Join the 21 day online Candida Cleanse (19Sept-9thOct)!

In case any of you missed it: I’m running a 21 day Cleanse. It’ll be fun and a great opportunity to lose a few pounds and feel healthier & happier!

I’ll be sending the groceries list and first info out tomorrow to anyone who joins. That still leaves a week to get the groceries and perhaps restock some superfoods or colon cleansers.

In a week’s time on the 19th the prep week for the cleanse starts with some hearty & easy stage 3 type meals and the Facebook group action.

At the end of the week (24th/25th) is the weekend fast if you’re up for it, then 2 weeks Paleo until the 9th. But I’ll stay on in the FB group for a couple more weeks for transition support back to stage 3 type foods for the people who already eat grains…

But hurry, I’ll be closing down the cart very soon, so I can focus next week on making the cleanse experience really awesome ?

You can start anytime you want to, the 19th is just the day the Facebook Group support starts…

…and in case this is too big a commitment for you or it’s simply the wrong time… here’s another way you can get my help next week:

 >>> I’m offering a taster 1-on-1 consultation session with me to get you unstuck! <<< 

The idea is to get you self-sufficient so you can take the tried & tested strategies I’ll tell you and make some effective changes to your diet & lifestyle. That will then allow you to sustain the momentum until you see some results in terms of looking slimmer or getting relief from certain annoying symptoms!

It’s easy when you know how, and when you get the right encouragement.

For instance I was just approached by a client who noticed increased mucous since starting on the diet and my usual all purpose weapon apple cider vinegar didn’t do the trick. But I was able to recommend her an awesome antioxidant supplement as well as a healing herbal tea specifically formulated to help you breathe so you don’t have to clear your throat and sinuses constantly. It has taken me years to figure these things out. You can take the short cut! 

Normally it’s $99 for a 1hr call. 

But I’m giving away 3 highly reduced taster sessions at £15 ($20) for 20 minutes next week.

Hit reply if you’re interested, or better still – book directly while I still have availability. The 3 spots will go fast, and from next week onwards I will literally give 99% of my time & attention to the people in my 21 day cleanse.

Be well,


P.S.: Yes, this may well be your last chance this summer to get your pressing questions answered by me and to get your *^%! in gear to get back in shape & to start feeling truly well!

Don’t let it slip through your fingers. I’m telling you, I’ll be gone, gone soon.

A. Join the 21 day cleanse (£228/ $297 — or pay in 2 instalments)


B. Book a 20 minute 1-on1 call with me next week to give yourself the best opportunity of turning your health around!

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