Candidadietplan is closed now — Back in July!

Hey! Hope you’re enjoying the summer. Not sure if I told you this, but it’s my dream to run a health retreat, so we can actually meet in person, take good care of our health and at the same time relax and eat tasty health promoting foods ?

True to this mission I’m off to test a yoga retreat to see whether it would be a good fit for a candidadietplan get-together. Exciting!!!

I have never been on a yoga retreat. But this one ticks all the right boxes of nourishing foods, relaxing the mind & soul as well as moving the body to boost immunity and well-being.

There are suitable retreats all over the world. But this one I’ll be trying is in Italy (I LOVE Italy!)

Since I have never been to Rome I’ve decided to stop over in Rome on the way for a couple of days to explore this impressive city.


I had meant to have prepared recipes and Candida diet tips to be sent out to you while I’m in Italy. But life got in the way, so I’m afraid things will get a bit quiet on my blog, Social Media and emails until my return.

It’s only for 10 days though. You will probably hardly notice that I am gone. After all you might have summer vacation plans yourself. Just know that I will be abroad and won’t be picking up my emails excepts for absolute emergency ones.

So if you need to get hold of me please bear with me and feel free to nudge me again in July when I’m back.

I hope you’ll have a terrific rest of June whatever you have planned. I’ll be thinking of you, and you can count on me for supporting you on your health & well-being endeavours as soon as I’m back.

Watch out for some proper calma karma vibes from me after the retreat ?

Take care,






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