I’ve tried every antifungal under the sun, and what worked best for me were caprylic acid, olive leaf and grapefruit seed extract.

Now I cannot guarantee that you will respond equally well to these… But there is a high probability, as they have been successfully used by millions of people. 

Bearing in mind though that Candida has more than 20 species. The most well-known among them is Candida albicans. So depending on what exact strain of fungi is affecting you, some antifungals might be more effective than others.

You simply don’t know beforehand whether your particular strain of fungi is sensitive to your treatment method (meaning it will die) or whether it’s resiliant (so it survives and symptoms remain) in which case you need to try a different antifungal.

So to maximise your chances of a speedy recovery start with an antifungal that got good reviews from former candida sufferers.

Now before I recommend you a couple myself – Let’s get an overview of what your options are.

It will be crucial to your wellbeing for the next few months!

Comprehensive Overview of Natural Candida Remedies

The Most Effective & Well Documented Ones (in bold are all the ones I tried myself)

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • Coconut Oil & Caprylic Acid
  • Oil Of Oregano
  • Garlic
  • Tea Tree Oil

Other Foody Antifungals

  • Cloves
  • Thyme
  • Aloe Vera
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger

Effective Yet Lesser Known Antifungal

  • Pau D’Arco Tea
  • Wormwood
  • Black Seed Oil (aka Nigella Sativa or Black Cumin)
  • Black Walnut
  • Goldenseal
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Oxygen

Synthetic but Worth Taking a Look At

  • Tanalbit
  • Lufenuron
  • Candex
  • SF722 (Undecenoic Acid)
  • CandiGone

Hey, stay calm – It’s just an overview! I know it’s A LOT to take on board.

But if you find yourself getting overwhelmed or bored looking at all this info – Remind yourself that you should only ever need 1 or 2 of these.

Close your eyes, pick one and just run with it.

If on the other hand you’d like some more info about a particular antifungal – Read on…

Most Popular Antifungal On Forums/ Highest Success Rate:

To help you figure out what antifungal to try I have spent a couple of days on 3 major candida forums such as Curezone, Candida Yeast & Thrushand The Candida Diet Forum in discussion with people who have successfully beaten Candida and those who are still struggling.

I encourage you to spend some time on these forums, too, at some point. You’ll learn an awful lot.

All 3 forums are run by some extremely knowledgeable and helpful people.

But particularly “The Candida Diet Forum” has an insane amount of useful stuff and passionate health warriors that are keen to help you.

My Research Results:

  1. Caprylic Acid
  2. Oil of Oregano
  3. Candex

Most people reported great results from using pure coconut oil and caprylic acid based products. SF722 popped up a fair few times in recommendations, too.

There also seems to be a consense that oil of oregano is one of the most effective weapons in the fight against candida, even in stubborn systemic cases. Caprylic Acid being gentler on your friendly bacteria, oil of eregano pretty much nukes everything!

The one that surprised me the most is Candex which got recommended a lot, too.

Having never heard of it I googled it and checked it’s Amazon ratings which left me gobsmacked. The company has either handcrafted all 50ish 5 star ratings or the product simply is good. My healthy bit of scepticism aside – the Candex Amazon reviews are so detailed that I’d find it hard to believe that they are fake.

What Antifungal Worked Best For Me:

For the first month I rotated grapefruit seed extract, wormwood, Pau D’arco Tea and olive leaf extract.

Then I settled for olive leaf extract and took the capsules for over a year. Helping me amongst others to get rid of my recurring sinuses infections, foggy head, fatigue, depression and insomnia.

Unfortunately the strong cleansing effect over-burdened my liver and I developed severe eczema all over my body.

Then I did another cleanse and started fresh again. This time withcaprylic acid, garlic and coconut oil. Regarding dosage and length of treatment I followed the exact candida protocol outlined in Erica White’s Beat Candida Cookbook (link to Amazon US). This much gentler approach allowed me to fully heal my skin inflammations and cravings.

I kept that going for over half a year. Caprylic acid was gentle and effective and helped clear up most remaining symptoms– however prolonged use of large doses did not agree with me.

What Antifungal I am Taking at the Time of Writing this (September 2012):

I include as many foody antifungals like coconut oil, garlic, thyme and cinnamon in my diet every day as I can (just because I love the flavour).

I also have been taking grapefruit seed extract for the past month to tackle the last bit of stubborn candida.

This worked nicely for me (bearing in mind that I am already virtually symptom free so I am not suffering from brain fog or other hefty die off symptoms).

