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Candida and histamine intolerance headaches

Do You Have Histamine Intolerance?

This article will be useful to you if you often suffer from symptoms like hives, a blocked nose, itchy eyes or difficulty breathing/ wheezing.  I know from my own experience that it can be really hard to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms, and you might just think that you have an allergy when in…

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Coconut Bread

Now here’s a lovely bread for you to try! Perfectly suitable even for the strict phase of the Candida diet and for Paleo lovers because it’s yeast free, sugar free, dairy free and grain free. It only uses coconut flour (which is called “flour” but it’s technically a nut rather than a grain).  In my eyes…

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new Candida diet content

What content would you like to see next?

A. a recipe B. a Candida related topic C. something else (for instance a success story from somebody overcoming Candida…) Just comment with A, B or C please :) Thanks!

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Candida support

How I Can Help You Until the Next Boot Camp in October

If you were thinking of joining my boot camp to give your health a boost, but you found out about it too late or the timing wasn’t quite right for you then don’t worry! I’ve been approached by a few people who are not ready for a big diet & lifestyle change just yet. So…

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There are still a few days left….

If you haven’t yet caught the replay of Wednesday’s webinar “Jump Start Your Health:  The 4 Secrets to Candida Diet Success” you can watch the recording here. On the webinar I gave away a crazy-super bonus but it’s only available to the first 10 people – I extended the deadline for another week, and it…

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Exclusive 60 Minute Training From Me

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to following a Candida diet is sticking to it when you constantly have to prepare naughty foods or get invited round to friends and then get offered foods or drinks you shouldn’t be having. You see, most diets are either too restrictive, too bland or too boring…

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the good news

A Promising Candida Course and Me Fessing Up!

I have good news for you. But first I want to thank you for being so loyal. Some fellow Candida dieters have been on this journey with me for several years which is making me very humble and happy!  People are telling me that they appreciate the transparency with which I used to share what…

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candida diet start date

Mark this on Your Calendar: Candida Diet Bootcamp Start Date

Are you thinking of starting the Candida diet? Have you recently been newly diagnosed with (or suspect you have Candida) or have you fallen off the diet and want to start over? Perfect, the second round of live Candida diet plan will start in a matter of weeks. Why not join and follow along? It’s…

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almond butter dough balls snack

It’s Snack Time – Try this Coconutty Almond Treat!

These snacks are the ultimate healthy sugar craving stoppers! They are gluten free, Paleo, vegan, dairy free, sugar free and Candida diet friendly, and super quick to make…. Chewy and sweet — they’ll be gone in a blink ?  Makes: 6 small balls (about 0.80 inch/ 2cm in diameter); just enough for one person really.…

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Vit B12 deficiency and Candida

Do You Have a Vitamin B 12 Deficiency?

Are you suffering from strange symptoms that you can’t seem to get rid of?  Let’s look at typical B12 Deficiency Symptoms — Do you suffer from any of these? Fatigue, tiredness, or light-headedness Rapid heartbeat or difficulty breathing Poor memory or difficulty concentrating Numbness and tingling of hands or feet Difficulty with balance, poor coordination Pale…

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