NEW Recipe: Immunity Boosting Bone Broth!

Forget the name, and focus on what it can do for you. It is full of nutrients that not only boost your immune system and make you more resilient to colds and infections. Bone broth is also one of the most effective and natural ways of healing your gut.

View it as a chicken soup with benefits – and we all know that chicken soup has been used to cure colds for centuries. So bone broth is really cool stuff.

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Help, my broth tastes bland (or yukky!) – what can I do?!

If for ease of use you make the bone broth without any vegetables I’d recommend adding a stock cube/ broth for flavor. The first time I didn’t do this and I was appalled by the bland flavor – I literally thought “What is all the fuss about? Homemade bone broth is meant to taste so much superior to a stock cube, really?!”

How long to cook bone broth?

Regular stock from vegetables or meat tends to simmer only a few hours, whereas bone broth literally simmers for 24-36 hours. This prolonged cooking time helps to get as many minerals and nutrients off the bones as possible.

Note: Watch out if you are prone to get allergies

If you are suffering from CRT or multiple food intolerances and tend to break out in hives or get an asthma attack then you might want to cook the bone broth only for 2-4 hours max.

The longer you cook it the more histamine gets released which in turn can cause an allergic response with you. This might not happen the first time you eat it. But perhaps if you eat it several times a day or on consecutive days.

Just something to be aware of, if all of a sudden you feel awful, yet you thought you had been doing everything ‘right’ and had lots of bone broth!

If that’s the case just don’t eat broth for a few days and if you have antihistamines in the house (for hay fever for instance) then they should help you feel better.

Raw, cooked or roasted bones – what’s best?

I think it would probably be even healthier to use raw bones. But I am ok with losing out on a little bit of the nutritional impact in return for delicious flavour and ease of making the broth.

What are the health benefits of drinking bone broth?

  • Bone broth is super rich in nutrients – especially acids and minerals.  These support your body’s natural detoxification processes and digestion by positively impacting bile flow and stomach function.
  • Bone broth helps heal skin problems because the gelatin that it contains improves collagen which is essential for a healthy skin.
  • Gelatin also plays an important role in healing digestive issues. That’s why Candida sufferers and GAPS diet followers are encouraged to take extra gelatin as supplement to fix the leaky gut that is a common problem in people with chronic allergies, systemic Candida and digestive problems.

Click here to view the bone broth recipe.

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