For me it’s all about strengthening my immune system now, so I can re-introduce naughty foods without any relapse of symptoms. From next week onwards I plan to put another antifungal to the test. I’m tempted to rotate olive leaf extract and oregano oil. And to fully finish the candida off I might give Candex a go (if need be).

I have spoken with a lovely person who has recently beaten Candida with a similar method.

Yeah, a success story! You see ???? there is hope!

By the way you might like her blog. Her name is Vikki and she shares here own anti candida recipes and useful tips from her recovery over at

Conclusion: There Are Several Effective Antifungal Medicines – You Pick!

To keep it short and sweet, there really is no “one antifungal fits all”. You have to evaluate yourself based on how severe your symptoms are. Then it’s trial and error.

Guideline for Severe Candida Infections:

  • “Less is definitely more” in this case – start with just the diet and cleanse & strengthen your liver, kidneys and immune system. No antifungal!
  • Then add a high strength probiotic. If your die off is not too savage then opt for a gentle antifungal like caprylic acid.
  • Then work your way up to grapefruit seed, oil of oregano or olive leaf extract. Rotate those until you are symptom free. If you then still get flare ups when you eat certain foods, then Candex sounds like it could do the trick.
  • This is the natural long tem approach I am following. Some people with systemic candidais try a prescriptive antifungal instead because it provides relief faster.
  • Alternatively you can of course follow a system, where you have to buy a whole “anti candida healing kit”, a full arsenal of remedies and herbal supplements. Some of them do sound amazing,  just ridiculously expensive unfortunately… If you happen to have tried one, please let me know the results.

General Guidelines for Taking Antifungal Remedies:

  • Follow a Cleanse to flush your kidney and liver before starting – you’ll feel much better for it!
  • Before launching into a hardcore antifungal regime prepare your liver for the die off toxins with a trace mineral called Chelated Molybdenum(helps to alleviate brain fog, flu-like body aches…)
  • Always leave a big gap between taking your probiotic and your antifungal.

Otherwise the friendly bacteria might get demolished. (I made the mistake of taking them together – I only found out the right way recently – after over a year of doing it wrong!).

  • Don’t get confused by the wide range of different products on the market.

The only thing that matters is that it works – and every single antifungal I’ve just mentioned here works a treat, so regardless which one you try, you’ve made a fabulous choice.

  • It’s easy to rotate antifungals. And should you adopt a long term candida treatment approach it’s a good idea to do this after a few weeks/ months. But there is no right or wrong way.
  • Every person is different. And although you can follow a successful candida protocol that exactly outlines what antifungal and when to take – at the end of the day you will still have to fine-tune this system and adapt it to your very own requirements.

It’s a learning curve. And you are not alone!

Ready to Dive Deeper Into What Each Antifungal Does?

Let’s start with an overview of all the main Candida Treatments currently available on the market including the ones from the list you’ve just seen. Some of the links on this page are “affiliate links” (for more info what this means click here).

But before we finally take a look at the antifungal list let me remind you that everything you read here has not been approved by a medicinally qualified individual. It only expresses my own humble opinion and research.

The suggestions I make are not intended as treatment advice! Especially any guidelines about dosages are only examples and require a unique assessment of your health before taking.

Let’s Quickly Look at Prescription Antifungals

Candida is often treated with prescription medications for exampleNystasin, Lamisil or Clotrimazole. I’m not going into any more detail why I personally did not choose an over-the counter antifungal. I have already argued my case here.

As you’ll see in a minute there really is a wide variety of natural antifungals that can treat and alleviate the symptoms of any yeast infection. No need to resort to synthetic drugs if you don’t want to.

The Most Effective & Well Documented Antifungal Group:

Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) – Effective Alrounder

grapefruit seed extractGrapefruit extract is claimed to have a broad spectrum effect on fungal, viral and bacterial infections as well as internal and external parasites.


  • GSE is rich in vitamins C and Eas well as bioflavonoids.
  • It has antioxidant properties and helps in raising the pH in the blood. Most microorganisms cannot survive in an alkaline environment.
  • The nice thing about this form of candida treatment is that it comes in ahandy indestructable mini bottle which makes it the ideal travel companion.
  • And to top it all it is also pretty much the only antifungal that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – affordable!


  • It tastes rather bitter and it’s easy to squirt more out of the bottle than intended which can cause a lot of die off symptoms as it has a strong antifungal effect.
  • It interacts with some medications like warfarin.
  • Take in between meals away from food otherwise you’ll get nauseous and develop stomach cramps (talking from experience here!)
  • There seems to be some controversy whether the anti-microbial effects of GSE are actually due to the preservatives that are added to commercially available GSE products and that the effects are neither natural not safe (more info on wikipedia here).

