Along with a low-sugar diet and using probiotics, antifungals are one of the three elements I recommend for any Candida treatment plan. With that said though there is no one size fits all when it comes to using antifungals so there is some trial and error needed to test what works for you.

General Guidelines for use

First you need to follow a Cleanse to flush your kidney and liver before starting antifungals.

Always leave a big gap such as 2-3 hours between taking your probiotic and your antifungal so the good bacteria doesn’t get destroyed.

From the below you’ll only need to use one or two so don’t get too overwhelmed. Test a variety to see what works best for you.


Popular antifungals

Include grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract, coconut oil, carprylic acid, oil of oregano, garlic, tea tree oil.


Lesser known antifungals

Include pau d’arco tea, wormwood, black seed oil, black walnut, goldenseal, colloidal silver and oxygen.


Synthetic antifungals

Include tanalbit, lufenuron, candex, SF722 (undecenoic acid), candiGone


Foody antifungals

Include cloves, thyme, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and ginger


How long should you stay on antifungals?

How long you stay on antifungals depends on severity of symptoms and how long you have had it. If you are unsure book a breakthrough session with me to get more detailed info on dosage and specific treatment related info.

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  1. Hello! I love your website, thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us. I’ve got chemical sensitivities and lots of digestive issues. I want to give your candida diet a go, so far it’s one of the best protocols I’ve have read. But I have to be careful, as I struggle with everything I try. Last week I introduced apple cider vinegar, and a week after I’ve had to stop it. You mention that I’ve upper cider vinegar upset our stomach (in my case my liver, stomach and bowels) we may try heal these problems first with other natural approaches. Can you please tell me what supplements I should take to deal with my stomach first? I’m so lost, I’ve tried lots of things, but everything irritates my digestive tract.
    Thank you very much for your help
    Eva, from Spain.

  2. Hi Eva,
    thanks so much for your lovely message – it’s great to meet you ?
    Yes, taking things slowly is a good idea. During the day drink lots of filtered water and also nettle tea, dandelion or ginger tea (from ginger root freshly boiled). This helps to flush your liver and kidneys. You could also try milkthistle tincture as a liver tonic to help with digestion or Swedish Bitter drops right before/ after your meals.

    It’s best to eat small portions. Eat lots of vegetables, soups, grilled or steamed chicken and plenty of fish.
    It’s often the way we prepare food and not the food itself that is the problem. Avoid eating fried and very creamy or hot/ spicy foods. Don’t eat too many raw vegetables either – even that can be hard to digest.

    Drink plenty of chamomile flowers tea – that’s very soothing for the tummy. Avoid wheat, dairy and possibly oats. In fact eat as little grains as possible. Well cooked brown rice with coconut oil and cinnamon is best in my opinion. Eat light and mild and make a point of going for brisk walks and to relax (watching tv, browsing the net, speaking to a friend on the phone doesn’t count ? I am talking lying down or sitting with eyes closed in the nature or quietly or with calming music or meditating – deep rest is what is needed).

    You can also drink aloe vera juice – that helps heal your tummy and digestive system but is rather costly. If you try this go for top quality. Cheaper products often have citric acid in it or have less active ingredients in it which is not good, less effective and tastes vile.

    Another great remedy to soothe the lining of the stomache and intestines is slippery elm powder. This really helps. But you need to be aware that this would be just a temporary fix. Your symptoms will only disappear once you have the candida problem under control and balanced the acidity levels in your system.

    If I were you I would not spend money on lots of supplements right now. I’d put my main focus on eating light, drinking healing teas and making time to relax. That should already make a big difference to how you feel.

    Keep in touch ?
    All my best, Sandra

  3. Hello Margaret, thanks for getting in touch.
    You can get them on Amazon. Look for
    The Candida Diet Solution and
    ‘Sugar free and easy Candida Diet Recipes’ by Sandra Boehner
    Both available as ebook and as paperback book. Thank you for your interest in my books ?

  4. Hi Sandra.
    Wonderful work you’re doing !
    A couple of quick questions.
    I seem to be ok with almond butter but would you say cashew butter is best avoided ?
    Have you any experience of the Lactofree range of products ?
    Wishing you continued success.

  5. Hi John.

    Good to hear from you!

    Are you making the nut butter fresh? I must say I haven’t tried cashew butter, but pretty much every other (bought) nut butter under the sun. Almond butter agrees best with me.

    I love eating cashew nuts. But again, I do seem to get the odd symptom when I eat a lot of them. Based on that and the fact that cashew nuts are acidic, whereas almonds are alkaline, which is better for you, I’d opt for almond butter if you plan to eat it regularly.

    But a little bit of cashew butter should be ok. Some vegan friends of mine (who are also on the candida diet) make a lovely cashew butter/cream filling for cakes, which seems to work for them.

    Haven’t tried lactofree products, except almond milk (might have been a different brand). Just make sure that they don’t add sweeteners (like apple juice or agave nectar) and you’re good to go.

    Thanks so much for getting in touch ?

