The Recipes Book is nearing completion…

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Hey, how are you?

Just to keep you in the loop where I’m at with things. I’ve been held up by a few InDesign mishaps, this that and the other. But we are making good progress :)

Second round of recipes testing — only the best recipes make it into the book!

We’re entering the second round of recipes taste testing now (to make sure the measurements are all accurate, the instructions make sense, and only the best recipes make it into the book).

Table of content items and recipes click-able — find the recipes you want quicker!

Formatting wise I am currently going through the whole document linking every table of content item to each recipe. And I am adding a few index pages to make the recipes easier searchable. I’m afraid that will take me at least another three weeks (with all the other stuff I got going on in my partner’s business).

On top of that I also agreed to a camping trip with Johnny’s friends next week (what was I thinking?!). I’ll be taking some work with me. But try as I might, I probably won’t get anything done, will I!

So beginning to mid August it is then — the recipes book will be awesome!

I already got such great feedback, I think you’ll find it useful, too.

That’s it from me for now.

Be good, be well, and even if you don’t hear from me these next couple of weeks be sure I’ll be thinking of you and will be back as soon as possible (book and all).

Take care,


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  • Cat

    Reply Reply August 20, 2014

    So excited and can hardly wait to see your new book! Lovely photo – what is that you are serving? Looks really yummy!

    • Sandra

      Reply Reply August 20, 2014

      ? oooh I dare not tell you that there’s dairy in it, classing it as a fine Broccoli, Leek, Green Asparagus, Bacon & Chicken quiche. I am counting on the elimination diet transforming you to be able to tolerate eggs and yogurt, uhm and bacon… classic vegan quiche really! In the meantime we might have to sub with tofu & egg replacer perhaps? I must say I haven’t experimented with vegan quiches yet. I like the thought of using cashew creme in some way, but not sure if that would help. How do you normally tackle the quiche topic without eggs and yogurt? You are such an amazing chef, I have no doubt you can make fabulous quiches totally dairy free and vegan :) I’m all ears!

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