Dosage: Take 6-10 drops 3 x daily for 2-3 weeks at least 20 mins before meals preferably 1 hour before. Start with once a day first, when tolerated well, take once more and so on.

My Experience with Grapefruitseed Extract:

  • GSE: No Good To Begin Of Diet (unless mild case of candida)

Taken to begin of my candida diet I found the taste intolerably bitter and had trouble copying with the die off symptoms – panic attacks, heart racing, brain fog, skin rash in my case. It took me over a year until I had it in me to try it again.

  • GSE: Excellent Antifungal When Symptoms Under Control

When you take it when there is not much yeast overgrowth present in your body then it works just nicely. I found it also very helpful to alleviate the discomfort of constipation, which is so typical with candida sufferers.

Where Can You Get Grapefruit Seed Extract from?

You can get in any health food store and in some big supermarkets. I got mine from here.

Olive leaf extract – Good Stuff, Yet Strong

As the name suggests made from the leaves of the olive tree.

  • PRO: An extremely potent antifungal – not for the faint hearted rather something for more advanced Candida sufferers (by that I mean people who have already been on the candida diet for a while and have quite a few symptoms under control).
  • Olive leaf extract takes on a more proactive role in addressing fungi growth by effectively killing them instead of inhibiting their growth. Oleuropein, a phenolic compound, is the active ingredient found in this extract.
  • It contains not just antifungal properties, but also antibacterial and antiviral effects. In other words it not only kills candida but also prevents you picking up other bugs, colds or the flu – in any case it would lessen its intensity.

Dosage: Take 1 capsule 20 mins before a meal up to 3 times a day. When that agrees with you slowly take 1 capsule more per day until you are taking 3 x 2 capsules per day.

My Experience with Olive Leaf Extract:

  • CON: No Good to Begin of Diet (unless you have a mild candida issue)

I took it for over a year right when I suspected I had a yeast infection – before I had even heard of the candida diet – Big Mistake! I had the most horrendous die off symptoms, anxiety, sneezing fits, insomnia, brain fog and a nasty all over body skin rash.

  • Fantastic Immune System Booster & Eczema and Sinuses Infection Remedy for later stages of the diet

Other than that most excellent to boost the immune system and fight off infections. It was crucial in curing my recurring sinuses infections and fatigue – It gave me lots of energy! I’d recommend it in the later stages of the diet.

Where Can You Get Olive Leaf Extract from?

Good quality olive leaf extract is hard to find on the highstreets. Your best bet is probably to buy it online. Just make sure that the supplement is rich in Oleuropein, providing around 100mg. I bought mine for years fromhere.

Super fast delivery (often next day, Free UK delivery, excellent customer service and high quality products – I also bulk buy my probiotics and the vitamins for my entire family from them – highly recommended).


Coconut Oil – A Delicious Addition to Your Dietcoconut oil

Coconut Oil is a powerful antifungal and allround very good for you. It is high in fatty acids like Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid and Lauric Acid.

These not only boost your energy levels but they also kill candida by desintegrating its cell walls. It has a lovely subtle flavour and is ideal for frying. You you can easily add it to your stir fries, pancakes and other dishes. But you can also spread it on your yeast free bread as butter substitute as it goes hard at room temperature.

TopTip: Coconut Oil is a fabulous skin moisturiser, and who would have thought that you can also nicely use it as a natural lubricant… sssh ????

Dosage: Start with eating a tea spoon of coconut oil 3 times a day. Then gradually increase the amount until you can take 5 big table spoons without major die off symptoms. If you can’t imagine eating it straight, then caprylic acid is the antifungal for you.

Where Can You Get Coconut Oil from?

You’d be surprised, these days you can often even find it in some grocery stores.

You could buy it online, but due to it’s chunky weight you’d have to pay hefty postage costs, which is rather annoying. I tend to bulk buy mine from my local Health Food Shop (Archie’s in Truro – yes, I know it’s just around the corner from you. They also cook a mean veggy lasagne by the way in case you’re dropping in.)

coconut oil

Over the past few years I have tested 2 Coconut Oil Brands:

Biona & Tree Harvest – They both taste marvellous.

The Tree Harvest Coconut Oil perhaps sporting the slightly smoother texture of the two. Definitely go for a 500g pot, as you’ll hopefully be using it in your cooking every day from now on.

A 500g pot lasts quite a long time with me. Should keep you going for a month or longer (unless you eat it by the spoon, that is!)

