, puffed rice and seeds to make it a little bit more interesting or you could sweeten it with stevia.

      It just takes getting used to unfortunately.

      Your taste buds need a bit of time to appreciate the un-sweetened and less flavoured food.

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