It’s my birthday – Will you do me a favour?


I received very sweet birthday wishes from a lot of candida diet warriors – I feel truly humbled. Thanks so much for thinking of me :) Do you want to know how you automatically get lifted to super *awesome* status? That’s where my birthday favour comes in:

 Do you buy from Amazon?

If you had something to buy from Amazon, could you buy it through my website please? (If you live in the US that is – anywhere else would be too big a postage fee and longer wait.) You get to keep what you buy obviously. And it costs the same price as on Amazon. The difference is that I earn credits that will enable me to run giveaways here for you on my blog.

That might be a recipes book or a quirky kitchen utensil or something for mother’s day. It’s up to you. The odds of you winning are very high, because hardly anyone knows that I am running giveaways, hah!

I created an Amazon shop – Can you check it out?

my Amazon shop

You’re bound to find something you need – there are 58 products that I find invaluable – often times bulk buy deals (saving you money in the longrun).

Tools I use, healthy tasty foods and books and relaxation stuff that helped me get fully well again. The shop page takes you to Amazon, so you can get anything you like – you’re not limited to the products on my overview page.

Just make sure you see all 5 shop pages (click on the link that interests you the most under “Browse by Category” top right of the shop page)

Granted, my birthday was on Saturday. So, I’m a bit behind with writing to you. But can you blame me for dropping everything and spending the day on the beach and with Johnny’s family.


It was sunny after all. That’s right – S.U.N.N.Y.! On my birthday. In March! Unheard of (where I live, anyway!)

The shop will be accessible through the main navigation at the top of my home page from now on. So I hope you’ll be using it regularly when browsing my site.

Think for a moment; is there anything you need to get?

What could you buy from Amazon right now? A mother’s day gift perhaps or a book for yourself?

Check out the shop (plus a short video message I recorded for you) here. THANK YOU :)

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cat March 24, 2014 at 01:03

Happy Birthday, Sandra! The beach looks gorgeous … as do you! What great SUN! And the cake? What’s the cake??? I’m excited to learn that you are putting that link on your website for us to use to buy from Amazon. That will make it much easier to find – and I would *love* to help you, whether it’s for your birthday or any other day. :-)


Sandra March 24, 2014 at 11:57

What lovely things to say – how lucky of me to have such kind and smart readers :) *happy*
Thanks so much x


shakti March 24, 2014 at 08:18

Happy birthday sandra
hoping you were able to get a few treats to make it special!
I would, if I were buying get it from you, but it is not easy to get any products here, the postage when I can, then the tax into the country is crazy and often more than triples the price and so…….
i am sure those that can buy will because we all think the same thing?
we want th say thank you for all the tips and help as we do have to find things to be free of candida. My mouth is mostly fine now even though i have to take those steroids inhalers.


Sandra March 24, 2014 at 12:05

Thank you Shakti – if only I had eaten a few treats haha (had plenty – that was my downfall ;-)

Totally agree with you about the postage. I would never ask anyone outside the US to buy from the shop. Not only because of the postage, also because it might take weeks to get delivered – no use. You are helping me enormously by being so nice, commenting and giving honest feedback – that’s more than I could ask for :)

Good news that your mouth is better, especially since you are taking steroids. A definite sign that you’re immune system is getting stronger, awesome! Well done, keep up the good work.


angela knight March 26, 2014 at 17:18

Hi, its been a while since I logged into yr site, nice to browse again.
After my herbalist didn’t know where to go with me anymore, my nutritionist sold me collostrum and custom probiotics. The colostrum appears to have really helped. I took 8 a day for a week, then dropped down to 4 a day. I say thus quietly and with fingers crossed, I have been able to introduce new foods with very little consequences, yippee!!!!!! I even had a couple of small lagers :-) Glad you have come out of yr groggy spell Sandra :-) Onward and upward!


Sandra March 26, 2014 at 22:26

Hello, thanks for checking back and the words of encouragement and the tip about the meds you’re taking :)

I’ve taken colostrum and custom probiotics and I can confirm that both helped a lot. In fact I’m taking those probiotics at the moment :) So pleased that they seem to do the trick for you, too! We can do this – Go team!


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