Caprylic Acid – Wonderfully Gentle & Effectivecaprylic acid

Being one of the key components of Coconuts Caprylic Acid is a mild but extremely effective antifungal.

It is perfect for Newbies and people who are dealing with candida in the intestines.

Make sure you pick a caprylic acid supplement that contains Calcium Magnesium Caprylate – this ensures that the caprylic acid actually reaches the large intestine, the number one area of candida problems.

The caprylic acid tabs come in 3 different strengths which makes them perfect for Newbies, as they can start with a lower dosage to avoid major die off symptoms.

Dosage: Start with the 250mg strength – 1 capsule daily with a meal. Increase up to 3 x daily. When you are able to handle this dosage move to the 400mg starting with one again, continually adding one more until you are taking 3 x 2 capsules without new symptoms. Tackle the 680mg in the same fashion.

Side Effects Warning: Be careful though, as they are highly acidic they can cause you real stomach cramps. If you notice a painfully bloated belly and strange gurgle sounds in your tummy or heart burn despite not having strayed from your diet, then it’s high time to stop taking them and move to a different antifungal.

My Experience with Caprylic Acid:

I happily took Caprylic Acid for over a year with very good results. Only when I had been taking a super high dosage for a long time (4-5 x 680mg capsules a day) it caused problems for me (the side effects just mentioned above). I then changed to grapefruit seed extract which works great. Olive Leaf extract or Oil of Oregano would have been my second choices (still had the GSE bottle at home though from my first round of treatment)

Where Can You Get Caprylic Acid From?

I bought mine from “Your Nutrition Shop” online (UK Outlet). Here’s a link to the 250 mg version.

If you’re coming from the US then it looks as if you can’t get the same ones but similar and cheaper on Amazon.



Other Foody Antifungals:

Cloves – Spicy


This is what fresh cloves look like before they get dried and turned into the familiar dark brown looking little stems that you might associate with Christmas spices.

PRO: Cloves are not only a good remedy against tooth ache, they also have an antifungal effect, whether you make a tea from the cloves themselves or take the oil made from cloves.

CON: They have a fair few side effects, from vomiting to seizure. Should not be taken with stomach or IBS problems, when pregnant or breast feeding. Perhaps it is best to use cloves only for short treatment bursts at a time to avoid any possible negative side effects, especially liver damage.

Where Can You Get Oil of Cloves?

You can very easily and cheaply make your own potent oil of Cloves by ordering essential Clove Oil from the US Amazon store. You then only need to add a few drops to extra virgin olive oil and pour it into a sterilised dark pharmacy bottle. Done.


Thyme – Aromatic Scentthyme

Thyme has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes.

It is a multi-purpose antifungal. The dried herb makes a perfect addition to most salads, yeast free bread and cooked dishes. Hence it is another potent weapon in controllong candida overgrowth.

PRO: Add a few drops of Red Thyme Oil to your cleaning products to make your house smell fresh and ward of diseases.

CON: Can irritate the lining of the throat or the skin. That’s why it is crucial that you always dilute it with a carrier oil like olive oil and seek guidance from a naturopath regarding internal use and dosage.

Where Can You Get Red Thyme Oil From?

You can buy dried Thyme spice in every supermarket. From the US you can get hold of the Thyme Oil on Amazon.


Aloe Vera -Healing Acceleratoraloe vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most impressive natural healing herbs.

Whether you use it topically to treat wounds or internally to nourish your cells, Aloe is a top choice.

It was one of the corner stones for me in my recovery from eczema. But it is also well known for its antifungal effect in the preventation and treatment of candida.

I tried the aloe vera drinks from “Aloe Pura” (which you can get in health food shops but tastes very acidic which is no good) and the ones from“Forever Living” (which you have to order online and is fairly expensive.

If you decide to use it regularly and you have some space, it might make more sense to grow some aloe plants yourself to cut down costs and for extra freshness!


Apple Cider Vinegar – Cure It All Drinkapple cider vinegar

I keep going on about this vitamin and mineral powerhouse – but it just is that good!

Helps with most diseases, improves your digestion and keeps you slim.

Now although it might not be an antifungal in the classical sense it still does play a role in inhibiting the yeast from growing.

Apparently it renders the yeast organisms less aggressive so they can be easier broken down by other antifungals. It also alkalises your body which speeds up healing.

Not to be mistaken for “distilled vinegar” which has taken all the goodness out of it and is highly acidic.

TopTip: If your throat or stomach are in bad shape you might have to heal those areas with natural remedies first before you’ll be able to drink acv, as otherwise it will burn too much.

Cinnamon – Comforting Spicecinnamon

Cinnamons the inner bark of a small evergreen tree.

