Book Coming Soon…!

book launch coming soon

I’m in the final stages of my book now, yippee! 

It wasn’t quite as easy as I had thought – just the formatting side alone was infuriating. This is the cover I went for in the end, simply because it says what it does on the tin. 14 people voted for this one and 9 for the “Yes No Foods” one. Thanks guys :)

I’ll let you take a sneaky look at the table of contents:

That gives you an idea what’s included. In a few days’ time I’ll publish a blog post where I go into more detail about the content of the e-book – I want to share some useful tips from it with you. Leave a comment below telling me what stage of the diet I should focus on in the post. Stage 1, 2, 3 or the transition back out of the diet. Your choice.

And next Friday, is the book launch. Shame you can’t come over to clink champagne glasses with me.

I wouldn’t dream of offering you an alcoholic beverage obviously – hey, that’s not allowed on the candida diet! We’ll only be posing; not drinking ;-)

Talking of drinking – have you seen my latest refreshing smoothie? It’s with raspberries – I think you’ll like it. Perfect on a summery weekend like this. I’ve also been experimenting with some coconut muffins and a gluten free pizza that I’ll be sharing with you soon. So even if you can’t yet have fruit there’s something to look forward to.

Be well,


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shakti August 18, 2013 at 18:42

So pleased for you
You should be so proud of yourself!
I wonder if there is a wee words for people like me who take asthma and heart meds (inhalers) be and so are “on the verge” permanently.
It is so exhausting and to be constantly “on guard” means never really letting go of the diet as first let up means INSTANT repercussions.
Bit fed up just now, getting over a very nasty bout and only one day off and BANG here we go again, much milder and dare I say a quick.reminder before some weeks off!
Thank you so much for delicious recipes. They are so cheering. Lovely things to.have.
Hope you are keeping well and again, thank you so.much for getting down to talking about something which really does have to be tackled and dealt with.


Sandra August 20, 2013 at 19:07

Thanks sooo much Shakti, you’re sweet :)
I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had some repercussions again – it just doesn’t seem fair on you. There’s no info on those specific topics you mentioned in the e-book, I’m afraid. It covers only the standard candida symptoms and not chronic conditions. I will at some point interview some doctors on candida related topics, and I’ll definitely bring your questions up then. It would be interesting to hear what they say. In the meantime you have no choice but to turn your frustration into health dedication and battle it out a day at a time. You can do it! Be strong warrior lady!


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