Candida and Auto Immune Diseases – Ways to Lower Inflammation Naturally

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It looks like an imbalance in our microbial microflora (also called dysbiosis) has a big influence on the development of chronic inflammatory diseases such as Psoriasis and Lupus, Crohn’s disease, Rheumatoid arthritis and Ulcerative colitis. 

The Way Medication for Autoimmune Diseases works is counter-intuitive to natural healing

Often times people with Immune Diseases are not aware that they might have a Candida imbalance and as a consequence will not get treated for that.

The major problem when only the autoimmune disease on its own gets treated, but not the Candida imbalance, is that the medication is generally only aimed at suppressing the inflammations. But chronic inflammations as unpleasant as they may be would normally trigger the immune system to heal the diseased organ/ gland. This is not going to happen as easily when the inflammation is constantly lowered by the medications. Healing will be impaired.

Candida Impacts Metabolism – Impaired Metabolism then Causes or Contributes to Autoimmune Disorders

Candida toxins overburden the liver and whole digestive system, where they tend to interfere with healthy metabolism functions. Once the yeast has mutated into spore form it can also easily penetrate your gut walls, causing not fully digested food to get into the blood stream (hello leaky gut), which then your immune system regards as an attack. Your body will quickly create inflammation to heal the compromised tissues (making you more susceptible to asthma, sinus infections and other allergies).

This constant undermining of your immune system leads to frequent infections and since some key metabolic processes are disturbed it also leads to waste products accumulate in your organs and glands. This then makes the ideal breeding ground for other pathogenic bacteria, like for instance the ones we mentioned above which are known to cause autoimmune diseases. In some cases your body might even end up attacking its healthy cells, not just half digested food particle. This happens with thyroid diseases for instance such as Graves or Hashimoto’s which I had firsthand experience with myself.

What effect has it on the autoimmune disorder if the Candida levels go down?

What happens when the microbial microflora in your intestines is balanced again (due to a decrease in Candida numbers) is that related antibodies in the blood go down as well and the autoimmune problems get better.

How to get the Candida Levels down?

It’s a good idea to do a Candida Cleanse and take remedies that bind mycotoxins and bacterial toxins (e.g. psyllium and bentonite). As the fewer Candida toxins float through your blood stream the fewer die off symptoms there will be and the better you’ll feel. The amino acid Molybdenum is meant to be helpful as well. Key is though to give your digestive system a rest so that your immune system can focus on healing the existing inflammations rather than having to deal with the next lot. Then you should be able to gradually under guidance of a medically trained person to reduce the medication for the autoimmune diseases.

Ways to Lower Inflammation Naturally

And finally, while your Candida levels are still high and you are struggling, you can try these natural Remedies to get inflammation down:

  • Oily fish and Omega 3 oils in general have excellent anti-inflammation properties  – if you don’t like fish, take several fish oil capsules
  • Eat green leafy vegetables – they deliver the best dose of inflammation-busting phytochemicals and antioxidants. That said, watch out for aubergines (egg plants), tomatoes and potatoes they can make it feel worse.
  • Consume only foods low in sugar, including not overly sweet vegetables – otherwise wounds might flare up bright red and hot .
  • Add Tumeric and other spices to your foods – good pain and inflammation killer.
  • Periods of guided raw foods diet can work, if heavily supported with veggy juices, sprouts and extra Vitamins/ Minerals (just raw foods on their own are hard to digest and might overburden your system, so little is better but you need extra nutrition in liquid or supplement form)
  • Avoid highly acidic foods and common allergens like wheat, eggs, dairy.
  • Wash windows regularly to get rid of airborne mould spores as much as possible – don’t get into a cleaning frenzy though!
  • Rest and sleep, sleep, sleep :)

My Out of Jail Free Card ;-)

Note: I am not medically qualified. This is just my personal understanding from reading about this topic and my own experience dealing with Graves thyroid disease. So use what you read here as base for further research or an interesting discussion and not as treatment advice please.

Further reading sources about healing inflammation naturally here.

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