With its anti-bacterial properties it not only warms and stimulates the digestive system; it also fends of colds and urinary tract infections.

Another health benefit of cinnamon is that it keeps your blood sugar constant.

This makes it an asset in preventing and coping with diabetes and also acraving suppressant when following the candida diet.

So to inhibit the yeast from getting more foothold be sure to sprinkle some cinnamon over your puddings and porridge or enjoy cinnamon spice brewed as tea.


Ginger – Circulation Boosterginger

Again this quirky root of an asian plant is something I’m a total fan of, because I’m seeing it’s health benefits every day.

I recommend you drink fresh ginger tea and also spice some of your meals with it.

You will get ill a lot less, have more energy and less die off symptoms.

Ginger is definitely a good natural antifungal to incorporate into your diet on a regular basis.


Pau D’Arco (aka Lapacho) – Weak

pau d'arcoPau D’Arco is derived from the inner bark of a tree, the La Pacho which grows only in the Andes mountains.

This is usually found in tea or capsule form. The Incas have long used this interesting natural remedy long before Westerners came. But it was only two decades ago that it’s amazing healing properties were “officially discovered”. Pau D’Arco was discovered to have “analgesic, sedative, decongestant and diuretic” properties.

Dosage: Take 1 tea bag up to three times a day. Best to be combined with another antifungal as it’s not strong at all.

My Experience With Pau D’Arco Tea:

Smells like Cinnamon, tastes like cinnamon… hang on it IS cin….. no of course not, which quickly becomes apparent when you look at the price tag. To be honest I found it very comforting to drink, but I cannot say that I noticed any positive or negative effect. In my opinion the least effective antifungal I tried.

Where Can You Get Pau D’Arco Tea From?

You might find some in your local health food shop or you can order Alvita Tea Bags, Pau D’Arco, from Amazon (US store). Or for instance from Bodykind in the UK.

Garlic – Chef’s Best Friend

garlicIn addition to its antibacterial properties, garlic is also a proven effective broad spectrum antifungal. It’s a recommended addition to your Candida diet, and can be taken in raw, cooked, dried or supplemental form. Research have “shown that garlic has anticandidal activity, inhibiting both the growth and function of Candida albicans” due to its key compound, ajoene which is a very effective remedy to many strains of fungi.

My Experience With Garlic:

Makes a Good Addition to Your Antifungal Regime

Well, the usual – ate too much of it and reeked, hah. No seriously, if you eat big amounts (more than 1/2 a clove) in your meal than you can get a raw gum, heart burn, air in your tummy or dodgy guts. Garlic is acidic after all, so either take capsules or simply eat it in small amounts and not every day. Safe!

TopTip: To minimise bad odour and to assure that the garlic gets to work its magic in your intestines where its needed, you can also buy “enteric coated” tablets. These are more likely to survive your stomach acid. The good ones have  at least 4,000 mcg allicin (the antifungal component) in it and might still smell a little bit. If there is no garlic smell then they might have been cooked, which would make the capsules less effective.

Dosage: Start with 1-2 capsules a day, then work your way up. Alternatively chop and crush a garlic clove, swallow it whole and wash it down with some yoghurt.


Tea Tree Oil – Good Woundhealer

tea tree oilTea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, is derived from the leaves of tea trees native to Australia. There have been a good number of studies that show the antifungal potency of the components of the tea tree oil.

PRO: Highly effective antibacterial properties when treating herpes and other itchy skin irritations, even jock itch.

CON: However, it’s important to note that in its pure form, ingesting tea tree oil can be toxic and must only be used under medical supervision.

My Experience With Tea Tree Oil:

Excellent For Skin Healing & Against Herpes

It was the only moisturiser that helped me clear up my severe eczema. I used aloe vera gel and then moisturiser with shea butter and tea tree oil – bliss (Well, the results were bliss – The smell is rather pongy). I also dabbed it on upcoming herpes blisters and was able to lessen the effects noticeably. Really good stuff!

Where Can You Get Tea Tree Oil?

You can get it in every health food shop and in most supermarkets. The tea tree moisturiser I used to calm down my skin inflammations is calledDr. Organics Tea Tree Lotion and I bought it from my local Holland & Barrett Health Shop.



Oil of Oregano – The Strongest Antifungal

Oil of OreganoThere are two types of oregano that most of us are familiar with – oregano marjoram which is added to dishes for added flavor and oregano vulgare which has potent antifungal properties. The oil derived from the latter type of oregano can be used topically and internally.

