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Coconut Bread

Now here’s a lovely bread for you to try! Perfectly suitable even for the strict phase of the Candida diet and for Paleo lovers because it’s yeast free, sugar free, dairy free and grain free. It only uses coconut flour (which is called “flour” but it’s technically a nut rather than a grain).  In my eyes…

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Teff Bread Toasties (gluten free)

Fancy a quick gf-free snack with your cuppa tea? I’m on a sensi-tummy baking mission. Vegan – gf-free – grain free – you name it. I’m trying it all! Following on from last week’s vegan bread-making success, this week I wanna share with you another Teff creation. This time the name of the game is…

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Quick Bread Toasties

As the name suggests this “Quick Bread” is super quick to make ? And since you can freeze it as individual flat breads that you can whip out of the freezer and into your toaster…Guess what – you’ll have extremely tasty toasties in no time at all- yum! I even take the bread on journeys…

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Sugar free Carrot Cake Recipe

Who said Cake was off the books while you’re on the Candida Diet?! OK, this carrot cake is not like traditional cake. It’s more like soda bread. But it’s ever so moreish and comforting! I recommend you use this sugar free carrot cake recipe as the base for baking a big loaf. Cut into smaller…

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