    All my best,

  6. I’m so glad I came across you site, I have gone thru phase 1 week and a half preparing and 7 day fasting.I started phase 2 this is the 5th day in. I’m wondering if I am taking all the stuff I need to and at the right time.
    I start the morning off with 1 teaspoon psyllium Husk and 1 Tablespoon bentonite one hr later I eat some veg. and a cup of dandelion and burdock roots tea. I then take 1 NOW NAC (selenium & molybdenum & n-acetyl cysteie) and I’m up to 2 NOW Candidia support (capry lic acid, pau D’Arco, black walnut, oregano oil powder, plus others. One hr before lunch I take 1 tea of fiber. With lunch I take my vitamin. A multi, 2 super omega 3-6-9, 2 balanced B-stress (b&c is 1000%) I op not too take a D because I get a lot of sun. I eat Sm. piece of chicken breast and veggies. Plain to work in fish. In the middle of lunch and supper on empty stomach I take two cascara sagrada. For supper I eat more Veggies and have a glass of my root tea.I take 2 more NOW candida support, 1 NOW NAC, 2 omega 3-6-9. I work 3-11 at night when I get off I drink 1 teaspoon fiber and and a tablespoon dentonite. I can not drink a whole tablespoon of psyllium at a time. Am I doing this right. It seems like I’m always popping some pill. I’m having a hard time keeping up with it all.Do I have to keep the fiber a hour away from food? Thank you so much for any tips you can give me.

  7. Hi Julia, nice to meet you and well done for starting the Candida diet in such a well prepared manner!

    You’re well on your way now. Yes it can seem crazy how many pills one has to take. I sometimes lost track of mine… Your treatment plan looks good to me. I cannot really speak for NOW tablets as I didn’t take those. The ingredients are really good to beat Candida though, so I think that’s ok.

    The only thing I’d worry about is that you drink a lot of water when you take the cascara and the bentonite and fiber. I just know that you are not meant to take them within an hour of food for best results and not to take them within 2 hours of medications or supplements as it might reduce their effectiveness. I would have thought that you can stop taking those meds now anyway since you are in phase 2 now. Just take them when you are doing another fast…

    Hope you are feeling ok so far. All my best, Sandra

  8. Yes I’m drinking a lot of water. I have now stopped the fiber,bentonite,and cascara. Thank you for the input. I felt a little ruff the first three days of the cleanse. But I’m feeling much better. I have a lot more energy, the rash around my ankles and below my breast is gone. A my tongue looks nice and pink now. I only have one more rash and it seams to be getting better. Make a lot of trips to the bathroom at night so I need to cut down my water intake at night and cutting out the fiber I can do that again thank you for your help.
    Sandra, thank you for you incite on cascara.

  9. Good decision – the last thing you want now is constipation, especially if you have a skin rash. That’s a sign that your liver is overburdened. If you take a shot of acv then I’d drink some water before and after. Take care, Sandra

  10. It’s a natural laxative made from some type of bark – works well, but there are better natural alternatives that actually tone the digestive system so it starts to work better.

  11. Hi Sandra! Firstly thank you so much for being so generous with all the fanstastic information you share online. I have learnt a lot from your website and have started a “softly softly” approach to the diet, which you’d mentioned in the comments, (brown rice, steamed/raw veg, healthy oils, seeds, etc.) as I’m not quite ready to do a full-on cleanse yet. I ordered your book from Amazon today and I can’t wait for it to arrive! The reason I’m thinking of doing this cleanse is because suddenly (over the last 6 months) I’ve got a terrible case of cystic acne (which I’d never had before) after drinking kefir daily for a couple of months. I felt WONDERFUL (no more brain fog, tons of energy), BUT the acne appeared out of nowhere and is REALLY bad. In the last week I’ve started taking garlic (one clove, crushed, with a spoonful of olive oil) and generally eating more healthily and the acne has got worse, not better. In fact, the more I stick to a stage 2-3 diet instead of my normal previous eating (which was generally very healthy, but lots more carbs and the occasional glass of wine), the worse I feel (achey, fluey feeling in my body, fatigue, slight tummy issues, nausea etc.) and the worse my acne gets. ? I’m guessing this is die-off – but I’m not even anywhere near level 1!!! I’m taking milk thistle and some vits (zinc, vits B& C) and drinking lots of herbal teas and water, but I daren’t step up to do a cleanse or to introduce probiotics/kefir/fermented foods because I’m sure my acne/die-off issues will get worse. Any tips? I’m desperate!! I live in Spain and I have NO IDEA where I can find a doctor/nutritionist who would be able to advise me on this. Many thanks in advance for any light you may be able to shed. xx

    • Hi Louisa,
      many thanks for your lovely comment (and for buying my book of course!)
      Congrats to seeing the first results to your health regime — feeling wonderful, not having brain fog and having tons of energy is a huge success, well done!
      I can see why the acne would get you down though. When my skin issues flared up I felt super demoralised.
      It’s a good idea not to embark on any new regime though (stage 1, fermented foods…) until the flare up has calmed down a bit.
      Your symptoms sound like die off, but they could of course also be caused by leaky gut or other toxic effects on or inside your body.
      With skin issues there unfortunately isn’t a quick fix. But following an alkaline, anti-inflammatory diet approach is definitely the way forward.
      Not sure if you’re aware but I offer 1-on-1 skype consultations if you’re interested. I could share with you some really useful tips to heal your skin. I think you’d also find it interesting to hear my skin healing regime and what supplements and special foods one of my readers took (who like you suffered from acne) and who now has beautiful radiant skin and can eat pretty much what she wants.
      Best wishes

  12. I started the Candida journey two years ago after being candida sick for over a year. In the last three months I have been symptomatic again and felt like I was doing everything to no avail. After reading your posts you have mentioned a couple of things I was doing in the beginning of my journey that I cut out without even realizing it ( life happens ) Thank You for the reminder now hopefully I can shake this monster once again.

    • So true! That happens to me all the time – diet and also business wise – I keep doing stuff on autopilot and fail to see the connection between the action and my symptom/ outcome…. I guess that’s what being human is all about, living and learning (and surrounding oneself with good people who inspire us to try different things in order to get more desirable results). I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that this time round you’ll quickly solve your Candida riddle. All my best!

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