  • PRO: Oil of oregano contains carvacrol which inhibits the growth ofCandida albicans completely. Studies on the toxicity of the oil signify that it is very safe and have no observed side effects.
  • Ideal For Treating Candida Related Sinuses & Skin Infections, Muscle & Joint Pain

Due to its short-chain fatty acid structure it is able to penetrate right through the internal tissues to muscle tissue and those from joints, sinuses or the skin. Long-chain fatty acids like caprylic acid often times are not so far reaching and better for treating internal candida infestations like in the intestines.

My Experience With Oregano Oil:

I have only been taking it for a few days, so I can’t say much about it yet. I have felt more sad and panicky lately without a reason (which is always a clear give away that die off is happening!) We’ll see, I’ll report my findings in a few weeks time. It definitely sounds like a seriously powerful antifungal supplement, and I noticed that it got recommended time and time again on forums.

Dosage: Start with 1 drop in a glass of water once a day. Try 1 drop twice a day the next day and then 3 x the next until you can tolerate a few drops 3x daily. Rotating with olive leaf every 7-10 days is a great practice.

Where Do You Get Your Oregano Oil From?

Higher Nature, the place where I buy most of my supplements from,  is a reputable online seller of Quality Oregano Oil Capsules in the UK. There’s also a pharmaceutical strength Oil of Oregano Essence that you can use to mix your own Oil of Oregano antifungal potion with olive oil or coconut oil. It got excellent reviews on Amazon US.

Do you know of any other trustworthy places near where you live that sell high quality antifungals? Let me know…

Wormwood (Artemisia) – Friendly Bitter & Parasite Fighter


Wormwood’s bitter substances, called absinthin, was used to distill alcohol – you have probably come across Absinthe before.
This liquor is now illegal because it has caused nerve depression and loss of reproductive function when used for a long time.
It’s fine to use the herb for short periods of time as an antifungal agent to rid your body of fungus and parasites though.
It often gets combined with other parasite repellent substances like black walnut to increase their potency. Which is a good idea because if you do have parasites you don’t just want to get rid of them but you’d also want to catch their eggs in one fell swoop!

How can you tell that you have parasites?

It’s grosse, but they are easier to catch than you think. You can catch them from animals, food or unwashed hands.
And they often are invisibly tiny, not like huge maggots you’d be thinking of.

What Are Typical Parasite Symptoms?

Typical symptoms are brain fog, cravings, anal itching, bloating and diarrhea or constipation.
Granted, all “normal” candida symptoms. But worth checking out in case you’ve reached a plateaux with your healing…


The most common use for this bitter herb is to stimulate the digestive system. A bitter taste in the mouth triggers the release of bile from the gallbladder and other secretions from intestinal glands. This enables us to digest food. That’s why people with digestion problems or insufficient stomach acid can benefit from taking wormwood preparations before meals. This replaces the need for expensive digestive enzyme supplements.


Wormwood can cause numerous side effects like diarrhea, thirst, restlessness, vertigo, trembling of the limbs, numbness of the extremities and delirium. And because it contains a toxic substance it should only be consumed in small amounts for a short time.

My Experience With Wormwood:

  • It felt a bit like taking a tonic – it boost my energy levels and I felt very cheerful!
  • Another positive effect was that it sorted my constipation out – itpromoted normal bowel movements.
  • By far the best bit was though that it seemed to increase the blood flow to my reproductive organs, making me rather… well, how shall I put it… “very excited” ????

Now it might have been the fresh ginger tea I had been drinking that morning or the alternating hot & cold shower I had or something I’m not even aware of…. but it came out of the blue… and between you and me… I took it again, observing the results… and sure enough about 2 hours after taking it….same result!

On the flipside as pleasant as the initial excitement was I also found myself a little bit over-excited – my heart was racing and I was rushing around like mad, feeling almost panicky at times. Funny stuff! I took a capsule 2-3 times a day by the way.

Where Can You Get Wormwood From?

I bought this one online from Nutricentre (UK Outlet).But there is an even better one. It’s a herbal supplement called ParaGone which assists the body with the control of intestinal microbes and promotes a healthy digestive system.

The thing I really like about ParaGone is that it is enriched with other natural and antifungal ingredients like Black walnut, caprylic acid, clove, garlic, grapefruit, pau d’arco, thyme and undecylenic acid. It’s also got calming herbs like Bismuth, aloe & marshmallow to soothe your pummeled digestive area.

I have not tried it personally, because I have only recently found out about the company offering this remedy, Renew Life. I wish I had known about their range of candida products when I started my diet though. As they are the Number 1 company specialising in digestive health and have an awesome track record of helping candida sufferers. You just need to take a look at the countless good reviews they have accumulated from customers who say that this stuff works a treat.

