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2 days or 2 weeks – what’s the ideal length of Candida diet workshop for you?

I’m about to re-launch my online Candida diet training and wanted to ask you what format you prefer. Do you mind answering 7 short multiple choice questions? Click here to view the questions.  Interestingly enough the results of the last survey were very close. I asked you what names you’d prefer for the Candida diet…

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What Name Do You Prefer?

Hey guys, I’ll be launching the “Beat the Bloat” Bootcamp again in July but feel the name isn’t quite right. I was wondering if I could run a few names past you to see which one you think fits best.  The idea is to split the program into two parts, one for people who are…

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candida diet desserts

Part 4 of the Candida Diet Recipes: Desserts

Hope you’ve had a wonderful long weekend. I know my American friends celebrated Memorial day, and in Germany as well as here in the UK there was a bank holiday weekend. Naturally you’ve probably eaten a few foods you weren’t meant to, and that’s ok. The desserts I’m going to share with you will help…

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Candida diet survey

What do you need to overcome Candida?

(1) I am making some exciting new changes to, and I want to offer a great service that will best help people. Do you have a few moments to answer 4 short questions? Click here to see the questions. (2) Likewise if you have any questions I invite you to a FREE How to…

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Candida coourse donation to charity

Proceeds of Candida Program Donated to Charity!

Did you know that I promised myself to give to a worthy cause? I did, and I instantly regretted it haha! None the less I wired everything I’d made from the launch of my Candida online program “Beat the Bloat Bootcamp” over to charity. I really don’t have a lot of money, so this was…

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candida diet smoothies

Part 3 of the Candida Diet Recipes Series – Smoothies

With summer just around the corner let’s look at some delicious refreshing Candida diet friendly smoothies. I’ve searched the web for you in search of some sugar free goodies that you can even enjoy on this diet. It’s actually quite hard because most food blogs that list healthy smoothies include fruit in their recipes to…

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Uncover the #1 reason that might be keeping you from being healthy & happy!

I love to get to know the peeps in my tribe and have the opportunity to help you create the health + lifestyle you dream of. I’ve been chatting with some of the folks who have been with me for a while. And I’m wondering if you feel like them. They’re telling me that they…

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gluten free carrot cake

Happy Easter — Delicious Gluten free Carrot Cake Recipe

I’ve got to share this lovely (and healthy!) cake recipe with you! A carrot cake recipe non the less, and sugar free and gluten free. Without the frosting it’s also dairy free. Delicious, with a great texture. A little bit springy like sponge cake — you can’t tell it has no flour. It looks pretty…

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happy Easter wishes

Happy & HEALTHY Easter!!!

I’m with my family in Germany at the mo…. back in a week’s time. Take care xoxo

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Candida diet snacks

Part 2 of the Candida Diet Recipes Series (Snacks!)

This is the second part of my 4 Part Candida Diet Foods Series — let’s see what healthy snacks you can have! All gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free :) Naturally snack bars taste best when you add fruit/ dried fruit or honey. But for a Candida sufferer this addition is detrimental, because…

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