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Thanks so much for your continued support! I feel a bit bad that I haven’t had much chance to respond to emails lately. That’s why I’d like to invite you to a live Q&A call online with me next Wednesday.



3 of the Most Asked Candida Questions I Get:

How do I even get started with the diet?

The best thing to get started generally is to cleanse your system with a fast or candida cleanse. For a few days you simply rest, drink lots of water, herbal teas and vegetable broth – giving your over-reactive digestive system a rest.  After the fast you eat very light meals, avoiding the foods that usually trigger Candida symptoms. Unfortunately this also means you have to pretty much to cut all carbs out of your diet. You basically can only eat salad, vegetables (apart from potatoes, carrots and sweet starchy veggies) chicken, turkey, egg, fish and some brown rice. You will notice that your immune system quickly gets stronger and health issues improve one by one. But to control Candida you’ll have to take natural medication and supplements at some point. You can’t do it with diet change alone unfortunately.

Don’t be disheartened if it takes some getting used to with the cleanse and new diet – it’s a major change in your life and very stressful. Make sure to treat yourself to nice things regularly to keep your spirits up.

More info on the diet itself (including what foods you can and can’t eat)

I’m confused about food labels. I know they should not have any sugar in it. But what about carbs that contain sugar?

This means that there is no added sugar in the food; just naturally occurring sugar like in fruit for instance or rice. This is enough to trigger symptoms in people who are just starting out on the diet. The small amount of carbs contained in rice milk for instance is just about ok. But I would draw the line there, and if you do have carbs make sure they are complex like cooked brown rice. So they won’t get broken down into their sugar components so quickly.

I feel rough – is this die off and how long will it last?

Chances are if you have been detoxing for the first time you will be feeling sub par, especially if you give into a few foods that contain sugar or are overly processed. Normally the die off lasts a few days, but if you have chronic health issues and your immune system is struggling some symptoms can go on for months. That’s why you need to tackle them systematically. Here’s more info if you’re interested.

More info on die off here if you’re interested.

E.T. Phone Home – Want to Phone Me?

If you are curious what Candida or health related questions I’ll be discussing with other fellow Candida sufferers then you might want to register for the upcoming online call/ workshop on Wednesday (scroll down to the link further below).

A few fellow Candida peeps and I intended to do a google hangout last week. But it was too short a notice, and due to the time zone difference it didn’t happen in the end. So I’d like to try something different this time round….. It’s called, and anyone can host online meetings (either to present something or simply to have a chat with the people who register).

This would give you a chance to see me, and if you had a camera, too, then it would almost be as if I’d come over for a drink. How cool would that be!

It’s completely free.

What do you need?

  • An internet connection, a computer and speakers so you can hear me and the questions people might ask.
  • If you have a microphone and headphones you can also talk to me. If not, you can type your comments into a text field on the screen.

You don’t need to download or install anything – you just register, click on a button to start the meeting and it pops up in your web browser (like my website does when you look at that) and you can just listen in. Easy!

I’m not going to lie to you – I’m a little bit scared, and there is still a possibility it won’t work… but I’d like to think it will be just fine :)

The meeting will start at 8pm GMT my time (London, UK) on Wednesday 15th October .

Chances are it will be 12 noon or 3pm your time if you’re in the US. There’s a converter on the registration page below.

chat with me


That’s your one chance to ask me anything you like – LIVE – use it!

As you might have noticed I don’t have the time to answer individual emails at the moment. So this is your chance to hear more about my recent cleanse and everything that helped me beat Candida!

For the people who can’t attend I might make a recording available to the people on my list (if I can figure out how to do that haha!)

If you want to make sure I’ll cover your question on the call – Jot your question down here. First come, first served!

    Here’s more info how the whole process works in case you are curious (or anxious like me ?



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