This is a US company but they seem to have distributors in other countries. So it might be worth checking if they have one near you.



Goldenseal is a natural antibiotic like many other anti-bacterial/anti-fungal herbal remedies but it is especially known for it’s potency. It should not be taken for more than ten days at a time without the use of probiotics and the probiotics should be taken two hours away from the goldenseal.

Where Can You Get Goldenseal capsules:

I know that Holland & Barrett stocks it all over the UK (can’t recommend their online shops mind you – my aloe vera moisturiser took over 3 weeks to be delivered!)

If you are living in America then Nature’s Way Goldenseal Herb on Amazon might be a good option.


Colloidal Silver – Trendy Disinfectant

Colloidal Silver

A fairly controversial antifungal. It has been reported to be effective against more than 650 disease-causing organisms, including Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria and Candida albicans.

PRO: It is used to fight infections and as wound healer in plasters and throat sprays.

CON: If you take too much of it you can easily poison yourself.

My Verdict: I have tried it recently. I must say I did not like to take it internally – it left me with a very corrosive feeling in the tummy. So I stopped taking it. I did however spray it on my itchy, red skin irritations and found it incredibly beneficial. It has helped me to heal the most stubborn of wounds. For instance it was the only thing that effectively healed my cold sores and those last stubborn patches of eczema. It is important to up your zinc and vitamin e intake, as the silver binds with these and you might end up with a mineral deficiency if you take it a lot. I have read that silver is meant to be a great asset in the fight against candida (internally). Here’s more info about how it works and a goodquality source of colloidal silver in the UK where I bought mine from.

Black Seed Oil (aka Nigella Sativa or Black Cumin) – Kiss Of Pharaohblack seeds

The Seeds from this stunning flower have been used for centuries for their immune-strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties. Some reports even state its uses in cancer treatment. Needless to say that Nigella Sativa also has antifungal properties.
Rumour has it that there was some found in Tutankhamen tomb and that even Cleopatra used its health and beauty enhancing effects.

PRO: This lesser known antifungal balances the immune system as well as stimulating the bodies’ elimination processes.  And with over 100 healing components that work together in these little power houses and its great detoxing ability it is obvious why it can be used in the fight against candida.


1 teaspoon of Black Seed Oil or 2 capsules three times daily for 2-3 weeks (or 2-3 months + for chronic or severe conditions in which case a 2 week pause is recommended in between)

Where Can You Get Blackseed Oil/ Capsules:

Generally from the US you can get Good Quality Black Seed Oil even from Amazon. I didn’t check but my guess is that the UK shop is well stocked, too.


Black Walnut – Exoticblack walnut

Quite impressive looking these big walnuts! Even more so as their extract is used to kill candida and parasites (what most people with candida have).

Watch out for the negative side effects though. Black Walnut can inflame the liver (even just taking black walnut for two months or so can lead to a sudden liver inflammation with no previous liver irregularity). So perhaps it’s better as a short term rotation, like 2 weeks, to be on the safe side.

Where Can You Get Black Walnut Extract?

Again, like most things these days, you can also get Black Walnut Extracton Amazon (Amazon US link).


Oxygen Therapy – Yeast Starver

Another thing I came across that sounds really interesting is oxygen therapy. It comes in various forms (IV food-grade hydrogen peroxide, buffered oral oxygen, ozone therapy, etc).  Fundamentally, it makes a lot of sense to me: yeast is an anaerobic organism. So by boosting your internal oxygen dramatically, you kill the candida off.

Dosage: max 7drops 3times a day

Where Can You Get Oxygen Drops?

I haven’t really looked into this deeply. What I did notice with the product being sold on Amazon US though, was that it got mostly very good reviews.

That said there were still quite a few negative comments from people who it didn’t work for at all. And considering that this is not a cheap product I am not happy to either buy it myself nor recommend it to you. I will however share the link to the reviews with you, so you can draw your own conclusions.

What’s the Most Affordable Antifungal?

Grapefruit seed extract!

I have mentioned it before, this little vitamin power house is not only good for disinfecting your water and thereby preventing you from catching a serious stomach bug when traveling. No, it is also a very affordable antifungal. It costs just a fiver and lasts a super long time.


Tanalbit – Detox & Allergy Helper

Tanalbit  is a Plant tannin formula and high in antioxidants.

It is mainly used for gastrointestinal health and support. It’s said to reduce inflammation, help with food intolerance/allergies, general detoxification as well as metal detoxification.

I was talking to someone on the curezone health forum only yesterday who was saying the Tanalbit & liver flushes had been the only medication that worked for them to beat Candida.

Where Can You Get Tanalbit from?

You can get it from this website here.


Lufenuron – Former Flea Remedy

Originally only known for treating parasites like fleas in animals this systemic antifungal has recently gained a bit of momentum for humans, too.

It works by putting holes into Candida’s cell walls. As it doesn’t get metabolised by the liver or kidneys it is said to agree better with people than other synthetic antifungals.

I only know one person who tried it and they stopped it after a week due to severe die off symptoms.


Candex – The Last Straw For Many Sufferers from Systemic Candida?

Clinical trials have shown that 9 times out of ten even long term candida problems respond well to this blend of plant based, fiber digesting enzymes.

These enzymes break down candida’s cell walls as yeast is made mostly of fiber. Once the wall is broken down the yeast dies.


  • Candida cannot become resistant to these enzymes, as they cannot change their cell wall structure.
  • Secondly, the enzymes don’t stimulate the yeast to release toxins – So there’s no die-off reaction.

CON: Some people nevertheless report- harsh symptoms just like die off or an allergy attack.

You must still follow the instructions of when to take it and also a yeast free diet in general – If you take it too close to food the enzymes in Candex will simply digest your food and not candida.

Despite the fact that this medication is not an “antifungal” in the classical sense, you’ll still need to take a good strength probiotic  to grow healthy bacteria where the candida used to live.


Day 1-2 one capsule twice daily. Day 3-4 two capsules twice daily in between meals with at least 8 oz of water. For maintenance 1 capsule at bedtime

Where Can You Get Candex?

From the US you can order Candex on Amazon. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in the UK Amazon shop, too.


SF722 (Undecylenic acid)

SF 722 is not the name of a Sci-Fi Novel, although I am sure you could probably beat even aliens into touch if they came in contact with“Undecylenic acid” ????

Sounds synthetic but all it really is a fatty acid made from castor oil. It is commonly used in over-the-counter medications for skin disorders like Athletes Foot, Ringworm or Candida because of its excellent antifungal properties. This herbal formula is enriched with olive oil and aids in the establishment of a healthy gut flora.

Dosage: Start with 1 pill 2 x daily, then gradually increase the amounts

Where Can You Get Formula SF722?

This is a Thorne product that you can easily get hold of through Amazon – just search for Formula SF722 Capsules and the product info & reviews will pop up (link to Amazon US).


Is There A Remedy That Combines All The Best Antifungal Ingredients?

Yes, there is, phew! If your head is already swimming and you’re thinking “OMG, I can’t decide, can I not just combine a few of the most potent antifungal agents in one supplement?!” Then here’s the solution for you:

CandiGone a natural 2-part Intestinal Cleansing Program specifically for Candida Overgrowth that supports a healthy balance of intestinal microflora.

It combines all the goodness of caprylic acid, oil of oregano, olive leaf and several other powerful ingredients.

PRO: What I like about this product is that it contains a powerful herb known as Uva Ursi (bearberry).

This is commonly used to treat Urinary tract infections.

And as someone who used to struggle with recurrent bladder infections (cystitis) half her life I can tell you that it is super effective.

In fact it was the only thing that helped me aside from cranberry juice perhaps.

Candida likes to inhabit the urinary tract and from there it can easily spread to the digestive tract or reproductive organs.

So it makes perfect sense to complementary treat this area with Uva Ursi.

CON: Some people might argue that a combi medication can never be as effective as a high dose of a single medication.

But I have no evidence to support this. Rather the opposite in fact as 95% of the people who bought CandiGone were super happy with it, judging by the countless reviews on their website.

Come on you skeptics, they are the No.1 company for digestive health in the US – I somehow doubt that they would risk their reputation by faking all reviews!

Where Can You Get CandiGone from?

You can order it from the US here.

7542 Words – YOU MADE IT, YAY!

This is a LOT of info to take on board. Don’t stress over it. Just pick one supplement you like the look of and get started. If then at a later stage you wish to rotate your antifungal and try something different, you can always refer back to this page.

If you are totally overwhelmed, then go with my recommendation – start with a gentle antifungal.

Coconut Oil or caprylic acid (coconut oil in capsule form) would be my first choice.

What Supplement are You Looking For?

Have you checked whether they have got it cheaper on Amazon?

The Search Starts Here ????

Thanks in advance for using this Search box – I appreciate your support.

Take care, and remember that you can always get support in candida forums and from people like me who have already experienced what you are about to embark on.

Got a question about any of these supplements? Ask it in the comments below.